[Sub Esp] Shinhwa Broadcast 18 especial "A Gentleman's Dignity" - 14/07/2012

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Q. What is a 'gentleman'?
A gentleman has adequate money and fame, but he is never arrogant..
A gentleman acts calmly from the bottom of his heart
Gentleman.. Somehow it sounds unfamiliar with Shinhwa Broadcast
Humiliation.. humiliation.. and humiliation..
We've been required to put ourselves down lower and lower.. so far
Shinhwa's Dignity
Finally, the day has come
Shinhwa, become Sinsa (*gentleman)..!
We'll show you how cool we are!
Who is the most gentleman?
Find out Qualities of a Gentleman
But gentlemen can be humiliated sometimes
Make yourself laugh to tears and work on your abs as well!
Stay tuned!
The latest and hottest channel
Shinhwa's Dignity
Here we have 6 gentlemen to win women's heart
Witty guy DongWan
The wittiest lips!
This awkward moment..
Let me blow it away!
The alive Statue of David Eric
Every move he makes should be a photo shoot!
The Handsome Guy
English newspapers would be gentlemen's best friend
Complete fashion requires a watch
The gentleman of gentlemen, Eric!
A shy gentleman
Shy guy Andy
The hot item among today's gentlemen
(a man of style!)
Hi, Robert!
Cool guy, MinWoo!
What does your father do?
The memorable line from the God of Classroom
Your thought.. and my thought.. Exactly the same!
pretending to be cool
The cheapest fashion item
Stop it! Better stop it now!
I know exactly.. when to stop
It is Jung PilKyo!
How can you be so awkward every time!
shocking fashion
favorable or hateful
a suit terrorist
- Classy.. - That's your secret weapon?
I had to be pricked on my armpit 7 times
That's admirable!
- That was too archaic - You're losing your dignity
enjoying his coffee time..
(sensitive) Did someone put sugar in it? I only have Iced Americano!
I'm not having this
As the door opens.. He comes into the room
The legendary man!
The Mystic Charisma
Long time no see
(You're alive!)
Glad to see you back
Chapter 1. Gentlemen in a dignified conversation
- I was absent last time.. - You were absent..
You all look like gentlemen now
Welcome back!
- By the way, how is your back [hu-ri]? - What?
How about Hyo-ri and Sho-ri?
(How can I respond to that..)
- I must apologize on behalf of my team - Please, don't try too much
Can you remove it for me!
Secretly placed accessories
You look like monkeys..
Go on, never mind
- Have you all eaten? -I had tenderloin this morning
- Huh? Tender.. what? - Tenderloin
All I can think of is.. Love me tender!
I knew you'd do that!
Shame on you
- I've never heard of it! - A nice touch!
Have you heard about the news? Korean film industry is flourishing like Hollywood
(DongWan's new movie) And there's a new movie called 'Yeongashi' coming out soon
- Huh-hu.. 'Yeongashi'? - It's the murderous parasite, isn't it?
That's right
And you're the parasite?
(spoiler) How did you know that?
That's supposed to be the highlight Don't talk about it in detail
Anyway, I heard Shinhwa Broadcast is on a roll internationally!
Can't you use more elegant language!
I mean it.. Especially in Taiwan
More and more people love the show (awkward) We should be grateful about it
a farfetched dignity
Look at Andy's safety pins! They must be high-quality ones!
- It is the latest fashion - Is that Jang DongGun's..?
Actually it's not. Jang DongGun's worth 1,900,000 won The ones Andy's wearing worth 190 won
Don't be rude
By the way, you split up with your girl friend, DongWan?
How natural is this!
(A gentleman can't lose his temper)
- He was having a hard time.. - Yeah.. I had to cheer him up..
You made it worse!
Team match with dignity
Eric / MinWoo / JunJin : BLACK team HyeSung / DongWan / Andy : WHITE team
Shinhwa's Dignity
a horse riding club covered with green grass
Six gentlemen talk to each other
WHITE team DongWan will read the mission card
- DongWan! He's in my team! - The god of eloquence!
This game is..
Lower the pitch of your voice
This game is called 'Gentlemen never get beaten up'
Chapter 2. Gentlemen never get beaten up
'Gentlemen never get beaten up'
- Don't laugh - A gentleman can't be beaten!
