Photoshop Tutorial: Instagram Nashville Retro / Vintage Effect -HD-

Uploaded by RCGTutorials on 21.12.2012

Instagram has become a great tool for giving normal photos a vintage style.
Though is given every person the idea that there are a professional
photographer, it can't save a hipster's crappy picture.
Today we will be going more mainstream by using Photoshop to create Instagram's
Nashville effect. Step one: acquire a picture of food so that your
photo fits in with about seventy five percent of the Instagram database. Next
crop it because a square format is way cooler. Check.
After that add a levels adjustment layer,
select blue from the drop down, and then drag the black slider in about
half way so that the output is at about 125.
You can also move in the red or green sliders slightly, depending on your
Next go to layer,
new fill layer, solid color, and then put in the hex value
Then set this layers blending mode to multiply.
Next add a curves adjustment layer.
Move the bottom point up so output is at about 35 and input is at about
Then make another point at output 75 and input 70.
Now make a last point around output 205 and input 175. Be sure to
tweak these points to get the best results for your image.
Lastly, create a new layer and then make an eliptical selection with a high
amount of feathering. I'm using about two hundred pixels.
Hit ctrl + shift + I to inverse the selection and then press alt + delete to fill your
selection with your foreground color in my case black. Now lower the opacity for a
slight vignette.
So there we have it. Your fine meal has now been eternally aged with vintage
charm. If you liked this tutorial be sure to subscribe, rate, comment, and share it with
your friends.