How to use MailWasher Pro 2012

Uploaded by nickboltonft on 22.03.2012

Hi and welcome to this tutorial
Mailwasher is very useful for screening your messages
so you can remove unwanted email, such as spam before
it gets to your computer
To do this, you check your email with MailWasher first.
So click the check mail button to check your email accounts for new messages.
You'll be shown a list of all your new messages both good and spam, like so.
Any spam will be marked in red, with it already checked for delete
Good messages are shown in green. Undetermined email is not coloured
Train Mailwasher using the thumbs up and thumbs down icons
and after a short time, Mailwasher will get very
good at automatically classifying your email.
As this message is from a friend, I'll right click and add them to the friends list.
I can read everything about the message before it gets to my inbox, so I can decide if it's
worth keeping.
I don't want to keep this email, so I'll mark it for
Lastly, I'll press the 'Wash Mail' button to
remove all those messages marked for delete.
Now all the remaining good messages can be downloaded
to my email program.
Its as simple as that and as a result, unwanted email never gets to my
Thanks for listening and I hope Mailwasher helps you with your spam problem.