1-on-1 Basketball - Red Bull King of the Rock 2012 Italy

Uploaded by redbull on 09.07.2012

We finally reached the Red Bull King of the Rock National Finals. After four stages, which included Bologna, Milano, Torino and Modena,
we made it to via Tabacchi parco Baravalle with the best 64 ballers from Italy playing for the "king" title,
and the qualification to the Red Bull King of the Rock in Alcatraz.
There are not many secrets to playing against one player, you have to try to be aggressive and score.
Today, the biggest player could win…
…or a player with good resistance…
…or someone who can score!
It will be emotional to see the event and the guys playing.
I was really tired when I got into the final. A player in this situation needs resistance because of the heat and all the games.
The crowd was on it and helped me in the right moment to get the victory even if I was really tired.
I liked to see something like this happening in Milan because usually you see games like this just in the US. The music, the crowd, and the players,
everything was nice and I really liked the event. On September 22nd, we go to Alcatraz, where I hope to win it for Italy and the courts of Milano.