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Episode 1
Hae In, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
You go ahead.
You have to catch up, okay?
Jung Tae Hoon
My... My friend was stabbed by a knife.
Please hurry.
He's going to die.
What are you going to do with this?
Little kid, what are you doing here?
His mother likes peppermint candy.
No, this doesn't belong here.
I'm sure it was in my coat pocket.
Maybe you should... try looking again?
I told you, I already looked everywhere.
What's going on?
She lost her wallet...
I didn't lose it. It was stolen!
It's definitely that guy.
He kept looking over at me strangely.
There's no evidence, you shouldn't say things like that.
Why don't we go ask him?
Please calm down.
If I can't solve it here, I'm going to the police.
Please don't be reckless.
Who's being reckless?
Why don't we try looking one last time?
So you were looking at books in this corner?
I said I looked all over here.
That ahjussi is not a bad person.
There aren't many people who read children stories who are bad.
Found it!
Is this it?
I swear I looked all over...
Please look harder next time.
And not make a good person into a bad one.
Thank you.
Wait a minute.
Aren't you forgetting something?
Is your mother well?
You've been well?
My daughter loves the fairytale book you gave her.
Thank you.
Where's Twin Knives?
Well, he hasn't been around for few days.
Then was he here today?
I've left the underground scene and living clean now.
What's a bastard who's been clean, doing in a billiard?
This time, did you trick a monk?
Don't accuse me of such things!
You know that I really hate handling blade, eh?
It's really dangerous, if you don't handling it right you can kill a person.
That's how you kill a person.
I'll only say this once so listen carefully.
There are two types of people in this world:
the bad guys and the ones who catch bad guys-
Wow, Twin Knives, you clean up good.
Your business must be going well.
Lee Min Jae! Detective Lee!
I have to run again?!
Where are you right now?
This is so unfair.
I didn't do it on purpose, it wasn't unpremeditated homicide (isn't it also called manslaughter?)
No, it was self-defense.
However, I can get out this time on probation, right?
An appeal is possible, right?
It should.
That's the reason why I took your case.
Yep yep, turn right.
Can't you go a bit faster? We're gonna loose him.
How can a public servant break the speed laws?
I'll take care of it, just go faster.
Detectives have a pretty big income, right?
Lots of allowances too, right?
Yes, we get so much that we die from being crushed by debt.
Stop! Stop!
You have to pay.
Ah, I left my wallet in my car, I'll give it to you later.
Where are you going? You have to pay!
Give it to you later, later!
How can I get it from you if I don't know who you are?
Seoul Precinct, Homicide Bureau Kang Oh Soo, got it?!
How can a public servant con a citizen!
I'm gonna loose the criminal!
Hey! Pay him!
Urg, I'm gonna go crazy.
There's a week left to appeal.
What if they reject it?
The mind has the power of creation.
When you think of a problem, a problem will be created.
If you believe then, then I can give you what you want.
Ah yes.
I only believe you no matter what, Lawyer.
But Mr. Lawyer, why did you want to defend me?
The first lawyer gave up on me.
It must be fate.
In junior high, you were a victim of peer abuse?
W- w-who said that?
I met your mother.
After that, she said you went through a lot of trouble.
What does that have to do with the appeal?
Don't frown so much.
He's going to show up again.
Don't worry, he'll get him.
I think I'm gonna go crazy.
I said it was okay.
What is okay?
The K1 match already started.
Choi Hong Man is fighting today...
Sunbae (senior), your simple minded mind is just at a criminal's level.
It must be team captain's call, why aren't you answering it?
If it was you, would you want to answer it?
Because of the taxi cost, I missed a guy who beat somebody.
That's true, that's true.
All detectives should be taxi drivers.
That being said, did you really think you'd catch him?
Ah, Choi Hong Man better win..
Why don't you eat some wild ginseng?
I heard that your family is rich.
You go get some if you want it.
Where's the Homicide Bureau?
Straight down there.
That is a luxurious card that can't be even replaced with money!
It took a long time for a famous painter to make it!
Ju hee!
Hae In!
Are you okay? You're not hurt?
I'm not hurt.
So the stolen object is a card, you're saying?
Not just a card, but a one-of-a-kind tarot card that is only sold at our shop!
She drew it.
One of a kind or not, a card is a card.
