Cameron's Dance Looks! [DS2DIO]

Uploaded by DS2DIO on 29.10.2012

CAMERON: What's up, guys? This is Cameron with DS2DIO 360 and today we're gonna be looking
at some of the most iconic dance looks of all time by doing one of my favorite things:
Dress up! I am not going to fall into one of those common traps of saddling every look
with the word sexy. Sexy Mary Poppins? Seriously? Is nothing sacred? Good day, sir. Instead,
we are going to focus on five of my favorite iconic looks. Now, what makes something iconic?
By definition, it has to be unforgettable.
And what's more unforgettable than Michael
Flatley's ode to Liberace and Elvis?
Sweet belt: check. Headband: check. One earring:
check. Celtic, religious, glitter blazer: Oh, check. Nana made the blazer. Is this image
not seared into your memory for all time? At number four: Who could forget Beyonce's
look from her "Single Ladies" video? But who remembers Sasha Fierce's crazy arm hardware?
Uh, nobody. Because it wasn't that cool. And the weird thing is that I think she was trying
to have an iconic look by doing that and it was the elegant look from the video that ended
up rocking it. Takeaway? Don't try so hard. Just be yourself. And to prove my point,
number three on the list: This guy. Sixteen-year-old Ton Do-Nguyen meticulously recreated Beyonce's
"Countdown" video in a snuggie! That is amazing! Even Beyonce said it was brilliant. And she
was right. Can I keep this one guys? At number two I have a time capsule from an era when
hair bands weren't just an accessory. Whereas most hair bands were putting girls in skimpy little
skirts, White Snake put Tawny Kitaen in a flowing white dress. Remember, always play
against type if you want to be iconic on the dance floor.
And my number one: Now in this
one, it only took one prop and some movie magic. Fun fact: DS2DIO's own Harry Shum, Jr.
actually pioneered this look and it was his first professional gig. Play.
Harry! What are you doing here? HARRY SHUM JR: I literally have no idea.
CAMERON: Well, that's it for my top five iconic dance looks. What are your favorite dance
looks you guys? Put it in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe, guys, follow me
on twitter and Mary Poppins and I will see you guys next time.