- Can you be more serious? - Can you read it like Yeongashi?
Like a parasite
This game is called 'Gentlemen never get beaten up'
A gentleman can't get a blow
You'll be sitting on a horse, trying to pop the opponent's balloons with the gentleman's sword
It's a kind of horseback game that English gentlemen play
They ride on an old bicycle and fight against each other with an umbrella
You'll play the adapted version of it Now, choose your opponent for 1:1 match!
- Wow~ Kim DongWan! - That was good
- Can we choose anyone we want? - Andy vs MinWoo, DongWan vs Eric, HyeSung vs myself
Horseback Match
The first round is Andy vs MinWoo
The white horse that can upgrade the dignity of a gentleman
In reality..
This is what you've got..
(the gentleman's sword)
Everyone, you should pop the balloons Do not pop anything else(?)
oh, god..
- You've got zero dignity! Disgraceful! - Can't you see Andy's? So strange(?) Down there!
- I'm sorry but can you attach these higher? - I think the prop director likes them that way
You should play in the white court only but you can step on the black center line
The first round ANDY vs MINWOO
MinWoo pops a balloon right away
- Andy, no~ - MinWoo fighting
Testing with his own balloons?
(how ridiculous) Don't! Are you popping yours? You stupid!
It doesn't work, though..
If it doesn't work this time, let's change it to drawing pins!
Then we'll get pricked~
a cruel gentleman
MinWoo's balloon pops by itself
MinWoo pops Andy's second balloon
Get on the horse!
running away
Andy, transform to the Zombie
Uh, I fell on my hip
It's meant to be gentlemen's game..
far from being gentleman..
Andy, one balloon left MinWoo, two balloons left
Andy's attack succeeds
It's the time!
MinWoo is fierce!
Wait! Get on the horse and take your shield
It's so exciting
But it's not gentleman at all
got a long way to be a gentleman
Do your last attack!
Both of them have one balloon left
Without the shield!
no problem
Andy's attack
pops his own balloon
The ultimate silliness
What are you doing?
I didn't do anything! It popped by itself!
There must be something here.. (There's nothing..)
The first round MinWoo wins
Hey, gentleman DongWan! White socks with those formal shoes?!
Don't you think I look like Michael Jackson?
The wheel came off!
You broke it! Repair it right now!
Are you talking to the horse!
Repair completed
It will collapse..
It's 5,000 won, please
It is alive..
The second round DONGWAN vs ERIC
- Are you ready? - Eric has long arms..
- Since your team is losing.. - You have to win! If you lose, we're done
DongWan! Try simulation!
As a gentleman.. I will retain my dignity
How is he gonna retain his dignity..?
Wow.. You keep your dignity! You look like Yeongashi
- Go back to your place - We have to see Eric's simulation, too
Chucky swordsmanship
Excellent! He's still giving a gentleman look!
The second horseback match DongWan vs Eric
WHITE team's destiny in my hands
I am a ruthless man
- Just stand up when you make a turn! - He hurt himself.. I guess
It's not easy for him cause his legs are long
He can't even say how painful it is..
with a single stroke
He was like a gladiator!
Gladiator Ric!
Two balloons in a row! A master swordsman!
- You're so good, Eric! - He's really like a gladiator
No! Don't sit on it!
The wheel comes off again
The horse is dead I win this game!
No! Wait!
The horse.. Poor thing..
Eric has three balloons DongWan has only one now
You should pop at least one of them
We have to win! I can't get a penalty!
Just kill him!
Why don't you punch his lips! If you're gonna lose anyway..
I have nothing to lose!
Why it doesn't work!
Cause you did it poorly
(finally) DongWan's attack succeeds!
Good job
I might lose anytime soon
(gentleman-long-legs is tired)
Are you gonnay play all day long? Again! Go Go Go!
DongWan's attack succeeds again
Just go go go go!
This one never pops!
This isn't right.. You can't do this to me..
- The horse seems too tired and weak - There's a new horse you can get on!
That one's a pony This one's a white horse
This one should be better for Eric
- Seriously, how can it be gentlemen's dignity? - It's rather gentlemen's entertaining feast..
Still you can do this with dignity..
It's probably my last fight
What now!
