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meat packaging company take-overs, and SARS.
Vast industries are built,
companies' take over occure, or competition is destroyed
by death-threats and terrorism campaigns.
The Japanese Imperial Unit 731 operated in the 1930s
and 40s when Japan was mobilised and ready for war.
General Shiro Ishi mastermind of this terrible program
had the mission to turn illness into weapons of murder.
Ishi was particularly fascinated by plague because with plague,
a biological warefare attack could present like a natural epidemic.
Person to person spread could then produce disease out of proportion
to the original amount of patient used.
The Japanese were anable to dessiminate plague by either aerosol or in the water supply.
So they used nature's vectors for spreading the disease.
The common flee
Surounded farms loaded with infected flees they dropped over several cities in XXX China
causing a large outbreak amongs their population.
The old Japanese military was not the only ones growing plague
and other dangerous bioweapons risking severe outbreaks.
Numerous experts say that besides Germany’s biowarriors coming to America,
the U.S. inherited all of Japans bioweapons secrets
following World War II, including a dangerous germ originally called Kuru.
This agent, on this 1971 list of National Cancer Institute studies,
is believed to have come from the Japanese
experimenting on the aboriginal people of New Guinea,
who modern spin doctors made a big deal about their being cannibals.
They blamed the “cannibals” for this diseases spread;
But cannibals did not spread this agent to the National Cancer Institute.
Carlton Gadjusek did.
This Nobel Prize winner, and convicted pedophile,
is credited for having isolated the kuru agent now renamed a prion
responsible for mad cow disease; called Creutzfeldt Jacob disease in humans.
So you see, as this National Cancer Institute document shows,
what started in Japan, settled in New Guinea, and expanded in America
to what is now another worldwide plague.
The risk of these and new genocides emerging is multiplied
by what is ongoing throughout America today in some 113 university,
government, hospital, and corporate laboratories.
Here, the global elite are engaged in biotechnology research
with potential to be used for germ warfare.
Most alarming, these labs operate secretively contrary to Federal rules.
From California to New York and Chicago to San Antonio,
often in major population centers,
biological warfare labs are financed today by
nearly $20-billion in government grants.
These labs are literally crawling with germs advanced militarily.
Reportedly, in many of the laboratories,
security is lax and safety procedures are inadequate
to protect the public from sabotage, theft, and periodic outbreaks.
Now grand doctor Patrick is going to tell you the truth about this gravest risk of all
outbreaks stemming from laboratory activities. Listen here.
Plague is attractive as a weapon because it generates fear
It spreads easily and it kills very quickly.
The US offencive program did some research on plague.
But it was never fully weaponised in this country.
You can not overcome the challenge of maintaining virulants
when it was grown in large quantities.
It's a weapon, you konw, it's a contagious agent.
And we thougth that in retrospective, we have no problems
controling an aerosol under meteorological conditions that can change
whithout having an organism that is so contagious
so that you are not able to controle where their organism might end up.
It might come back to bite you, not only bite your forces
but your friendly allied forced also.
Well what about civilian forces? The risk and damadge to the general public
from cancers, for instance, caused by our own trusted biotech labs
operating throughout the US is more severe,
untolled and unimaginable.
Numerous recorded outbreaks have foreshadowed what this government propaganda
is really intended to relay—that you can expect a deadly outbreak sometime soon,
whether you are prepared for it or not.
And terrorist neurobiologist will be blamed.
And what does the government expect you to do?
Number one, get vaccinated.
They are spinning or pinning responsibility for prevention
and security on you, to take their profitable, risky and other deadly vaccines.
Instead of telling the truth, and breaking ties with special interests,
our politicians are turning blind eyes to serial slayings,
mass murderers, and have set nearly everyone up to be ill-ed or killed.
If you find this disturbing, or hard to believe,
so does everyone who first comes across documentation like this
demented experimental creation.
Here, from the National Cancer Insitute how would you like to have
airborne leukemia viruses circulating in your community?
You have no assurance that it hasn’t already happened.
or that the release isn't planned.
There’s a lot of talk about the Avian Flu, this is a Cancer Flu.
The laws regulating the potential release of such agents
don't really protect you anymore from experiments like this.
- You tell me there is another outbreak? - Yes
- Beside the one in Boston?
- I don't know. It sounds like XXXX the CDC and xxxx are the only two agencies capable of dealing with a virus like this.
- That's why I wanna get out of here tonight. They need all the help.
- XXXXXX XXXX .... - Billy, why in God's name would you keep me out of there?
- It's a civilian menace, Sam! - That's bullshit!
- CDC is in It.Let them do them do their job. Besides, we don't have a charter.
- Fuck the charter Bill, It's not about a charter.
- People are dying. It's about you being a doctor! It's about that secret allxxxx we talked. Remember?
- Billy, we've been friends for 20 years.
- Yes, we are friends, Sam, but I'm also your boss!
- I'm xxxx fixed. XXXXX committee! You do what the hell I say Do!
- I'm your boss.I have My boss. Is that clear to you?
- Yeah ! Get your boss on the phone!
- Call xxxx ! Tell them to put me on the plane before the two of you kill a lot of people.
- XXXX suggest you to shut up now before you say something else you can be sorry for!
- And don't forget who you are talking to!
- Well tell me who I'm talking to cause I don't wanna talk to you anymore, Billy.
