Penn College Commencement: Dec. 22, 2012

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>> Seated in the auditorium are family and friends who have
in many different ways supported these candidates
to reach the goal represented by this ceremony.
On the platform, are the faculty,
the staff who have motivated, encouraged
and inspired these students as they completed their coursework
for their college experience.
Before us are the candidates for graduation
who have become good friends, mentors
and colleagues developing relationships
that will serve them well as they move
into the future together.
We join then as members of an extended support network
to celebrate our involvement with these candidates
and to witness their accomplishment
and that celebration begins now.
Presiding over the December Commencement Ceremony is the
President of the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour.
[ Applause ]
>> Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour: Good morning and welcome
to the beautiful Community Art Center
and to this Commencement Ceremony honoring the final
class of the year 2012.
Today, you've become part of a proud Penn College legacy.
For nearly 100 years this institution has provided a
foundation for success for men and women who wish to thrive
in an ever-changing world.
Many challenges have faced graduates over the years.
There have been times of war, times of peace,
times of economic growth often inspired
by emerging technologies and times of economic recession.
At all times this institution has begun
to prepare its graduates to enter the workforce capably
and confidently to earn advancement into positions
that influence the future with the values and the understanding
of the greater world we live in.
As we celebrate your commencement today,
we look forward to the contributions
that you will make in the days to come.
This is truly a ceremony that honors the past, the present,
and most importantly, your future.
As we appreciate the effort you put forth in order
to reach this milestone, I ask each of you to take time today
to gratefully acknowledge and --
the support you've received from your family, your friends,
your faculty and your staff mentors.
This day is important to all of us
because you are important to all of us.
Please relax and enjoy this very special day that you
and your loved ones will remember for a lifetime.
[ Applause ]
>> I'd like to now introduce Mr. Elliott Strickland,
Chief Student Affairs Officer.
[ Applause ]
>> Mr. Elliott Strickland: President Gilmour,
Provost Starkey, Senator Yaw, faculty, staff, family guests
and most importantly December 2012 graduates.
Marhaban. Marhaban means welcome in Arabic.
It is appropriate as our student commencement speaker hails
from Saudi Arabia.
Fadhil AlJishi is the first international student ever
selected as a commencement speaker.
Fadhil came to Penn College in 2010
after earning an Associate Degree
in Polyer Engineering Technology at Jubail Industrial College
in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.
I'm amazed by what our international students are able
to accomplish.
In Fadhil's case, he moved halfway across the globe
to a place he had never been
to continue his education in a second language.
I would dare say that most of us
in this room would have never attempted this.
Now, I would have been impressed if Fadhil had merely succeeded
by earning his degree,
but Fadhil didn't just succeed; he thrived.
During his time at Penn College he has made a positive
impression on everyone who has come in contact with him.
He is a leader in the classroom, he is active in the Society
of Plastic Engineers, and he was inducted
into the Alpha Chi Honor Society in March 2012.
Earlier this morning Fadhil was awarded the President's Award
for leadership and service to the college
and in just a few minutes Fadhil will receive his Bachelor's
Degree in Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology
graduating with a perfect 4.0 GPA.
It is my honor to introduce your December 2012 commencement
speaker Fadhil AlJishi.
[ Applause ]
>> Fadhil AlJishi: Thank you very much.
Good morning everyone.
Dear Class of 2012, please close your eyes for a few seconds
and remember your first day at Penn College.
Now, open your eyes and see where you are today,
look at what you are wearing.
For me I showed up one week after the classes started.
I was late for my class at the [inaudible] second language
and here I am today honored
to be the first international student standing before his
graduating class to speak in your behalf.
What a remarkable day.
It is not only our graduation day, it is the day where all
of our hard work and effort has culminated.
We are honored to achieve our degrees and graduate
from a well-ranked college
like Pennsylvania College of Technology.
For me it is my absolute honor to graduate
in the great United States of America from Penn College
with a 4.0 GPA, as an Alpha Chi Honor Society member
and as the President's Award recipient.
Today is the last day for most of us at Penn College.
Some of us will be back for alumni day
and some others will make it to parent's day.
However, this last day should be the first day
of our bright future and if you ever have difficulties
in your future careers just remember your days back
at Penn College and how you got through them.
Allow me to wish you the best of luck for each and every one
of you whether you are going to pursue a higher education
or you start your career immediately.