Eric, one balloon vs DongWan, one balloon
You have your new horse
Hey! Wait! My horse is strange
Eric's last balloon pops
What the hell is this!
DongWan turned the game around
The horse didn't listen to me..
Wow! It's 1 - 1, as if we planned it
The third round HYESUNG vs JUNJIN
HyeSung, remember! Jinnie's back isn't good You have to attack his back!
What's wrong with you!
The best gladiator doesn't need a shield.. I can deal with you with a sword only
Bring it on!
I am.. sorry.. Did I shock you?
HyeSung's dignity
- Are you ready? - Yes, I am
He's even surprised himself!
I did it
I'll get you!
(billiard) cueist's swordsmanship
Are you playing billiards?
(current score) WHITE 1 vs 1 BLACK
It will determine the fate of the team The final gentleman gladiators
You don't have to see him?
JunJin's two balloons out
He doesn't stop striking the pink one
hitting HyeSung's right arm
Wait a second...
Gentlemen's crazy fight
The pink balloon is still..
Why are you being so serious? (the pink balloon is die hard)
He hit me so hard.. Are you really a patient?
- It's your fault you threw the shield away.. - I think he'll kill you, seriously!
I'm wounded in the right arm.. Did you hear the cracking noise?
- I'll attack him as a gentleman - How can you do this to me?
I did my best playing the game as a gentleman
- That's a bit violent.. - You have a grudge against him?
Ready, go!
- I have only one? - You have only one left!
He lost two balloons from the beginning Only has the gentleman's face
poker face
bright face
Uh! Wait a sec
a Death Messenger!
If you turn your back on the enemy..
What was it..
HyeSung wins
Most unexpected result
- It is a great twist! - What an incredible match!
(2 - 1) The horseback match WHITE team win
I think we're good today We can win!
We'll keep winning everything
The next game for the gentlemen is..
Shinhwa's Dignity
Go away! It's my seat!
- How is it possible HyeSung ranked 1st? - Is it like 'the one who is not a gentleman'?
Andy ranked 6th and it should be a nice one It'll be better towards him
No, last place is always the bad one
We have to guess what it is?
It's not a ranking of gentleman but a ranking of ungentleman
College students' choice..
Grandmothers' choice..
Teenage girls' choice, the ranking of gentleman!
Almost there
How gentlemanly.. they are..
I said it first!
Teens and adults' choice, The ranking of gentleman!
From teens to..
(Patient first)
I said it first! Don't be ridiculous!
That injured back is quite useful..
From teens to people in 20s..
From teens to people in 60s..
From teens to people in 70s!
What is the ranking about?
The ranking of gentleman in Shinhwa
- Above 70s or below 70s? - .. What?
From teens to people in 70s voted 'Who would be most gentlemanly?'
Including people in their 70s!
HyeSung's answer was stolen
People in their 70s think that he is most gentlemanly?
- Seriously? - I can't believe it..
7 judges in the teens to 70s picked the most gentleman in Shinhwa
- Let's listen to what they had to say - Why would Andy be last?
7 judges who grade their dignity
Why do they think HyeSung would be most gentleman?
I think he's chic but he can be nice, too..
I think he's cool
(I am cool, too..)
He's so nice in publc..
- He changes himself at home - Why would I change myself!
When he opens the door..
- Why would I do that.. - That's fine, cause you don't hurt anyone at least
- Have you seen me doing that at home? - You always hide it perfectly
..You don't know what kind of person I am..
..We know you very well..
14-year-old friends are offended
But you don't know the very bottom of my heart..
..We took it into consideration as well..
- Are you satisfied with the ranking? - YES!
- Was it too loud? It's undignified - I can't accept it!
Let's see the best & worst gentleman in Shinhwa which are chosen by yourselves
One of you won by a wide margin The best gentleman in Shinhwa is..
Q) Who is the best gentleman in Shinhwa?
He grew up in America So he has nice manners
Probably it's Andy.. He takes care of us well
I think it's Andy
After he finished military duty, he's been so calm these days
Whose image would be like a gentleman? Of course it is me!
I'm the one who takes care of the boys.. all the time.. without complaining..
(obviously expecting to be chosen)
Shinhwa's choice The best gentleman ANDY
Now I can accept the result! But this one's just..!!
This one? Are you referring to me!
- You'll be the worst one - The worst gentleman in Shinhwa is..
