Why should I buy custom? - Some CustomMade.com Makers Explain

Uploaded by CustomMadeCom on 20.03.2012

Most of the things you're going to buy in the store, are mass produced.
What we do, is very different from what they do.
When you get something custom made, it's being designed, and being built for you in mind.
It's very different than when you walk into a store.
Whether it's a chair that you want to have adjusted
Or a desk that is wider, or has a different layout of drawers
A custom maker can do that.
There's so much cookie cutter world out there
And even in a weird way, when I'm making rings that I like
And someone is buying them, in a sense, they're buying a cookie cutter product.
But when they're actually designing it, like it's theirs
t's nice to be able to give someone something that is wholly theirs.