Chrono Trigger: SNES Man Review

Uploaded by SNESMan16 on 03.05.2009

Get out of bed, you lazy bum. You need to get up for this kind of game. Let's go, Chrono.
Chrono Trigger is an undeniably incredible RPG. Chrono is an ordinary kid, other than
his ridiculous red hair. One day, Chrono's nerdy friend Lucca invents a teleportation
machine -- very interesting. But then, something goes wrong. And a young girl gets zapped into
a time portal for somewhat unexplained reasons.
So, Chrono's off on an adventure to save her. Soon, though, the quest becomes much bigger
and you have to travel through time to save the world. But the great part isn't just the
storyline, it's the battle system. The battles are great and you have a lot of options to
use such as combos shared by characters, special moves, and spells. Go, go, Robo.
What's awesome about the enemies is that there are no random encounters. You can avoid a
good amount of them which is really nice because then you don't have constant enemies. You
still have to fight a lot of them, though. The graphics are just excellent and beautiful
for the Super Nintendo. Then there's the stunning music by several artists including Nobuo Uematsu
who composed the music for most of the Final Fantasy games. Except you, 12. Who's even
heard of Hitoshi Sakamoto? Well heck, who's heard of SNES Man either, though?
The boss battles in this game are incredible to say the least, especially when you get
other characters and you can use their abilities too. For every boss, you have to use different
strategies and attack different parts of the boss (such as attacking the arms first). It's
also based on elements. For instance, if you use fire at a certain moment or water at a
certain moment it will do certain amounts of damage. It helps mix up the boss battles
a little bit.
What's great about this game, though, is that it doesn't grow stale as you go on and it
doesn't start stale. It's pretty great through the whole thing. The time periods play a really
cool role in the story too. Like the desolate future, the lizards and cavemen of the past
(so historically inaccurate!), and several variations of the present. All of them have
different people you can meet to join your party and different bosses and enemies, making
some interesting variations. One of the funniest scenes is where you're declared guilty for
kidnapping the girl that you previously rescued. You want unjust? You get sentenced to execution
and have to escape from jail. Then, they block your path with this Dragon Tank boss. So,
on this matter, I would have to agree with Chrono and break the law and escape.
Scenes like this really made Chrono Trigger interesting because the events you do previously
affect later on. Even escaping can go differently. If you stay in the jail cell too long, you
get rescued by Lucca. Now, let's talk about the diverse characters. First, there's Chrono
with his sword and lightning abilities and weird spiky hair. Then there's, I think, Marle
whose name always confuses me. She uses water and her healing abilities are good. Then the
inventor, Lucca, with fire spells who is a kind of interesting character in my opinion.
Then there's Frog who is, yes, a frog. He has a backstory but we'll leave it here. Next
is Robo who is a robot you find in the future. He has lasers and a strong attack. Ayla is
the leader of her village of cavemen. Then we have Magus who is a weird character because
he's an enemy and then can join your team under special circumstances. Everything you
do can create a different ending for a lot of replay value in this game.
THINGS TO MAKE IT BETTER -Tone down the magic slightly, Chrono. You're
a little strong there. This was no glaring flaw but it made attacking a little less useful.
-Tweak the time periods a little bit because, as fun as I found the past and the present,
the future had some really tedious factories used the conveyer belts. Some people like
these scenes but I wasn't a fan.
The game is so awesome that there are few things that could make it better. It ends
with a great score. As an unbelievable RPG, Chrono Trigger gets a 10 out of 10. One of
the best and most innovational games for Super Nintendo.
Even I, the mighty SNES Man, learned a great deal from Mr. Chrono. I just hope I never
have to use my swordplay I learned from him. Spincut! Those are some great special effects.