I.. am sorry.. DongWan Andy ¡æ DongWan
He's very kind but he rushes everything
HyeSung's nice but he's more like a lady He hates this sort of comment..
I'm so sorry, HeySung!
It's Eric!
He's a slippery fellow He makes others to take the wrong path
He is so bad
The worst gentleman is?
Shinhwa's choice The worst gentleman DONGWAN!
Why me!
Eric ¡æ DongWan
He's got no consideration for others
We all can be good and sometimes not so good..
But Kim DongWan!
He's kind of flapping around too much I'm not saying he's strange or anything
I act like a gentleman
It's not fair!
In other words, you cheer us up and we can work better..
See? He's faking it as usual!
Am I faking it? No way Don't be offended, please!
- How many points can we get? - It was just for fun
From now, we'll grade you by watching how you deal with the embarrassing situation
Chapter 3. Gentlemen can handle any situation
Role-playing is our strength!
To HyeSung, ranked first
7 judges who made me rank first! Thank you all so much
It is a 1:1 team match Choose a person appropriate for each situation
You have to act like a gentleman in any situation during the role play
Blind date
Break up
The 7 judges will grade you as well They are watching you somewhere
..We're watching you..
Blind date
I've never been on a blind date I always wanted to be on a group blind date
I've been on a group blind date I met a girl who liked me..
- How long did it last? - She got married
- Really? - Yes..
Long time ago.. It just makes me sigh..
Two guys here want a blind date so badly
You can go now
I'm nervous
I'll handle any situation like a gentleman Get ready to be surprised!
from the beginning..
Why would you greet him?
He's well-mannered He's greeting!
nervous and excited
She comes in
- There she is - Uh.. It is strange
Lee JiSoo(31) / Comedian
- Uh.. Are you..? Kim DongWan? - Yes, I am
Hello I'm Lee JiSoo
Hey! Don't forget the chair!
He did it, oh~ that's good
- Nice to meet you - Have you eaten?
I haven't yet..
- How about Korean cuisine? - Korean cuisine..
Excuse me Can we have two bowls of rice, please!
He has no dignity
You are really beautiful
Thank you for lying
May I ask how old are you? Oh, I thought it's you..
- What if they really start dating? - He's doing good.. nice manners
- I am 31 years old - That's just right for me
I am 34 years old
- And you're singer? - No, no.. I'm not
I'm a multi-talented entertainer!
That's not a gentleman
Multi-talented entertainer? He said it himself
- Can you sing for me? - Of course, I can!
La ri la ri ru~
- It's a blind date.. That's not bad - It's fine.. He's witty
I shouldn't have asked you to sing!
Wait.. I was expressing my feelings
La ri la ri ru~
Can you hear my heart?
How is he gonna do now?
I shouldn't have asked you to sing Do you have any entertaining skills?
(not confident) I can make a shrimp face..
(You're trying so hard)
- Thank you.. - Can you show me one in return?
(shy) I'm not very talented..
I can dance a little..
Culture Shock
- You're so good - Thank you
Shall we dance together? That's my kind of dancing..
She might be embarrassed and he's helping her
(helping her too much)
- I think we can get along well - Thank you
- Where do you live? - I live in Seoul
Do you own your house?
Or do you rent it?
I pay the monthly rent
- How big is your house? - It's 1250 sqft
That's nice And your car is a domestic one?
My car is..
A domestic one
Okay.. It could've been perfect..
- You must be very detail oriented - Right. My blood type is A
You're very feminine..
- I think he forgot it's just a role play - He thinks it's a real blind date
Cause he's desperate to get married
I think I'll stay out overnight
I'm with my boy friend now
boy friend?
I'm sorry but my mom doesn't believe me.. Can you tell her it's all fine?
Hello, mother This is your son-in-law
Hello, how are doing?
a double role of mother and daughter
- So.. Where are you going with my daughter? - I will send her home later
- Right.. How big is your house? - My house is.. Deng Xiaoping (* sounds like 'sqft' in Korean)
- Stop talking useless lame jokes - I'm sorry.. It's 1250 sqft
- Come over to my house later - Can I come tomorrow?
Alright How will you come?
A load off my mind and loads of gifts
That's right. You know what I'm talking about Come over here tomorrow with my daughter!
