Rosa gallica (with translation text)

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Gallic rose is populary known as Rosier of France or Rosier of Provins.
It belongs from a bush of caducous leaf that can achieve until two metres tall.
The greater part of the modern crops of European roses have at least a small contribution of Gallic rose in his genes
Native in Europe, north of Africa, the Mediterranean region and lesser Asia
Easy to cultivate in soils very drained with exhibition to the only or to half shadow.
The leaves are pinnate, with three to seven bluish-green leaflets.
It is a deciduous shrub forming large patches of shrubbery, the stems with prickles and glandular bristle.
The flowers are clustered one to four together, single with five petals, fragrant.
There is an extense range of colors. From red, orange, pink.. until white.
Dialypetalous calyx, of five pieces of green colour and dialypetalous corolla, symmetrical formed by five regular petals.
Androecium and gynoecium compound for many stamens and pistils.
Inflorescences of grape, forming corymbs, but can present solitary flowers.
The fruit is a cynarrhodium, a poliachene compound for some small dry fruits separated and closed in a fleshy receptacle of viscous colour when is mature.
In pharmacopeial using it has uttility because of his tonic properties, astringent and diurethic.
it uses topical-mind in: acne, aphtha, vaginitis, conjunctivitis, blepharytis, pharyngitis, stomatitis, wounds and cutaneous ulcers.
The drug or part used are the petals, then and fruit. It contains vitamins C,B and and K as well as carotenes, tannins, pectin and nicotinamida
The petals are astringents, anti-inflammatories, antiseptics and healing
we Find pharmaceutical preparations such as a water of roses, creams and infusions for his therapeutic action.
The infusions of petals of Gallic rose have effect astringent and help to combat the diarrhoea.
it Diminishes the menstrual pains, the petals have an effect discongestive on the device breeder and help to the treatment of irregular and abundant rules.
The petals and the then diminish the retention of liquid and help to the kidney to delete residual substances.
The fruit helps to struggle against the depression, thanks to this stimulating effect and *reparador of the nervous system