Annual Vines To Try in the Garden

Uploaded by UIExtension on 28.05.2012

When it comes to annual flowering vines, I think everybody knows, and likes, and understands
Morning Glory. And while Morning Glory is an excellent, annual flowering vine for the
garden, because itÕs quick growing, quick to cover, quick to provide season-long color,
there are other things in plant world that you might look at in regards to an annual
flowering vine.
And here are two that I think are kind of fun and kind of unique. This one over here
is called Thunbergia or Black-Eyed Susan vine. ItÕs an extremely vigorous, fast-growing
vine, easy from seed, and what it does, it will produce these really unique and kind
of fun flowers. This one happens to be a yellow one. It also comes in pink and white with
these very dark centers.
And as the season goes on, it will cover itself with these blooms, and as you can see, this
one is growing in a basket, itÕs growing up wire supports, so itÕll hang down the
side, and it makes an excellent thing to hang on the porch or balcony, wherever you might
want it. Or, this could also be planted in the ground to basically climb up a chain-link
fence or picket fence, providing some really neat, excellent colors.
This is called ThunbergiaÑkind of fun. The one over here, I think is just fun because
it has a cool sounding name. This also is an annual flowering vine. This oneÕs grown
from cuttings. And the botanical name over here is Menettia, but itÕs called Candy Corn
Vine. Look at those flowersÑdoes that not remind you of the Halloween candy? This right
here, just a fun vine for a full-sun location, itÕs a very vigorous vine, as you can see
trailing up the wires, it will also cascade down the side, but it produces these really
fun, tube-like flowers, that are bright yellow and orange, and just offer a different kind
of look to the garden.