Oficiální volební klip - Miloš Zeman

Uploaded by StudioWiFi on 02.01.2013

What awaits Bilbo in Mirkwood?
(Spiders?) It's not spiders!
(Wargs?) It's not wargs either!
(Gollum?) No, it's not even Gollum!
It's ...
... Miloš!
Much like a badger who crawls out of his den in spring,
I'm re-entering the big league politics!
You know - I'm not drawing energy from trees ...
... those trees are drawing it from me!
A tree like this doesn't grow in an instant
Everybody knows that it's been here for quite some time
Our land would be bleak and hollow without trees
Hence, no matter where we are ...
... we mustn't forget about trees!
Be it a spruce or a fir ...
... I'm banging this chick like a sir!