Download [CRACKED] Technic-Tekkit Launcher Minecraft: [WORKING] 1-22-2013

Uploaded by Th3FancySauce on 01.01.2013

in this video downloading the cracked technic minecraft launcher.
well now that the epic intro is over i'm going to jump right into the video
first of all you're gonna want
for your requirements of this tutorial you're going to want a minecraft account
does not have to be premium that's the whole point of the cracked technic launcher

is to launch it without a premium account
but you will still need an account on
uh... so if you haven't yet already go to and register
an account for free
after you register an account you are going to want to download
the technic launcher from the description
and you're going to either want seven zip or winrar if you haven't already gotten that

that's just to uh.. extract files from a zip folder
and then you're going to want if you haven't already to download java
and if you haven't downloaded java yet the link for that will be in the description as well.
so after you download the technic launcher from the description
and you open the folder this is what will be contained in it
minimize this...
so this is what will be in the folder you download
and it comes with the readme before first use, the technic launcher jar file
the bat file for launch tekkit
and the find.bat
what you're going to want to do first is you're going to want to go
to your windows can go to the search area down here
and type percent
appdata percent
then you want to click this roaming folder
as you can see I already have the uh... dot technic launcher
folder in here but what you would want to do
is go to your download
and copy this folder
and then paste it over to your roaming folder
and it's basically
an easy step.. I don't need to show you, I don't need to re-do that but after you do that
you want to run the launch tekkit.bat, the windows batch file for launch tekkit first
before you launch the tekkit launcher

make sure you run the bat
or the dot bat file so that the technic launcher will work.
so you're gonna
just double click on the dot bat, click run
..just keep clicking run or whatever pops up for you
and it will just
pop up the cmd, the command prompt real fast, and then it will go away
um... that's just..
i don't really know exactly what it does but it just allows this technic launcher to work.
so what you're going to want to do with the technic launcher executable jar file

the technic launcher dot jar you're just going to drag it over
to your desktop because this is the actual icon that you doubleclick
or the actual icon that you run for the launcher so it's basically your shortcut. to be clear shortcut
I have already done that as well
all right so now do you have the account and you run the dot bat and you
drag over the launcher
uh... you're going to want to right-click
open with
there'll probably be a list for you for other programs
and you want to find the java platform SE Binary or anything that has
to do with the java
you want to use the java so that when you double click it will automatically open
with that
uh... so you find this in whatever list if it is not already selected and
click ok
and then
it's loading right now for me but you just double click it
and here is the technic launcher, the cracked technic launcher
you can click this drop-down list and you can choose tekkit, technic, voltz
yogbox you know there's all these uh...
options you can use for the technic launcher
I'm just going to use tekkit for these purposes
uh.. here for the
username and password
you type in your free account
and basically what this crack does is all it does is bypasses the
process and when you click login
so it'll bypass authentication and automatically
just launch your tekkit and download all the mods and everything
and so that's how to be easily get the technic launcher for minecraft for free
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anything that you would like to see in another video or anything else
i really appreciate you watching, thanks for watching