Iberia: Recuerdos que Laten E01- Paralelo

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My name is Jose María Loreira Bram
My name is María José and I was born in Buenos Aires…
Must we say how long ago?
Memories That Live I came to Galicia 12 years ago, following the same route my father took... backwards
and I stayed, and stayed, and 12, almost 13 years, passed.
When I was a boy my grandfather always said, when you grow up, go to Argentina.
Well, Dad's story is pretty much the classic story of the people who emigrated... and he didn't come back for 51 años.
I started like everyone does, first looking for a job, then changing, then another one...
As a mother, I miss everything about my daughter.
I didn't see Mom for 5 years, and I didn't go back to Buenos Aires for 8 years.
All the emptiness in this house, she filled it.
Of all the things I brought from Buenos Aires, the ones I cherish the most are the books.
You see, they remind me of my father, who taught me to love reading.
I identify with the Little Prince as an avid person, as a curious person,
who moves around and wants to keep moving and learning and going places...
If we traveled in time... my daughter did something like I did... she changed
If only I could be closer... to take a plane and go be with my parents for two days
just like other people go visit their parents on the weekend... Eat with them and then come home.
You miss what you don't have.
What is she going to do tomorrow? She wants to know the other half of the world she still doesn't know.
During the two hours remaining, there's going to be much anxiety... much anticipation...
At a certain point it will be like picking up where we left off.
This is the magical thing about these moments.
I think it will be like a click, like a dream
and then afterward the time will come to remember each thing I did, but it will be much too fast
To be continued