Фани Узбек xD [Funny Uzbek]

Uploaded by ThisIsHor0sho on 15.10.2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov!
First vid was sent by TrinoUno.
Scene from your regular school in Australia.
You know, it's the place that has summer now.
It's only 6 seconds but look how much value and tragedy it holds!
[Micro film]
OOOUCH! Faceplanter!
[Faceplanter ;[ ]
What a painful backfire!
Another one! Do I have to explain *everything*?
Dude, you're doing it W-R-O-N-G!
[nicht correct]
You use your feet to walk on ground not on poles!
On ground!
Hello, is this Kirill's mother?
Kirill had a showing off accident!
Well, your average Australian Kirill.
[kangaroo driver %)]
[ pole 1:0 Kirill ]
Holy bananas! [holeh bananaz]
Pole, Y U so cruel?
So he was like [rly!]
I'm gonna show those chicks who's sexy papa!
I shook de paip of yr haus [I shook de pipe of yr haus]
And the pipe's like
Na-ah mate, I plantid yr feis in graund
Hey, chicks are watching! [Face straightening surgery]
Now he has no head.
But prolly didn't have one to begin with.
Wanted to get female's attention
Got that concrete's attention.
[joke lord ;[ ]
Well, you gotta start with something...
On the other hand Kirill has his awesome best friend!
Who else can hyena the vid but him!
[when you're in pain %) ]
Also, seems this friend had done poorly in his english classes
But in the end Kirill managed to get chicks' attention!
[Kirill - star of the schoolyard!]
Yeah, it hurt
But chicks obviously took pity on him!
Maybe not once [If you caught Stas's drift ;] ]
Great plan you insidious asshole!
[envy is a bad feeling, Stas]
And this is Horosho!
The second, very funny video is called "Funny Uzbek"
It was found by some british journalists and made a big olol of it!
[british journalists dug out...]
And it really is full of fun people!
Take this guy!
And this lady!
[Mom! I'm holding you!]
Also this gang!
I dunno what's their problem
but i always thought that Uzbeks were people, same as us [no to racism!]
Where does this... escalator incompatibility comes from?
[breaking of stereotypes]
Guess not everyone in their country has updated the drivers!
[driver not found!]
ooooooooooh, evil stairs!
Next level is... AUTOMATIC DOORS!
That's no laughing matter - i still have problems with those.
[I breik yr nose wit d00r]
Vid has a lot of comments saying that people fall coz handrail doesn't move.
Of course it wont move if you press on it with all your weight!
Mission: changing dislocation.
Status: failed
Cause: vestibular system malfunction
Update drivers!
Generally, escalators are scary gods of destruction.
I also feel scared when about to take a first step onto this... slippery road [uphill?]
Also scared that it'll eat me an the end.
I'm not the only one, right? [Haha, Stas is Uzbek]
And when going down you can play a ski game!
You just gotta take the right position!
But i guess everyone played on a treadmill before.
And did a Jackson.
Also, an escalator killed Kennedy!
[and Tsoi chocked with matso]
BTW, this vid is taken on camera of a surveillance camera monitor.
And so a camrip is born [only the movie sux %) ]
So to sum it all up
Shouldn't say that about Uzbeks, Stas! That's a no-no!
[also about Viktor Tsoi! ;[ ]
Better not touch Uzbeks
And this is Horosho!
Third vid is sent by howl192
this vid will keep you on the edge [suspense!]
No, it's not Mikhalkov's try on remaking "Final Destination"
[Three T present - "Final"]
It's just a vid from the car-camcorder
[Fast and Furious 6: Severe Russian Drift]
And that's the whole reaction of this bastard son of Norris?
[Ilya Chuckovich Norris]
Two people in the car and they could only produce a single Yeaahhhhhh? [2 people 1 Yeaahhhhhh]
No emotions?
Nothing to beep out! [Just like Stas]
I'd be on the ground in hysteria, crying like a spanked little baby!
What were they doing there, sleeping?
What's this not giving a shit?
Can ANYTHING impress them?
Luke, I am your father!
But then they finally started clucking!
Listen, it's a miracle! It's a miracle that he didn't...
[proof: nothing to beep out!]
omgomgomgomgomg, that was something!
What an asshole, eh? He looked away, there!
Ah, i guess their life was boring!
So they were watching it passing before their eyes in silence!
[like a white ship]
And then they went straight to the shop!
To buy new pair of pants.
Went out to get a Christmass tree, got bricks instead!
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us by penek95
What's your birthday suit?
What's your birthday suit?
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