It's not just any card, it's a tarot card!
You said a robbery?
Not a robbery but just a petty theft.
Well, it's all the same! But do you know how worried I was?
Law enforcement is so unstable, no wonder North and South can't unify.
Why are you bringing that up here?
It's all related, economic security, and also terror problems.
I was going to come and see you anyhow.
Yes, I'll meet you then.
Tarot card: Judgment.
The car is ready, Lawyer Kwon.
Who brought this?
A delivery man, no return address.
Oh great.
Maybe was it Cho Dong Sup?
He came again?!
No, he just keeps on calling.
Now he's retorted to immature actions.
Can you see anything?
That can't be, try again.
Really, I don't see anything.
I don't think they touched it.
What about the doorknob? They must have opened the door to come in.
There are too many people who touch it.
It's not like I always can see, maybe it's just me.
Your skills must have worsen because you don't use it often.
Is the shop closed today?
My condition is not very well.
But since you're here, come in.
So I was saying, you have to keep practicing your supernatural powers..
Kwon Joo Hee!
They didn't hear, even if they did, they wouldn't understand what we're talking about.
Don't worry, Hae In. For ten years I've kept your secret to myself.
Not that I'll tell afterwards.
I'll keep your secret to my grave.
Why the tarot card though? It's not like its expensive...
Is that what you were thinking?
The Tarot Master should be able to find out the reason.
I'm leaving.
Excuse me...
Excuse me...
Ah uhm, sorry but reading hours are over.
I see.
But that book is available to sign out if you need it.
Have we met before?
Have you seen me before?
For some reason, you seem familiar.
I don't know, I don't think so.
Ah yes...
I'm Oh Seung Ha.
M. Scott Peck's "People of The Lie: The Hope For Healing Human Evil"
How is the buying of building sight of the hotel in Jeju Island?
We've arranged a meeting with the farm land's owner this weekend.
Whenever it's just the two of us, just call me hyung.
No, I can't.
It's alright, you've called me hyung ever since elementary school, it's more comfortable.
How many days until Kim Soon Ki's appeal
Yes, we're having problems with the agreement money, I received a phone call from Soon Ki.
So we should give more agreement money to the victim's family?
A lawyer stepped in so we'll see.
But it won't be easy so you don't have to worry too much.
If the agreement goes well, leave Kim Soon Ki to do whatever he wants.
How's Oh Soo lately?
Is he not coming home?
He must have set up another home at the Police station, I haven't seen his face lately.
I'll call him.
You're here.
You've been well.
Thanks to you.
How come you didn't pick up your cell phone?
You know I can't answer when I'm doing yoga, you called.
Yeah, I felt bad.
Dad wanted to eat dinner with Laywer Kwon. I'm sorry.
It's a shame but nothing I can do.
I'll grab a dinner with a friend I haven't see in a while.
Okay, you do that.
You surprised me!
What if somebody sees us?
What the point of exercising when you can't even catch the criminal that was right infront of your nose.
Don't nag me! My eyes are tearing up because I missed the K-1 match.
You run around hitting people everyday, why do need to watch it?
I need to see how they do it.
You can miss your dinner.
No criminals, no food.
I'll catch them, I’ll catch them. I'll catch them somehow, okay?
You better catch him quickly.
Captain, there are two types of people in this world: the bad guys
and those who catch bad guys are the good guys.
Don't violate my copyright.
If you think it's unfair, then get some official authentication.
It's not all about the law, it's the society that should create it.
The air is so dry here, we need to buy a humidifier.
Jae Min, just tell the truth.
If we search you, then all your information comes out.
Yeah, Suk Jin. One moment.
You're a girl, right?
I hate that word the most, sunbae!
If you were gonna do it, you could have washed my towel too. You're the best at laundry.
Do it yourself.
I heard about the appeal.
The victim's family is refusing the agreement.
So Lawyer Kwon gave up on the appeal debate, but we'll see how things go.
I feel bad for you, you're always doing the hard work.
There's no need to talk like this between friends.
Anyway, I hope the agreement goes well.
I don't know... Is it something that's good?
Of course it is! Soon Ki is our friend.
He is our friend indeed...
I can't today because I'm on night duty, but let's meet another time and get some soju.
Sunbae Kang!