On behalf of the wonderful class of 2012 I would
like to thank each member of Penn College faculty and all
of the students and despite the parking tickets
as we shall thank to Penn College police as well
as student health services.
On behalf of my friend, Sami Al Anazi,
another international student graduating today, and I,
I thank Mrs. Judy Lands and Mrs. [inaudible] Diaz,
who used to work for the [inaudible]
and who made my English good enough to stand before you today
as well as Mrs. Shannon [inaudible]
from the international office, Mr. Tim Winston,
Dr. [inaudible], Mr. John [inaudible] from the department
of Plastic and Polymer Engineering Technology.
These people were always there to help us and to make sure
that we are having a good time in the US.
These people are our family
and they made us feel like we are at home.
Last but not least, on behalf of the wonderful class
of 2012 again I would love to thank the members of each lovely
and supportive family and friends that are here today
and especially I think my family who traveled more
than 7,000 miles away to be here with me.
Ladies and gentlemen, I have one last word
to say to all of you today.
In Arabic, it is shukran; in English, it is thank you.
Thank you very much and Merry Christmas.
[ Applause ]
>> The Alumni Humanitarian's Citizenship Award recognizes
alumni who provide distinguished community or volunteer service
and present themselves as dedicated loyal alumni
and our graduates
of the Williamsport Technical Institute,
the Williamsport Community College
or the Pennsylvania College of Technology.
This year we honor Raymond R. Mattie, a 1984 alumnus
of the college's machinist general program.
Ray's the owner of M & S Conversion Company
and CSM Realty both based in Montoursville.
He volunteers his time and effort as members
of various Boards of Directors including Citizens & Northern
Bank, the Pennsylvania College of Technology Foundation
and Hope Enterprises which provides services for people
in Central Pennsylvania with developmental disabilities.
In October this year, Ray and his wife, Michelle,
or Shelly as she is known,
established the Mattie Family Scholarship at Penn College.
The scholarship will generate awards to students
from Lycoming County enrolled in their final year
of the Occupational Therapy Assistant program
or Early Childhood Education Associative Degree majors.
To quote Ray, "Shelly and I have been blessed
in both business and life.
We feel very strongly about giving back to the community
and being able to assist those students pursuing a career
working with children holds a special place in our hearts."
The Mattie's two sons, Connor and Sam,
are also learning the importance
of giving back to their community.
Ray and Shelly have involved them
in the annual lemonade stand fundraiser
to benefit Hope Early Intervention Services
for children in our area and this was the sixth year
of the annual lemonade stand.
Ray and his wife continue to support the educational needs
of Lycoming County youth with Connor's Connection founded
by the Mattie Family and named for Connor who has autism.
Connor's Connection provides grants for activities, supplies
and technology to help autistic youth be successful students.
We are pleased to present the 2012 Alumni Humanitarian
Citizenship Award to a businessman, a volunteer,
a philanthropist and a true humanitarian.
Please join me in a warm welcome for Ray Mattie.
[ Applause ]
>> Ray Mattie: And my dad said I'd never amount to anything.
I had a speech that my wife wanted me write.
Over the last couple of weeks she was after me and I said,
"I'll get to it, I'll get to it," I procrastinated
and I would have been late for school also the last week.
And then me and my youngest son, Sam,
were watching TV the other day and he said, "dad,
the earth is going to end."
I said, "good, I don't have to write a speech."
So I'm going to make this really short and sweet.
Congratulations to all you out there.
Remember give back to your communities, your college.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> Ladies and gentlemen, as many of you know,
the legal corporate body of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology is its Board of Directors.
This is the body that bought our charter
who is given the final responsibility
for the government's welfare
and all other interests pertaining to the college.
Though some responsibilities are delegated ultimate authority
rests with the Board.
At this time I would like to call upon Senator Gene Yaw,
a member of the Board of Directors,
to authorize the conferring of degrees at this ceremony.
Senator Yaw?
[ Applause ]
>> Senator Gene Yaw: Thank you.
This is a very special occasion for all of you.
The degrees being awarded have come from hard work,
from the guidance and wisdom of the faculty,
and from strong support from family and friends.
On behalf of the Board of Directors, I extend to all
of the graduates our congratulations and best wishes
and to all the supporting family members, the faculty
and friends, I extend our thanks for your support.
