How To Contact Facebook (2013)

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How To Contact Facebook
If you need to contact Facebook,
for any reason, spanning from your account being hacked, to contacting the Advertising
department, and everything between, follow these quick steps.
First, click on the right arrow.
And go down to Help.
Then go down to Visit the Help Center
So a bunch of different options
of what you can do here.
But for
the point of this tutorial, we're going to go to Report an Issue.
And as you see here, you can report issues in
many different areas.
So click
on the issue.
Let's say for instance, you're having a problem with an Event
so now
it gives you specific instructions
on what you do
for that issue.
And so, as I was saying before,
you have all these different options here,
so choose the one that
you think will
help your
problem the most, and if you need to contact Facebook,
you can, through
one of these specific areas.
if you just to leave feedback for Facebook,
you can
click on Give Us Feedback,
and they give you a bunch of different areas here.
Then you can just leave them some feedback, so let's say
you want to leave some feedback on Notes,
positive, negative
your feedback.
So, fill it in and then click Send.
And that's all there is to it.
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