I'll see you later.
You should go home more often, President is worried about you.
I'm hanging up.
Yeah, what?
A strange package was just delivered to you.
A strange package?
You should go home first.
It's not like I have things to do at home.. Did you meet Kim Soon Ki?
Yes, and I agreed to meet the victim's family tomorrow noon.
I see.
Do you have something to say to me?
About Kim Soon Ki's case.
I know you offered to take it pro bono out of good intentions.
Please say what's on your mind.
I know this may sound weird, but I don't think you should represent his case.
The reason being?
You know, just feels like fatal destinies are crossing.
Fatal destinies
When I was a detective and he was the witness to the case I was taking on.
That Kim Soon Ki guy.
What kind of case was it?
It made me decide that I should stop being a detective, and do something else.
It's been over 10 years already.
You still remember his face?
If I saw him then and saw him again for the second time I wouldn't remember.
But three years later after I saw him, he was arrested for theft.
I saw him few times after that.
I must have said useless things, I'll get going now.
Is today a special day?
It's my mother's death anniversary.
You should go home early then.
Would you like to have soju with me?
Since Detective Lee gets so many deliveries, I thought it would be his.
Me too, but when I opened it, it was for you, sunbae.
What is this?
A tarot card.
What's that?
It's a type of fortune telling.
It's the Judgment card.
Judgment? How do you know?
It's written in English, here.
Who's joke is this?
What? No return address?
Nope, there's a letter here.
"The truth will not set your friends free."
"Article 11, Clause 1 of the Constitution."
Is there such a clause in the constitution?
Article 11, clause 11 is something else.
What is it?
"All citizens are equal before the law.
No one will be discriminated by gender, religion, or status in society.
Neither will there be discrimination based on political, financial, social, cultural
or any other area of life."
Let's go.
Someone must really be pissed at you, sunbae.
He thinks that he can threaten me?
What do you want?
You... You... What are you doing here?
Who do you think you are by coming in here? How did you get in?
You said you wanted to meet me.
What in the world are you talking about?
What are you talking about?
Get out before I call the police!
What is this?!
You call me over here yet you want to call the police?
Have you lost your mind?
Have you come to your senses now?
What is the truth? What are lies?
I, who was ignorant, knew that too now, that's why I came.
The life that you have ruined…
It's not too late now to take it back.
Don't talk nonsense.
I haven't done anything wrong to you.
[You have a new message]
Is it that hard to admit your own wrongdoings?
What is going on inside that head of yours?
Is it really that hard for someone educated and smart like you, to say sorry to someone like me?
Answer me!
Let's talk tomorrow. If you have something to say then say it tomorrow.
It's already been over a year.
Tomorrow! Tomorrow! You haven't looked for me once!
Is it that hard to say sorry?! Is it that hard?!
Get out now.
Get out! Right now!
Stab me, I'm not afraid of anything.
Do it if you've got the guts.
What's happened?
When did that person ask you to report to the police?
The exact time was 12AM.
You don't know who called you?
But there is someone suspicious.
Any conclusion on this?
The body is still warm.
The time of death was around 11PM.
He was stabbed in the left rib.
We'll know the real cause of death after the autopsy.
Is there any evidence?
Nothing else.
We've found a knife which is a possible murder weapon in the crime scene.
Go and contact his family.
Excuse me, Sunbae Kang.
This was on his desk.
Are you alright?
You don't look too comfortable.
Did I wake you?
Did you have a nightmare again?
It's been a while since I've had a dream.
Mom, you're going to be worried now.
I'm fine so don't worry, alright?
Mom, you're the person I love the most in this world.
Why did he send this to you?
The victim's secretary said that someone called Jo Dong Sub…
What's with all this negligence?!
Lee Min Jae.
When will the autopsy report be published?
They've started inspecting it this morning so it should be published soon.
It could be because the victim is a public figure in the law circle which is why the report will be published quickly.
Did you find out Jo Dong Sub's address?
The address is not definite and no one knows him.
What if we can't find him?!
We'll search over and over again, we'll ambush and seek him out, we will definitely find him!
Do you know Jo Dong Sub?
Think about it.
If the culprit is Jo Dong Sub, then he's definitely linked to you.
I really don't know who he is.
Then what if it's not Jo Dong Sub?