Now I turn to my official duty.
Dr. Gilmour, by virtue of the authority vested in the Board
of Directors of the Pennsylvania College of Technology,
I authorize you on behalf of the board to confer on each
of these candidates the degree earned as certified
by the appropriate school Dean.
[ Applause ]
>> Will the candidates for the Bachelor
of Science Degree please rise.
Dr. Gilmour, upon the recommendation
of the faculty I'm pleased to inform you that these men
and women have satisfactorily completed the requirements
for the Bachelor of Science Degree.
>> Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour: By virtue of the authority vested
in me by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology I do hereby confer upon you the Bachelor
of Science Degrees you have earned with all of the rights
and privileges and with congratulations from the Board
of Directors, the administration and the faculty.
[ Applause ]
>> You may be seated.
Will the candidates for all Associate Degrees
and Certificates please rise.
[ Applause ]
>> Dr. Gilmour, upon the recommendation
of the faculty I'm pleased to inform you that these men
and women have satisfactorily completed the requirements
for their respective Associate Degrees and Certificates.
>> Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour: By virtue of the authority vested
in me by the Board of Directors of the Pennsylvania College
of Technology I do hereby confer upon you the Associate Degree
and Certificates that you have earned with all of the rights
and privileges and with congratulations from the Board
of Directors, the faculty and the administration.
[ Applause ]
Would you please remain standing
and would the Baccalaureate graduates stand as well?
Ladies and gentlemen, you entered this theatre
as candidates for the certificates and degrees
that you have been awarded.
Just moments ago I had the honor
of conferring those degrees upon you as a symbol of your entry
into the world of educated women and men I ask you to join me
as I have change the graduation tassel
of your class representative.
This symbolizes that you are now graduates
of the Pennsylvania College of Technology.
[ Applause and Cheers ]
And you may be seated.
As individuals in institutions, we pass through clear stages
in development, points in time where we grow into new roles
and new responsibilities.
This ceremony today is a transition event
for all of the graduates.
Today, the Pennsylvania College
of Technology will recognize individuals
with academic achievement.
Outstanding achievement will be recognized for all students.
The gold, silver or white cord they wear during these
ceremonies, white for honors, silver for high honors and gold
for highest honors can identify these students.
Blue cords signify academic achievement
in certificate students.
In addition, we are proud to recognize graduates
who are members of Phi Theta Kappa, their gold stoles
and gold tassels will identify them.
In addition, we recognize the Alpha Chi Honor Society
and white stoles will identify those students.
We would now like to recognize the veterans with us today
in our class identified by their red, white and blue cords.
These are students who are graduating who have served
on active duty as well as those currently serving
in all branches of the military
and I would ask our veteran students to please stand.
[ Applause ]
While they're standing let me tell you something about them.
We have three Purple Heart winners,
we have four Bronze Stars, we have 70 Iraq Campaign medals
and 23 Afghanistan Campaign medalists.
[ Applause ]
Thank you and you may be seated.
At this time Carolyn Strickland, the Assistant Vice President
of Academic Services, and the respective school
representatives will present the candidates.
Now we know that you all want to come down and take a picture
of this moment and we are welcoming you to do that.
We simply ask that you leave the area in front of the podium open
for the official photographers.
Otherwise you're welcome to come and capture the moment.
With that we will begin.
Thank you.
[ Background Conversations ]
>> Carolyn Strickland: President Gilmour,
I proudly present the graduates from the School of Business
and Computer Technologies.
April C. Buck.
Shawn Michael Ferricks.
Jeffrey Michael Litfin [assumed spelling].
Gary P. Fashinsky [assumed spelling].
Benjamin Ross Ender.
Mark A. Martin.
Megan S. Nestel.
Joseph Thomas Perno, Jr.
Eric James Snipe [assumed spelling].
Steven J. Spergo [assumed spelling].
Michelle L. Formica.
Nathaniel Todd Warner.
Tyler J. Brish.
Melissa R. VanNorman.
Hollie Ann Treese.
Steven Michael Ault.
Nicholas P. Mancuso.
Benjamin J. Reilly.
Jennifer L. D'Armid [assumed spelling].
Evan M. Smith.
Jessica Taylor Woodward [assumed spelling].
Ashleigh C. Bradley.
