White Coat Ceremony 2010

Uploaded by UniversityOfGeorgia on 29.09.2010

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>> Parents and families are invited.
They hold this ceremony in a beautiful church in Augusta.
The class comes in, sits together,
the faculty precede them in.
There's usually a welcome and then a speaker.
They often recite a poem.
Instead of the Hippocratic oath they often write their own
student oath.
And then each of the students is called up
and the coat is actually placed on the student.
>> White coats and stethoscopes are the most distinctive symbols
of physicians.
The white coat symbolizes the trust.
>> I think that this is an emotional fell, very symbolic,
taking of the oath and wearing the white coat I think is very
symbolic of yes I have arrived.
I am a junior physician, I'm a medical student, I'm on my way
to being part of this great profession.
[ Applause ]
>> It's a whole new experience for my family
since I'm the first well first college graduate
and first doctor.
So it's just taking it all in.
It's a mixture of feelings but right now it's a little surreal.
Oh fits right, everything is spelled correctly.
>> I guess I was really nervous up until that point and then
after we put the coats on and kind of had a minute
and just let it soak in, it feels really good.
>> Looks good on your too brother.
>> Thank you.
>> Very fitting.
>> Congratulations.
>> I think the thing I'm most excited
about on Tuesday we're going
to actually have a simulated patient
and they told us it's the first time we're going to get
to wear our white coats.
So it'll be different cause we'll actually look more
like a doctor than what we looked
like for our first patient.