The person who sent out the express delivery is the most suspicious one.
It might not be the same person.
The express delivery person and the culprit.
Are you sure that the person who reported this case is not Jo Dong Sub?
I'm not too sure but they say it doesn't seem to be him.
If Jo Dong Sub did commit a crime then he most certainly won't call the police.
Then, who called the police?
- How did that person know? - It could be an accomplice.
There's nothing we can be certain of right now.
Don't start guessing, go and find it out.
Just like what Detective Lee said, the victim is a public figure in the law circle,
that's why he has a lot of incoming calls which makes this frustrating.
Let's hurry up and solve this case, understand?
Kang Oh Soo.
Yes, Chief.
Go home and take a shower and then come back.
I'll just go to the sauna.
You haven't gone home in over ten days, this is an order!
Change your underwear as well. You stink, you filthy punk!
It smells fine.
It seems like I won't be able to go home in a while now.
That's why I said why did you register to join homicide?
Isn't it every policeman's dream to join homicide?
Don't go anywhere else, you should just go home.
Why do you act like you have no family and stay outside all the time?
I'm going.
I heard from Suk Jin.
Did you sleep well?
What is going on with Lawyer Kwon's case?
It's just like what Suk Jin said.
Just explain it in more detail.
Lawyer Kwon got stabbed and killed by someone.
We haven't found the culprit yet.
You sound like you're talking about someone else's business.
Lawyer Kwon and our family have no boundaries.
He's a benefactor to you.
What about the funeral?
Once the autopsy has finished tomorrow, we'll transport the body to his family members.
Contact the family members and take care of the funeral.
I bet you didn't sleep well.
That's right.
You should've just called us about it.
Did we have to hear this from Suk Jin?
- Where's sister-in-law? - In the bedroom.
You have to work hard, give me a nephew to play with.
You punk, stop changing the subject.
Why did Lawyer Kwon have to meet this kind of fate? He's like family to us…
Do you know someone called Jo Dong Sub?
Jo Dong Sub?
He's a suspect in this case, do you know him?
No, it's the first time I've heard the name.
Sleep for one or two hours then leave.
I don't have time.
This is an extreme period.
Thanks, Hyung* (*Older Brother)
What for?
About the other thing with Soon Ki… I know that hyung is trying hard to resolve it.
I'm so grateful towards you every time and sorry as well.
You punk.
It's been a long time since you've said something that mature.
Jo Dong Sub.
Tarot card.
Jo Dong Sub.
I'm going crazy.
- Have some milk before you go. - It's alright.
I'm sorry that I can't come home often.
It's because you're so busy.
Hyung is in your hands now, sister-in-law.
What time did the victim receive the express delivery?
After 4PM in the afternoon.
What time was it sent to me?
It was before 3PM, why?
The express delivery was sent to me first.
What do you guys think?
If that was the case then, was that a warning that someone was going to get killed?
That's exactly what I mean.
I'm going to be late again.
[The truth will not set your friends free. Article 11...]
"The truth will not set your friends free. Article 11, Clause 1 of the Constitution."
The victim was provoked on his left rib leading to internal bleeding
in his abdominal cavity which resulted in his death.
According to the CCTV, it's hard to identify the culprit,
so it's very difficult to assume it's the suspect Jo Dong Sub.
Right now, this case has been raised as a crime of resentment.
That's a key card, isn't it?
Why did it fall on the floor?
That's right.
If he didn't have that, then the culprit couldn't have entered the office.
The victim couldn't have left it there, could he?
Are you stupid? Why would he leave the key card there?
You can't be for sure. What if the culprit and the victim were meeting each other?
He told the culprit that the key card would be there so just let yourself in.
If it was like that, he would've picked it up straight away as he arrived.
That's right.
Could it be an employee who dropped it accidentally and then the convict found it?
Run the tape.
No matter if someone dropped it or whether it was put there intentionally, the CCTV would show this.
The crime took place around 11PM, so I only copied the tape from 10PM to 12AM.
I'll get a copy straight away.
Go and look into the victim's office and ask whether a key card has gone missing.
- Good work everyone. - We've already rejected the afternoon tea.
It's not that, I heard that there was a card in the crime scene.
It's a key card.
No, it's made from paper, what's it called?
Tarot card?