Kristina Coral Dalsey.
Brittany Marie DeLouisa.
Matthew I.
Denise Elaine Duitch.
Charles Richard Niedermyer, II.
Lauren B. Ogden.
Brandon Thomas Sliko [assumed spelling].
Shannon D. Louk.
Cheryl L. Moore.
Albaro Munoz.
Shasta L. Stine.
>> President Gilmour, I'm honored to present the graduates
from the School of Construction Design Technologies.
Michael Jeffrey Johnson.
Matthew J. King.
Kurt L. Linhart.
Daniel E. Luberski.
Matthew Scott Taylor.
Adam Benjamin Kleckner.
Evan D. Entz.
Derek Evan Stellar.
Keith J. Wilson.
William A. Shannon.
James Edward Carr, III.
Jonathan Andrew Norton.
Christopher R. Silverstrim.
Michael Christopher Stadtler.
Chad E. Weaver.
Christopher Daniel Banke.
Jordan Michael Glass.
Timothy P. Kinneman [assumed spelling].
Tyler Andrew Schaeffer.
Jordan M. Fadonick [assumed spelling].
Antar Fredericks.
Jeron D. Kennedy.
Shawn Michael Krause.
Nathan A. Sweigart.
Nicholas G. Ezolt.
Lewis Delmar Goshen, III.
Deanna Yvonne Wheeland.
>> President Gilmour, I'm proud to present the graduates
from the School of Health Sciences.
>> Heather Ann Thielman.
James W. Slotterback.
Stacy Lynn Eckert.
Melissa S. Showers.
Nancy A. Theoreti [assumed spelling].
Jordan Elizabeth Salabsky.
Meghan Jane Scarfo.
>> President Gilmour, I am honored to present the graduates
from the School of Hospitality.
>> Robert Leroy Robinson, III.
Penny K. Shade [assumed spelling].
Mayln Matril Baney.
Jessica Colleen Dabback.
Brittany Sue Gromis.
Jennifer Lynn Leitzell.
Ashley Nicole McFalls.
Kirsten Angela Murty.
Katie Elizabeth Mutz.
Bryan Andrew Sharp.
Nadeia Stokes.
Kari Marie Elwell.
Jennifer L. Friez [assumed spelling].
Brandon R. Greiss.
Michael Anthony Petrizio.
Devan Rebecca Stuart.
>> President Gilmour, I'm proud to present the graduates
from the School of Industrial and Engineering Technologies.
>> Grant David Stanley.
Eric M. Stahl.
Bryce K. Bingaman.
Kyle John Didyoung.
William P. Carolan.
Sean M. Michael.
Gregory J. Reed.
Michael Norman Sesto.
Christopher R. Smith.
Daniel Joseph Forsyth.
Robert A. Young.
Andrew M. Tercola [assumed spelling].
Kevin Thomas Biscoe.
Sami A. Al Anazi.
Nicholas Phillip Alberti [assumed spelling].
Paul Adrian Boehret.
Gilbert Grady [assumed spelling].
Robert J. Grove.
Gregory E. Johnston.
Muriah Leigh Musser.
Justin Thomas Nupp.
Aaron Newton Zabko.
Michael J. Andersen.
Kristopher A. Decker.
Michael J. Lewis.
Tad O. Lupold.
>> President Gilmour, I'm honored to present the graduates
from the School of Integrated Studies.
>> Morgan Elizabeth Andreas.
Jessica Lynn Frank [assumed spelling].
Wesley Todd Sones.
Andrew Bryce Hagerman.
Amanda L. Quinn.
Nicole Denise Riley.
Marcella Bongiovi.
Patricia A. Hintz.
J. Olivia Patchavalsky [assumed spelling].
Farrah L. Stafford.
Kayla M. Kaler.
Rosalee Jane Mead.
Kenneth George Bilwin, II.
Jonathan Carnell [assumed spelling] Herman.
David Allen Jensen.
Scott W. Reamsnyder.
Kahyla E. Snyder.
Christopher J. Steele.
>> President Gilmour, I present the graduates
from the Natural Resource Management.
>> Christian James Falvo.
Jeremy Stuart Frost.
Greg T. Koernig.
Kyle Aaron Seyler.
Brittany Lynn Antolick.
Patrick M. Bahner.
