3 Outfits Navideños - 3 Christmas Outfits (Subtitled)

Uploaded by whatthechic on 11.12.2012

Christmas is around the corner and surely most of us are
already preparing for this celebration.
In this video I'm gonna show you three christmas outfits for different seasons
That can be easily adapted for any weather you want.
The first outfit is perfect for those who celebrate Christmas during
the summer.
It looks sweet, it has class and is very comfortable.
The printed blouse is a simple item that at the same time is very eye catching.
And when we match it with bold colors like the one of the skirt,
we create a fun contrast which looks very chic.
This outfit remains me of a Christmas wrap, a printed paper
with a bold ribbon on the top.
Santa Claus is not the only one who can wear red and black
this holiday looking combination perfectly works for a formal event.
Long skirts matched with a blazer evoke formality but also vanguard.
It may seem simple, but if you add the right
accessories, you will be ready to be a showstopper.
Two traditional elements that represent Christmas are the golden hues
and glitter.
I believe the trend that matches the best these elements is the Black & Gold trend.
It doesn't look too formal or too casual, perfect for a house party.
When an outfit has basic components, it's very important that we play with the textures.
So don't be shy and use more than two textures in the outfit.
I hope you have found this video useful and now tell me,
what would you like to receive this Christmas?