- Thank you! - And I let her stay out overnight
No way! You have to send her home If you wanna be a gentleman, right?
If you really wanna stay out all night.. Thank you so much
I guess I should thank you
It's been so long.. Staying out overnight..
- Should we go out, then? - Where should we go?
Let's go to that place Cheers!
Blind date Roleplay finished
- It's adults only.. - It's a vulgar sitcom
It was good when he tried to break the ice But he should've been more serious on the phone
He danced as well, so she wouldn't be embarrassed That was good but he's not serious..
I think he wasn't that sincere..
The sharp jaw line
The sharp nose
The sharp eyes
This is the real man you are looking for
Gentleman's cockyness
Bring me a Martini, my usual one
Are you.. Lee MinWoo?
The same woman?
- Hello! I am Lee JiSoo - JiSoo? Lee JiSoo
We have the same last name
- Lee from JeonJu? - That's right
Nice to meet you
- Have a seat - Thank you
He does the chair thing..
- Was there heavy traffic? - There wasn't.. I walked
You walked..
How old are you?
- I'm 31 - I'm 33
Hey, wait! (He said his age 1 year younger)
Then I'm not younger than you!
1980 when he's with a woman 1979 when he's with us
he's registered as born in 80 his real age, born in 79
I heard you're singer.. Can you sing for me?
T.O.P My love, DRC You must be feeling bad
must be feeling bad..?
Feeling bad? The lyrics..
Bad song choice
Oh, I'm sorry.. 'feeling bad' from the beginning..
He just came up with 'my love' of the song
I shouldn't have asked you to sing
I'm not really okay now..
Do you have any skills to show me?
- I can imitate the character jjang-gu - I like jjang-gu!
Jjang-gu is babbling..
Action Mask!
The action mask is dead~~
What the heck..
- Where do you live? - I live in JongRo
- You rent it or..? - I own it!
- You are not in debt? - No, I'm not
(serious) I never get into debt I can't let myself be like that
Why is he so serious?
- What about your car? - I don't really wanna have a fancy car
I have a domestic car and another one for work
- So you have two cars? - The domestic car is..
I sold it a while ago
- He said he sold the car - He got absorbed in the role play
Which means you only have one? Did it have to be so complicated?
You have something on your.. Is this the luxury brand?
- No.. It is not - It's just bonded clothes..
You know.. We have a certain profession which..
He's so serious!
Which makes any bonded clothes or fake ones look like real luxury brands..
It looks like a fake one
Does it? How about yours?
- It is bonded clothes[bose] - Hey look[bose]!
Yes? Let's[bose] live well!
- I'm sorry it's.. - It's fine.. You're so funny
Just a moment
Excuse me
Uh~ How did you know that?
I'm sorry.. I'm naughty..
MinWoo is being shy..
- We're good? - Of course we are
Even though she was being picky, he kept a confident attitude
His skill was good and he seemed to understand her and make her happy
I think they'll make a good couple
What am I gonna do?
Should I call her friendly? If I'm too polite, it's rather funny
I think I'll use the honorific unconsciously.. "Excuse me.. I'm sorry but.."
Let's go
(polite) Hello
Andy looks like a waiter
My darling~¢¾
- Cutie JiSoo is here - Have a seat
- Hello, have you been waiting long? - No.. It's fine
- Should I sit here or there? - Wherever you want
- Can I? Then you sit here first~ - Should I sit first?
Thank you
for what?
- What's wrong? - Your muscles are rather disappointing..
- I don't work out that much.. - My ex had nice muscles..
- Oh, really? - Yeah.. Yours are not good
Can I have the menu, please?
- I heard this place is famous for its cake - Cake?
A whipped cream cake, two cups of water, a cup of coffee, and then..
- You'll eat everything in the menu? - That's all.. Thanks
- What have you done today? - I worked all day
- Which program have you done today? - It was Shinhwa Broadcast
- Shinhwa Broadcast? That show's so good! - Have you seen it?
- Why we have only one fork? - Cause we're a couple
No way! We're not sharing the fork, it's dirty!
- I'll just bring another one - No, I'll go..
Darling! I wanna have the cream Can you put it in my mouth, please~
She makes me clench my fist!
It is so delicious
- Wipe it for me, please - Why are you so clumsy?