>> President Gilmour, it's my honor to present
to you the graduates from the School
of Transportation Technology.
>> Micah C. Kauffman.
Thomas Anthony Pearce.
Daniel John Walsh.
Jared Nathaniel Miller.
Eric K. Petry.
Tyler J. Smith.
Benjamin David Sooter [assumed spelling].
Ethan A. H. Troup.
Harry Raymond Albreit [assumed spelling].
Stephen E. Von Lindern.
Chase L. Toner [assumed spelling].
Daniel Thomas Haley [assumed spelling].
Daniel Fields Hill.
Christopher Andrew Ives.
Matthew Carson Moll.
Asam Kareem [assumed spelling].
Fadhil AlJishi.
[ Background Conversations ]
>> Your connection to the college does not end today.
As graduates, you are all now members
of the Penn College Alumni Association
and that is the main link between you and your alma mater.
I encourage you to keep in touch with the Alumni Relations office
and you will hear from us monthly via our alumni
enewsletter, but you and I both know
that the best way you're going to keep in touch
with us is through Facebook.
Right? Yeah.
We look forward to welcoming you back to campus and why?
Because we love to hear of your success
and what all you have been doing
with your Penn College education.
It's the time in the ceremony, a time that I look forward
to until the time arrives because I know
that this moment is going to pass too quickly, and I wish now
for just a minute or two I could make time stand still.
So in this instant before you all leave, I'd like you
to pretend that there's nobody else here but me on behalf
of all of these fabulous people behind me and you the graduates.
It is truly my honor to stand before you
and be the last person to talk
to you before you enter the real world.
The world is going to be better
because you are going to be in it.
You are special not only to the people here today who love you
but you are special because you have skills
and you have opportunities that truly will allow you
to make a difference in the world.
Now, you may call me an idealist, many have,
but the mission and values of our college mean a lot to me.
I want you to leave here knowing how important things like values
and virtues really are and they will be important throughout
your whole life.
These probably sound like old-fashioned ideas
to you especially coming from the leader of a college
that embraces new and emerging technology, but I believe
with all of my heart that progress is built
on a foundation of basic principles
that will sustain us through generations.
We often avoid conversations
about steadfast values and virtues.
Sometimes we do that because we are fearful
that we will be seen as hypocrites.
If we fail to live up to those ideas, those values and virtues,
and we don't want to risk offending anybody whose culture
and traditions might be different than ours,
but in the end nothing should stand in the way
of communicating a common set of virtues and values
that will strengthen our world.
In every culture and in every tradition, there is a place
for honesty, integrity, compassion
and responsibility especially to help those
who cannot help themselves.
There's a place for obligation to leave the world as good
or better than we found it.
Rather than limiting ourselves,
values and virtues provide opportunities for us
to make a profound difference.
When we're able to connect what's up here in our head,
with what we know here in our heart, with what we do
with our hands, we find true meaning in our lives.
So, I hope your Penn College education will help you connect
with the knowledge in your head, the skills in your hands
and the desires in your heart.
Each time you choose to do the right thing instead
of the easy way out you will prove that to us.
You will be leaders in your workplace
and leaders in your community.
Remember to ask yourself this question, "who will you be?
How has college changed you?
How will you use this experience to change the world?"
Remember all throughout your life you will make changing
decisions and it is the same question that will come back
and face you each time.
Who are you and what kind of person do you want to be?
Your values and virtues will follow you
for the rest of your days.
Please be steadfast in your commitment,
greet life with energy and enthusiasm
and use your knowledge
in creating the life that you most desire.
Today you become part of a proud Penn College tradition.
For nearly 100 years our institution has been changing
lives and impacting communities.
Please stay in touch with us as you make your mark in the world.
Come back often and share your gifts and talents with us
and with future Penn College students.
It really is now time for me to say goodbye.
I can't hold on to this moment anymore as your lunch
and celebration no doubt await.
So, my final words to you, the Class of 2012, the last Class
of 2012, you are now part of a valued
and virtuous Penn College history.
Please go out in the world and make us proud.
Thank you.
[ Applause ]
>> I invite those who are able to stand.
Gentleman, remove your caps, and everyone join in the singing
of the Penn College Alma Mater.
The words may be found on Page 2 of your program.
[ Background Sounds ]
[ Singing of the Penn College Alma Mater ]