- And I'll talk to the Senat, the Pentagone, the CIA, Fucking xxxx, XXway! Tell me who I'm talking to!
- This conversation is over. - Can you tell me who I'm talking to?
- You wanted a plane to New mexico this morning and I suggested you to go home and get packed.
Do whatever you have to do but I suggest you to do It now.
What will you do about it when it happens?
Simply follow official instructions from people likely behond these outbreaks?
Here are the official recommendations you are told to heed
from the Department of Homeland Security.
In fact, they’re happy to send you this propaganda for free.
Mind you, the subtitle to their book is “An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness.”
Yet, most reasonable people who read these recommendations
find them far from comprehensive or even comforting.
Getting vaccinated against a bioweapon not yet known to exist,
and not yet released is not prudent, or even reasonable.
Nor is it likely people will bare the time and expense to install,
according to official recommendations, hepta-filters in their homes to keep infectious agents out.
Rather than “in-depth,” most intelligent, well-informed, people
would conclude these recommendations are INSANE!
Before of the discovery of the smallpox vacicnes
smallpox was in fact, used as a weapon.
One of the best documented exemple of this occured during the French Indian war.
The British had been defeeted and they attempt to conquer fort Carrillon on Lake Champlain
So, Sir Jeffrey xxxx Commander of the British forces
met with indians who were sympathetic to the French.
Under the pretence of friendship, he deliberatelly offered them blankets previous used by smallpox victims.
The idians, who xxx immunity to smallpox
suffered a devastated outbreak of the disease.
The english were then able to successfully attack the fort
which, by the way, was renamed Fort XXXXX.
Military forces have also been devastated by pandamic smallpox.
During the siege of XXXX, George Washington's troups suffered massive lost from smallpox.
He subsequently required, only recruits to be inoculated against the virus.
I'd like to comment for a few minutes on the Soviet Program
and their developpment of smallpox xxxxx
They first worked with smallpox immunitated in chicken eggs.
And since a very small amounts of material is produced in egg
you can imagine the large number of eggs were required to produce
100 metric tonnes of dry agent.
Now, as a program advanced, starting in the early 90s,
they were using tissue culture as a mean of generating the xxxxxx.
But a 100 metric tonnes loaded into an ICBM
aimed that our major cities is cause to worry.
It's incredibly ironic that the great public health triomph
of eradicating smallpox in the 1970s
and the discontinuation of world wide vaccination
have open the door for this virus to be once again used as a weapon.
Contrary to popular belief generated by similar propaganda,
the smallpox vaccine did little, if anything, to reduce smallpox worldwide.
A great expose’ on the sham of smallpox vaccinations was developed
by members of Vaccination Liberation Organization,
spearheaded by Ingri Cassel-Harkins,
it was called Smallpox Alert and is still available online
at along with many other informative articles.
Given their conspiracy to corner the market,
the smallpox vaccine was being touted by the same officials
and private industry interests that promoted the anthrax vaccine.
Think about it. With so many other biological weapons from which to choose,
why would the federal officials only decree the need
to purchase these two risky and hurried vaccines?
(Anthrax and Smallpox)
Because the inside traitors held the opportunity to profit wildly
from these vaccines exclusively.
HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson,
at the time, collaborated with the profiteers
to make the smallpox vaccine required for every American,
beginning with health care workers and emergency responders.
As the Smallpox Alert explained, this vaccine dated back to the 1950s.
It had been diluted five times.
There was no scientific justification that it was, or would be, effective
against ANY modern form of genetically-engineered smallpox.
Happily, most scientists, nurses and medical doctors
did not go along with this ruse.
The consensus proclaimed that mass smallpox vaccinations should not be encouraged.
By the way, if you still don’t question this as medical madness,
or murder, just remember, smallpox vaccines are made from cow pus.
If you think getting injected with a 60-year-old formula
containing cow pus as the active ingredient
will protect you from smallpox, perhaps you should xxxxxxxx.
Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
A XXXXX strikes fear in the heart of people who hear the word.
Movies had been made about the dreadfull outcome of becoming infected with Ebola.
But it's just one of several deadly hemorrhagi fever viruses
that can be used as a weapon against mankind.
There are many types of viruses in the world. Some more deadly than others.
Some viruses cause mile colds or other viruses cause severe illness and death.
The viral hemorrhagic fever viruses xxxxx great concern.
These viruses cause external and internal bleeding in people who get infected.
Viral hemorrhagic fever is caused by four families of viruses.
They include Ebola, Marburg, Lassa fever, Yellow fever and a few others.
Dr. Cono is right.
Ebola and the hemorrhagic fever viruses have been the subject
of much Hollywood filming and bioterror hype.
Let me show you where these viruses really came from
and who, in Hollywood, is leading the propagandist attack on the public’s mind.
- You know xxxx kind of danger xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx like this.
- We'll kill him.
- Lighten up Billy, We have no alternative.
- Is the guy dammed sentimental xxxxx trouble with this country.
- They are ready.
- Oh my God! It's our African friend is back.
- We have to be very carefull now, Billy.
- We worked xxxxx camp to keep this book secret.
- Right.
- Look at them children. You know about this. I know about this. Nobody else.
- Keep your friend Daniel off the case.
- I don't want to XXXX that little bastard messing up 30 years of my work.
The mother of Ebola is the Marburg virus
that first broke out in three vaccine production facilities
in different parts of the world simultaneously in 1967;
killing 7 people and injuring another 31.