You have nice manners
in admiration
Darling! I'll feed you one spoon
- Oh, wait.. You don't like whipped cream! - I like it very much
This whipped cream is so bad! I'll make it disappear for you!
(What are you doing?)
Now what?
You want me to eat this?
No way~
- Is it good? - It is good..
(What's wrong with you)
A fart?
Who was it?
No.. It's not you.. Just sit down
I was the one puing puing
(She is strange)
I'm the fart king, poong poong
Everyone's watching you
It's fine
I'm the one farted
What a gentleman
Yeah.. You should be like that
Sweetheart, what is this?
- I'm proposing to you - Really? Okay, then pop the question
Get down on one knee and propose!
You're supposed to get down on one knee
I have bad knees!
I'm nervous
Will you.. marry me?
- He should've drawn people's attention - That's right.. He should've..
(cheesy) I'm in love with a woman!
By the way.. I don't like this ring Can I change it?
Should we change it? What kind of ring do you want?
I want a necklace
- A necklace? But we need to have wedding ring - Get me one as well when we get married
- Okay.. - Let's go! I'll get a necklace
Ah.. Andy's so nice
Andy is so nice as expected He has so nice manners
He was so great when he said it was him farted for his girlfriend
He seems like a real boy friend My heart was beating
His voice and behavior was like a gentleman
Ah.. Propose..
I can't think of anything
- Andy is finished - Uh? Already?
Can I go now?
- He's so cool! - Eric is awesome
His silhouette is great
Regardless of age, they all like Eric
General manager, Lee! How was it today?
His concept is the owner of the place
General manager, Lee! We had many customers, today?
I was gonna do that, the owner!
Thinking about proposing?
The same girlfriend
My darling~
The same girlfriend
My darling~
Cutie JiSoo is here Have you been waiting long?
Should I sit here or there?
Just sit here!
What was your name?
What's wrong with you today? It's Lee. Ji. Soo.
- JiSoo? Yeah.. Sit down, JiSoo - Okay.. Have a sit, sweetheart
Let's get married!
All of a sudden?
Is it sudden to you?
That proposal is too tough
Why is he getting angry?
Darling, can I sit on our knees? Can I? Can I sit?
Let's get married!
(not even listening)
It's so good to sit on your knees
General manager, Lee! We had many customers, today?
He's embarrassed
But.. your muscles are not great..
- My ex boy friend had nice muscles but yours.. - Did you date Jinnie?
Your arms might be better? They're all disappointing than I expected
- Anyway, we have to set the date - You set the date, then
- He's being so awkward - That is not a gentleman
- Here is a cake. Let's eat! - Shall we?
This is yours..
Sweetheart~ Can you put it in my mouth?
You really had it, didn't you?
It is delicious
General manager, Lee!
Can you bring some napkin?
Please wipe it wipe it wipe it Uh, that's a good boy
I will wipe it for you
Close your mouth
Don't do that again People will see you
I will feed you now Your favorite whipped cream~
How is gonna deal with it?
Oh, wait.. You don't eat whipped cream
This bad whipped cream! I will make it disappear for you!
General manager, Lee!
- Did you turn on the air conditioner? - It's so hot, anyway..
This is for you
- What? The fork? - No.. The whipped cream
The whipped cream, for you~
The fart saved Eric
(fart king poong poong)
General manager.. seriously.. Get out and..
Eric is good
Hold on
(It stinks)
I tried my best but it's kind of hard to cover up
You're the one who farted What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry I'm sorry
- Shall we eat the cake? - Let's eat
What is this? A ring! Is this for me?
Pop the question, now! Impress me! Right now!
(Do I have to?)
Every girl's dream Eric's proposal
- Was your name JiSoo? - Why don't you remember the name?
JiSoo.. from now.. until the end I will always make you happy
I want you to accept my proposal
But.. It wasn't good at all! You just brought a ring, saying 'live with me'
There's no necklace There are no candles
- You haven't done anything impressive! - They're all ready for you on the 1F!
It is 14F, right? There's a limousine, a cruise, and our house.. on the 1F!
bluffing too much
That's enough
If only you marry me.. You wanna see the house on the 1F?
Let's go to the 1F!
He was too chic and looked down on the girl
He was kind of too cocky and bluffing.. He would make the woman starve at the end
But women like a tough guy, don't we? Bad guy!