Yeah that's right.
So what I'm saying is…
That's right, we sell this here.
I heard that only your shop sells this.
Yes, because there are a lot of famous artists who does the paintings so it's only our shop which sells it.
Only one word, brand name.
Did you have anything else stolen besides the three tarot cards?
Did you catch the thief?
No, it's just that it has something to do with another case.
Do you know this man?
I don't know him.
Our shop is popular amongst young people.
But it's not really patronizing for ahjussi's and other people.
Do you have a list of customers who buy your tarot cards?
I really don't understand.
There are other shops where you can buy tarot cards.
So why must he steal from this one?
Hang on.
Excuse me.
What else do you need to ask?
Who is the artist who paints these tarot cards?
Are you saying that the victim's family agrees to resolve this?
Yes, it's a great relief during a great loss.
I see.
I heard from Kim Soon Ki that the compensation will be paid by Na Suk Jin, so I wanted to come and confirm it all.
Even though it's not myself but we will prepare the compensation.
Kim Soon Ki really has a good friend.
Even if it's a high school classmate, it's not easy to take out that large amount of money at once.
Well then. We'll see each other next time.
Ah right, I heard about Lawyer Kwon.
He is this hotel's consultant, you must be having a hard time.
Are you close with Lawyer Kwon?
Very close.
He was originally very popular and had a special kind of fate with me.
What do you mean when you say a special kind of fate?
I worked under Lawyer Kwon for six months.
It was my own decision.
I see.
Then we must have seen each other in Lawyer Kwon's office?
No wonder I thought you were familiar.
It's my first time meeting you today.
Well then, I'll contact you.
These are the phone records of the victim.
Is the last person he talked to Jo Dong Sub?
No, it's someone called Oh Seung Ha.
Oh Seung Ha?
Yes, he's a lawyer.
The name sounds familiar.
He helps and defends the impoverished people for free.
He's often heard on the radio offering consultations.
Oh, that person?
When the victim was in danger, he called but they couldn't talk. He even sent a text message.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Miss Seo Hae In.
Who are you?
Right now, she's... over there.
It all smells like paper, but money sure does smell different from books.
You cannot loan this book out.
Use my name to loan it out, the staff can borrow it.
Miss Seo Hae In?
- My name is Kang Oh Soo. - Can I help you?
Ah, this is really difficult, why didn't they tell me before?
What is the matter?
You can speak?
- I've misunderstood. - Are you a policeman?
How did you know?
Do I have the word "detective" written all over my face?
My friend told me.
I want to ask you a few questions.
I heard that the stolen tarot card was painted by you is that correct?
What is different between this tarot card with the others?
Because that card is that card so that card is very special.
What I mean is, does that card contain something which is linked to the culprit? That's what I want to ask.
I don't know.
Actually the tarot card you painted has appeared in the crime scene.
The culprit sent it to the victim intentionally to express a certain meaning.
What card is it?
Hang on.
Oh, my colleague took it with her.
What is it called? Bring to trial or something like that.
Does that card have any special implication?
Tarot cards are used to display an unrealized conduct shown through the cards.
The degree of difficulty is too high, I don't understand.
To make it simple, in one sentence it basically means bringing to trial right?
A trial implies that the hard work put in the past will come to a conclusion.
Then is it a good card?
It's not really a good card.
It implies that the time has come to repay back the price of the crimes committed in the past.
The price of the crimes?
It also implies that there will be an unpleasant encounter with something that you wanted to hide from.
But it doesn't necessary imply a sad or frightening price of crime.
Then what?
One should criticize and understand oneself once the price of the crimes has been passed through.
This is so hard to understand.
A tarot card's meaning is in the heart, it'll be easier to just think of it like that.
You've arrived.
His wife had already fallen ill before the funeral was prepared.
Her son is looking after her in the sick room.
What can I do for you?
It's been such a long time.
I'm still the same.
How have you been?
You know the answer to that.
I want to speak with Lawyer Oh Seung Ha.
With a lawyer?
Yes, I know that case.
Yes, I understand.
The last person to contact Lawyer Kwon is also a lawyer?
Yes and he also sent the victim a text message.
What did it say?
He asked him to contact him.
It's probably because the victim couldn't answer the call.
At what time?
That's the time of the crime.
