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Uploaded by farmraisedchannel on 15.08.2012

Hey, hang on, I'll tell you all about it. Hey, wake up, you guys. Wake up. All you do
is lay around. Well, until feeding time. Hey, snakes may give you the willies, but there
are a lot of people out there that love snakes as pets, and they can make good pets. This
is not the best example of a pet snake: This is an Asiatic Rock Python, and they can get
really, really big. In fact, these were some that were kept as pets but then released in
the wild, because the owners decided they didn't want them anymore. It's a big problem
in places that are subtropical like Florida. In fact, if you don't believe me, come to
reptile house like this, and it's always packed with people looking at the snakes. Let's go
visit with my friend Susan about a Python you can have at home and not worry about its
size. So, Susan, Monty here would be a much more preferred pet than the Asiatic Rock Python
that we just saw. Absolutely. This is a Ball Python, and it's much smaller than the other
ones that we saw. And when you have this guy, it's still a commitment. You still have to
have a proper terrarium for these guys. But they're not gonna get near as big as the ones
we just saw. And what you see a lot of times with the other ones we saw is that they come
small, and they're babies, and they're nice and cute -- if you think a reptile can be
cute. Yeah, they can be. And then, eventually, they outgrow their terrarium or their aquarium
and bust out of it, and then a lot of people don't want them as pets any longer. Right,
yeah. And that's a big problem. Especially, we've seen in Florida, where a lot of people
have released those Pythons into the wild. Well, Monty is full grown. This is as big
as he's gonna get. So really just about 3 or 4 feet is as big as these guys will get.
He's really gentle. He has been handled a lot, which is why he's so gentle. And the
more you handle them the gentler they're going to be. Now, any animal can bite. And Monty,
most certainly, can still bite and would bite if he felt threatened. You do like to have
warmth, and they like to be under hot lamps. That's another important thing if you have
these guys as a pet is to have under a hot lamp. He's cuddling up with me. He is. He
likes you. He's a big cuddler. He is a big cuddler. He likes you. Monty the cuddler.
Now, Susan, people have really definite ideas about whether they like snakes or not, don't
they? They do. A lot of people are very fearful of snakes. But in most cases with snakes,
they're not aggressive -- they're more scared of you than you are of them. And if you can
just leave them alone, walk away, you'll be just fine. If you remain calm, they'll remain
calm. Absolutely. And a lot of people, too, think they're slimy and gross, and they're
not. They're very leathery and smooth. Oh, it's wonderful to touch. Beautiful, beautiful
skin that these animals have. So, Susan, what is Monty's preferred diet? Well, they eat
mice. Mice. And so, you can actually get freeze-dried mice that you de-thaw, and then give to these
guys. So they don't have to be alive? They don't have to be alive. You can get them when
they're not alive. Some people have fed them to them alive. We don't do that. I eat my
mice alive. Well, you know, someone does have their own preferences for delicacies. That's
for sure. But one thing we don't do is we don't feed the live mice, just because they
can fight back, and they could injure the animals. So we prefer the freeze-dried mice.
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to Farm Raised. Look at that guy. You're a great looking snake, Monty.