Break up
Is that the same woman? She's wearing sunglasses!
She's already so sad
What do I do? Let's concentrate on the emotion!
I have to be serious..
calm before the storm
- (concerned) What is he gonna do? - How is he gonna be like?
Have.. have a seat
How can you do this to me? You even proposed to me!
What did I do wrong? Just tell me what you don't like about me!
Let's talk about it Have a seat first
She's crying
I've got nothing to say.. It's all my fault
(He has manners)
Rather than texting or calling you, I thought I should tell you in person
That's why we're here now
Anyway, how can you..
How can you cheat on me with my best friend?
The truth he wasn't aware of
Yeah~~ How exciting
I believed you as much as I believe my friend That's why I introduced you to her
And there's one day we had a big fight..
- Ok, fine! - I'm the bad guy
What are you doing now!
I wanna save him
The rings you gave me.. and the bracelet I'll give all of them back
This watch as well.. We need to do this properly
Another watch here..
This vest was from you, celebrating the 100th day anniversary
- If I see these stuffs from you, I won't be.. - Those socks are from me, too!
Take them off!
barefoot break up
At least it doesn't stink
- Did she smell it? - Yes!
Here's the belt you gave me
I'll give them back to you
Stand up
"Those pants are from me, too!"
I think those pants are from me
I even had to hem them for you cause you said they're too long..
But you're now cheating on me with my friend, wearing the pants I gave you..
Take them off!
Do it!
General manager, Lee!
Have you got extra pants?
Let's finish this properly
I'll take them off in my car
I can't strip down to my underwear when we break up, can I?
Your underwear..
- Isn't that the elephant one that I gave you? - No, I'm not wearing that one!
- Let's have a seat - Can't you just take off everything!
He started digging his own grave
Your friend.. Actually, she seduced me first
Now I can tell you this..
I always liked JanJin!
But you're dumping me anyway.. Can you help me date Jin?
There's no ethics..!
Do you really like Jinnie? We're inseparable, like brothers!
- How can you like Jinnie? - Well said!
That's why you fall in love with my friend? My friend who's like a sister to me!
You're in love with my inseparable friend I'm in love with your inseparable friend
What a wonderful world!
So I was wondering.. The money I borrowed from you, 30 million won
I don't have to pay you back, right? It just makes me crazy how you hurt me..
- Okay, then.. You bought all of these, too - They're all fake!
Have you ever been sincere when we're together, just once?
This one's fake! That one's fake!
Here's a fake one! There's a fake one! Everything is fake..
Someone save him, now!
- They can't think of any ad-libs - I can't think of any ad-libs..
I know.. anyway.. Let's break up with dignity
You're too good for me
You're too good for me
That's a good concept
Just forget a bastard like me.. I want you to be happy with ChungJae..
- I've never seen a man so cool like you - It is the last gift I can give you
- How are you gonna introduce me to Jin? - Do it on your own!
I don't even know what I'm talking about I'll find out later when it's aired..
If I'm not making sense.. Can you just hit me?
He's helpless now
Thank you for giving these back.. You can wear the socks. I don't need them
Still, I was happy when we were together.. I have precious memories..!
Only HyeSung and the socks are left
- This is for you - I'll wash them for you
A bitter break-up!
- That was fun - I think he'll get good grades
He has manners! He wasn't out of mind, after all
It was so cheesy..
I feel like I can't do anything from now
He was well-mannered to say goodbye in person
He shouldn't have said 'she seduced me first' But it was good he tried to explain in a calm manner
When a woman asks to give her presents back, it doesn't mean she wants them back literally
Things like 'I'm leaving for your sake' rather sounded like a coward
I'll be a papa's boy! My dad.. told me to leave you!
She's ready for the second break up
- I think his acting would be great - I'm excited to see it
The door of break up is open
There's a girl waiting for a break up
(Sunglasses?) Did you have a fight?
Why are you staring at me?
How can you do this to me? I thought we'd get married!
- Why did you dump me? - When?
When did I dump you! What are you talking about?
How can you.. Don't laugh!
Don't frame me up!
You're the one playing with guys and having blind dates.. I've been so patient!
What is that spot on the face? Are you going to night club?
You never had that spot before!
