How to Make Chocolate Candy - Homemade Molded Chocolate recipes

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Today we will make candy chocolate which liked the most by kids and young generation.
Chocolate can be prepared in many ways like molded chocolate, coated, layered, filled and clustered chocolate.
Today we will make molded chocolate.
Let’s see what all ingredients are required for making molded chocolate.
Dark compound
There are solid particles of dark cocoa.
It is also known as dark compound or dark chocolate.
White compound
It consists of cocoa butter.
It is known as white compound or white chocolate.
Dry fruits
We have used walnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and raisins.
For making molded chocolate we will melt chocolate first.
Firstly break or crush the chocolate and then melt it.
We can melt chocolates in two methods.
One by using double boiler and second by using microwave
It takes few minutes for melting chocolate in microwave whereas melting chocolate in double boiler is a tough job.
Today we will melt chocolate in double boiler.
Crush the chocolate and then melt it.
While buying chocolate do check the manufacturing date as melting expired chocolate takes much time.
Cut it like this or with help of some heavy matter crush the chocolate.
After breaking the chocolate place it in utensil for melting.
The beneath utensil has around 1-1. 5 cup of water which is getting warm constantly.
Above it we have placed another utensil whisk doesn’t sink in the water.
Now place the chocolate into it.
Stir the chocolate with help of a spoon.
Make a note that not a single drop of water should not get into the chocolate.
The utensil as well as spoon should be completely dry.
Keep stirring at regular intervals.
The more finely crushed it is the lesser time it will take to melt.
Meanwhile cut white chocolate.
White chocolate is soft as compared to dark chocolate.
Keep a constant check on dark chocolate placed for melting.
Stir after every 1-1.5 minute.
Place the white in another bowl and melt it.
Stir chocolates until they get melted completely.
Place a spoon like this so that steam escapes easily.
Chocolate can’t be melted on high temperature as if it gets overheated it won’t melt easily.
Melt the dark chocolate on 120 degree centigrade.
Melt white chocolate on 110 degree centigrade.
We don’t have confectionary thermometer at our homes so keep a check on flame.
Keep the flame to a point that there is a constant formation of steam and chocolate melts easily.
If you are melting chocolate in microwave then melt the chocolate for 30 seconds or 1 minute.
Take out the utensil and stir chocolate thoroughly.
If chocolate id not melted, place it back and microwave for 10 or 20 more seconds.
Chocolate is melted now.
To make frigid the chocolate a bit, add crushed chocolate into it as we cannot work with too much heated chocolate.
The process of cooling and heating chocolate is called as tempering.
Keep it aside for 3-4 minutes for making it frigid.
Now we will mold chocolate.
Don’t place the dark and white compound in refrigerator as they get moisten and it becomes hard to melt chocolate.
Pat the mold on surface to even chocolate.
Place it in freezer for 5 minutes, chocolate will be ready.
Meanwhile we will prepare marvel chocolate.
For making marvel chocolate firstly pour white chocolate in the mold.
Place back the white chocolate on warm water.
Now pour dark chocolate in the mold.
Keep the mold bit empty.
Again pour little amount of white chocolate above it.
Pat the mold to even the chocolate.
Place it in freezer for 5 minutes so that it gets set.
Now we will make dry fruit chocolate.
Pour dark chocolate in the mold like this.
We will make half of the chocolates with walnuts and half with almonds.
Break the walnut into half and place it in chocolate.
Place one almond.
Fill the mold again with chocolate.
Pat the mold to even out the chocolate.
Place it in freezer for 5 minutes, it will get ready.
Now will make cashew nuts, raisins and butterscotch chocolate with some more sweetness
For this add white compound in dark compound as per your preference.
White compound is sweeter as it consists of cocoa butter along with milk powder and sugar.
If chocolate has become dry by heating it again so add ½-1 olive oil or any other oil.
Chocolate has got frigid.
Pour the chocolate in mold keeping it bit empty.
Mold should be dry as little moisture will make it difficult to mold chocolate.
Now place cashew nuts in center like this for making cashew nuts chocolate.
If making raisins chocolate then place two raisins in one mold like this.
Keep the dry fruits in center.
For making butterscotch chocolate, place 2-3 pieces of butterscotch like this.
If you wish to make hazel nut chocolate, then place it in center of the chocolate.
Now pour some more chocolate from the top.
Fill all molds with chocolate.
Pat the mold so that chocolate gets even.
Place the mold in freezer for 5 minutes, it will get ready.
Chocolate are set.
Now take them out from the molds.
Flip the mold and pat.
Like wise take out the marvel chocolate.
Marvel chocolate is ready.
Chocolate have come out very shiny.
If the compounds are melted properly, then chocolate come out shinny
Like wise take out walnut and almond chocolate.
Walnut and almond chocolate is also ready.
Cashew nuts, raisin and butterscotch are also ready.
Tempting chocolates are ready, wrap these chocolates now.
For this we will require wrapping sheets.
These are chocolate wrapping sheets and we will cut them as per the size of chocolates size.
Place the chocolate and wrap it like this.
Like wise wrap all chocolates.
Wrap all chocolates to prevent them from any kind of moisture.
If you want to gift these chocolate to someone then buy baskets or boxes like this from market.
Fill chocolate into them and present it to anybody.
Luscious chocolates are ready.
Chocolate are liked by almost everyone.
Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us.
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