SOUND CITY Trailer | TIFF New Release 2013

Uploaded by tiff on 10.01.2013

When we showed up at Sound City
What is this place?
Because I don't know that we can make a record in here.
When you walk into Sound City, you either love it or hate it.
Looks kind of dumpy.
Brown shagged carpet on the wall.. that's the kind of thing that you
would do to your van!
But walking down the hallway and seeing all of those platinum records
on the wall - that's what I'm talking about!
- Tom Petty - Fleetwood Mac
Neil Young, man!
Cheap Trick, Chili Peppers, Pat Benatar
- Guns N' Roses - Nine Inch Nails
Foreigner, Ratt, Johnny Cash, Metallica
Dude, how many music albums have been made there?!
We chose Sound City because Nevermind was recorded there.
This guy Rupert Neve designed these next generation consoles.
There's only four like this in the world.
There's something about the Neve Sound.
It's a pretty badass console.
When you came to work at Sound City, it was a tape-based studio.
You knew what you were getting.
Sound City was a place where real men went to make records.
Although in the 80s we listened to one of these stations that played
Rock and roll - seven or eight out of ten songs were recorded at Sound City.
I was wondering whoever used the board after us if they had a burning
sensation in the next morning.
Then they'd know we were there!
Other studios started to shift.
Everything's gotta be digital.
Now you can record audio into the computer.
I heard some young guy in a band say you don't have to practice anymore.
You just slice it up in the computer and it comes out perfectly.
Sound City - It just couldn't keep up.
Started selling off the gear in Studio B.
I thought that board would just go straight to the
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
I'm trying to move on but it's been hard.
Like many things, there's no bookstore, there's no music store,
and there's no Sound City.
In this age of technology where you can manipulate anything,
How do we retain that human element?
Let's rock. Let's play. Let's record.
Be true to yourself and make music that you love.
Chemistry is something that happens between people.
The conversation became something much bigger.
How do we keep music to sound like people?
It sort of like evolves until it hits this point and maybe go [zoom].