Red Fang - Interview

Uploaded by sylvaingolvet on 24.04.2012

About your videos... are they a way to distinguish yourselves or just a way to have fun?
Did the speakers work for Hank is Dead?
Your producer, Chris Funk, doesn't play your kind of music. Was it complicated?
Which song did you start the recording process with?
I feel that you're always careful to put catchy melodies or fun licks in your songs, to "ease" the heaviness. Is it a conscious choice?
Who write the lyrics?
I read that Murder the Mountains found a label after its release...
So the next one will be on Relapse?
With Murder the Mountains, you are the "next stoner sensation". Do you feel any pressure for the next album?
The cover of Murder the Mountains is well designed, with a lovecraftian feeling. How was it done?
What about a cover by John Baizley?
You update your Facebook page quite often. Is it important to keep in touch with your audience?
I read on Facebook that one of you bought a new Telecaster. Is he going to use it on stage?
Are you okay with your gear?
How would you describe your drumming style?
Is it important to keep some groove in it?
Are you gonna play new songs on this tour?
You shake hands on stage at the beginning of your show. What does that mean?
I found you better at the Bataclan than at the Hellfest. Did you feel that way too?
"You were more than good, but the Bataclan gig was just perfect!"
By the way, apologies in the name of France for the "Red Fong" at the Bataclan.
You often tour with bands from Savannah (Mastodon, Blask Tusk...). Do you feel as part of a scene?
Any bands from Portland we should listen to?
Can you say something nice about Black Tusk?
"It would have been a shame if Red Fang and Black Tusk couldn't get along!"
Now, can you say something mean?