CGRundertow TOP 5 MEGA MAN WEAPONS Video Game Feature Part 2

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 04.08.2012

Awright, kiddos, time to wrap this up. Here are the two most insane weapons in the original
Mega Man canon, one very old, one very new. Quick Recap!
#5: Hornet Chaser from Mega Man 9! #4: Super Arm from the original Mega Man!
#3: Pharaoh Shot from Mega Man 4! And #2...
Like I said, a couple decades of listening to the audience made the weapons in nine some
of the best in the series. Homing bee-missiles are well and good, but perhaps you want your
foes to suffer a much more painful death. Call up Steven Hawking, because after defeating
Galaxy Man, you get the power to DROP FOES INTO A BLACK HOLE. You can only have one onscreen
at a time, but... oftentimes, one is all you really need. Once you fire it, you can aim
its trajectory at will, and trigger the Gunbuster-esque detonation wherever it’ll do the most damage.
Most any standard enemy in the game is drawn to it, as are any projectiles inside the event
horizon. Got an annoying, flashy boss with a dangerously strong shield? Collapse reality
in his vicinity, that’ll show him! Come to think of it, what does a diamond turn into
after it’s fallen into a black hole? Perhaps we’ll never know. The Black Hole Bomb: A
weapon that sucks so much, it’s amazing. AND NOW, the #1 weapon in the history of Mega
Man (and, yeah, you can probably guess what it is)...
No, he’s not a dentist. He’s Metal Man, and ever since I realized the awesome destructive
capacity of those saw blades he chucks around I’ve taken him down first in every run of
Mega Man 2. It’s got eight-directional firing, fantastic potency, unbelievable energy efficiency
(a full charge of the weapon gives a HUNDRED AND TWELVE Metal Blades), and it makes mincemeat
out of half the bosses in the game. Bubble Man? DEAD. Flash Man? DEAD. Wood Man? DEAD.
Metal Man himself? DEAD IN TWO HITS. It doesn’t hurt that the projectiles themselves are,
relatively speaking, HUGE. With the Metal Blade, every stage in the game becomes a walk
in the freakin’ park. And if you’ve got a turbo controller - which I’m not saying
you have to have, but which comes in handy in places - it gets even more abusive. It
is for these reasons, that I hereby declare the Metal Blade the best weapon in the series...
main series, anyway. Don’t get me started on the Soul Body.