Just then I think Chief called the lawyer's office.
- Aren't you hungry? - Why?
There are two kinds of food in this world, black bean noodles and mixed stew.
Which one do you want to eat?
So you delivered over one express delivery not two?
Yes, no one asked for two that day.
Is this the person who delivered that express delivery?
No, it was a high school student and he had his uniform on.
- A high school student? - Yes.
Once the corner shop sends over the CCTV tape, we can confirm it then.
But both of the corner shops said the same thing.
Did they say it was the same person?
One was a female student.
Anyway, the person who delivered the express delivery is not Jo Dong Sub.
I think it was the female student who delivered it to me.
Have you thought of something?
Most girls like me anyway.
You're still in the mood for jokes?
It's true.
Why doesn't my popularity ever seem to go cold?
Just finish your black bean noodles.
Would the high school students be playing a joke?
Even if the express delivery was sent to Sunbae Kang because of his popularity,
then how do you explain the one sent to Lawyer Kwon?
Is the autopsy report out?
There are no fingerprints on the murder weapon.
You've arrived, hyungnim.
What were you doing at the library?
There's someone called Seo Hae In who paints the tarot cards…
Who did you say she is?
Seo Hae In.
I think she's in her twenties, why?
Is she pretty and bright?
You're asking this as well?
Yes or no?
Do you know her?
The police want to speak to you regarding the case of Lawyer Kwon.
When are you free?
It seems like the last person who contacted Lawyer Kwon was you.
I'll give a call to the detective who is in charge of the case.
It's a double edged sword.
Change your spirit and search for a new truth. It's a good card.
It might not be.
It might not be?
It says a change will appear that you can't escape from and it's breaking the sequence in process right now.
It's blackmailing the present and frightening change.
A frightening change?
Yes, no one can get escape from it… - That scared me!
[Ban Chang Ho ahjussi]
Hello, it's me.
Why are we suddenly going to that corner shop? Even if we go we won't be able to find any clues.
Tell Hae In to come as well.
Miss Seo Hae In?
Do you know Miss Seo Hae In? How do you know her?
The only people that a detective should know are the victim or the suspect,
but, Miss Seo Hae In doesn't seem to be a suspect.
Unless she's a victim?
If that's not the case then unless it's not the natural justice?
You want to get hit, you punk?
What I mean is…
Wasn't there a case of serial killer which happened six years ago?
Yeah, didn't you handle that case beautifully?
It wasn't me.
It was Seo Hae In who resolved that case.
I'm sorry that you had to go on your own.
I'll tell you a secret, I will become an adviser of the country's security.
- Really? - Bye now.
Hey, hey, so what you're saying is that one of our cards was found in a murder scene?
Oh my! Is the person who stole the tarot card the murderer?
I guess.
But are you really going to do it?
Didn't you say you wouldn't do it anymore?
If you don't want to do it then don't.
If you force yourself to do it then what's going to happen if you fall ill again like last time?
It seems like it does have something to do with me so…
It's been a while, how are you?
You look healthy, is your mother doing well?
Thank you for agreeing to do this difficult favor.
Young Chul, aren't you getting off work?
What? I want to finish this first before I go.
What are we doing here?
Is the person I saw... the culprit?
Did you see his face?
What do you mean with "see his face"? What is this woman doing?
Is he the person?
Welcome, I am Ban Chang Ho, the one who talked to you on the phone.
I see. And I heard, you're Mr. Cha's senior?
That's right, thank you for coming here.
Also, this is Detective Kang Oh Soo who is in charge of this case.
This is Lawyer Oh Seung Ha.
Pleasure to meet you, I'm Oh Seung Ha.
I'm Kang Oh Soo.
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Have you heard about how some people can read other people's minds?
It's the ability to know things by touching an object.
I think it has something to do with Detective Kang Oh Soo.
"The truth will not set your friends free."
Actually Lawyer Kwon was my family's lawyer.
Regarding Jo Dong Sub, first, get a custody order.
We don't have sufficient evidence.
Wait, there.
That's him.
What did the person who delivered the express delivery look like?
Because everyone has different memories, is Detective Kang always so full of confidence?
People lie in order to benefit themselves.
All the letters are connected to one case.
Everything seems so vivid.
I am the lawyer in defense for Jo Dong Sub.