Broken Valentine Interview [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 14.06.2012

Hello, this is Broken Valentine
On May 10th, we just released our first full-length album.
This album is the best album among all albums.
There are diverse music including music with powerful sounds and lyrical melodies as well as masculinity.
We are doing masculine music. Music that only men can lyrically deliver.
The message we wanted to deliver with our song is the things we felt and just common life stories.
The things that people go through just living life. I think there are a lot of contents that people can relate to.
In the fall, we are planning to release a single album with new songs and at the end of the year, we are trying to hold some concerts!
Please show us love and support. Thank you!
Please watch us with affection and watch us working hard! Thank you.
We will continue to do our best.