Oh~ He's fighting back!
- I'm dating who? You're the only one for me! - How can you date my best friend?
Do you have friends?
You know what I don't like about you? Of course I don't like that spot.. and..
I don't like you making things up! Why are you framing me up?
Your mistakes are all fine and mine's are not? Are you really gonna do this to me?
I haven't done anything wrong.. You're saying I'm dating your friend?
You're doing this to cover up your fault! That is your plan!
You were always like that! Do you have anything to say?
What? Let's end this relationship? Look who's talking!
Bravo JunJin!
He doesn't care about the score at all!
He's just trying to be funny!
How can you do this to me! With my best friend!
I believed you as much as I believe my friend That's why I introduced you to her
Hey.. What are you talking about? I've never done such a thing
Now I can tell you this..
I actually like HyeSung!
serious face
I know what it is..
He's no good
I'm telling you! He's no good!
You such a rude bastard!
Not a chance!
- Not a chance? - He's a skinflint!
- I think you're more skinflint.. - I thought you liked manly guy!
- That's why you liked me, isn't it! - I liked you cause you're funny!
- Is that so? - Yes, it is
Show me how manly you are! Go ahead!
Even I can do that Ughak~!
You have to introduce me to HyeSung!
You're telling me to introduce you to another guy who happens to be my best friend..
What the hell..
What am I supposed to do? What can I do for you?
- Should I introduce you to him and we're over? - Yes.. You should
You don't really know how much I love you? People make mistakes!
There's a limit to what I can tolerate! I loved you!
I'm.. so sorry!
Wipes, cotton swabs, and letters from me Give me everything back I gave you!
No, I can't!
Give me everything back!
I also paid for that nose! Take it out!
Just a minute.. It's hard.. I can't do it
- So, what should we do? - What's so good about my friend?
I made a mistake I am sorry..
- How many more mistakes you have to make? - I won't make any mistakes from now!
I will make you happy from now on! I mean it this time
Then crawl on your knees! If you're really sorry!
(Don't you think it's too much..)
Like this?
Good job, now sit down!
Should we just break up? I said I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart
Just take those socks off that I gave you I have to get them back!
I want to delete every piece of you! I don't want you to have stuffs from me!
I paid for your eyelash extensions, too Take them off now!
Everything's against me since I met you! Go away!
Just take them!
What are you looking at? You never saw a couple break up?
You drive me crazy!
- Take off that tee now! - I will! What's so difficult?
And it's not a tee but a shirt! You don't even know that?
- Take off those pants, too! - I will!
I can't take them off in public!
Did you see that?
Fine! Let's break up! I was gonna say sorry like a gentleman but..
I bought these! We bought these together Give me one of the pair!
- Take it! - You think you'll be happy after this?
We win!
We can't win in that way!
an awful couple
- This is my last present! - Fine!
You think you'll be.. How dare you..!
Well, that's rather attractive!
- Jinnie had to be funny - That was awesome.. Wow~
He did everything he could.. He was begging, saying sorry..
What more can he do! They don't have any choice but break up
He wasn't like a gentleman, pointing a finger at her and throwing the socks
We lost!
In my view, I defeated you this time
- She framed me up - Same here, but what could I do..
We wanna know the result
Blind date MINWOO vs DONGWAN
It was a close game 3 - 4!
MinWoo won!
- You were quite funny but.. - That was more like speed dating
- It wasn't speed dating? - No, it wasn't
If Eric wins, BLACK team wins
Proposal ERIC vs ANDY
6 - 1
- Then Andy wins - Eric was bluffing too much
Why you think I got one vote?
Eric lost!
I don't remember anything I did
The judges said Eric was bluffing too much
Bluff Ric!
But I can't say I've got nothing if I really have it
Mun Jeong-Hu (*'Hu' from the word bluff in Korean)
We'll find out the winning team according to the result of JunJin vs HyeSung
- It can't be JunJin, it's nonsense! - I'll tell you the votes from two judges
The judge in the 70s!
She voted for JunJin!
Elderly people know what is right
- How about the teen judge? - She also voted for JunJin!
I might lose
We might win!
They understand me Cause I explained it well
JunJin vs HyeSung
5 - 2
HyeSung won!
We're good today
WHITE team win two games in a row!
Shinhwa's Dignity
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