Healthy Breakfast

Uploaded by Getbodyfit on 31.05.2012

Want to know how to make a simple breakfast, using nutritious foods?
I'll share with you inside this video..
Hey there!! Its Tony from GetBodyFit Here, and in todays video I want to share how to
prepare a simple breakfast that will give you all the nutrients and minerals your body
needs throughout the day.
This is actually a typical breakfast, what I would normally have, when I'm busy.
Just under 5 minutes, it shouldn't take you too long,
if you follow the instructions. So here we goo! Here we have porridge,
its already been cooked, so all we have to do,
add some very powerful foods and they actually called super foods.
Things like linseeds, some of you might have heard Flaxseed oils,
and this is the powerful plant, that provides all Omega three fatty acids,
that your body needs for the cardiovascular health and so on.
So, here we go, just a handful of linseed seeds,
also you can use this for other purposes, not just for breakfast,
but you can also add it to your salads and get the Omega 3 in you diet.
Next one up in the line is Sunflower seeds, a raw sunflower seeds,
make sure they are not roasted, because when you roast them,
when these are heated they do lose lot of goodness.
just a handful goes in, add full of it, because it adds nice,
crunchy texture in your porridge. so its not just an old boring porridge anymore.
another quick tip, I don't actually use milk, Lot of you might be used to have it with milk
in my porridge. I use normal water,
if it feels little too dry you can always add extra water.
Third and final ingredient we're going to add to our porridge
is going to be Whey isolate protein. Now, Whey isolate protein is the highest forms
of protein. It also gives your body extra protein for
building muscle. those of you who are dieting and trying to
decrease body fat, whey protein is also good source of supplement
to add. A quick tip, when you are adding whey protein
to foods, avoid adding it when food is really hot.
because it could destroy some of the goodness from the whey isolate protein.
Whey isolate goes in, by adding a protein into the porridge,
it will keep you feel fuller for longer. When protein is mixed with starchy Carbohydrates
it will give you an energy and keep you going for longer.
Normally, This breakfast keeps me full for about 3-4 hours,
again you should try to eat 5 to 6 meals a day if you are trying
to lose weight and decrease body fat. because body need constant energy going in
and some point of the day you have to exercise. but we are going to cover that in next video.
Thats it for this quick video, hope you'll try this recipe at some point
this week, or next. Its really not that hard to make.
Make sure you mix well, Final bit we need to do is taste it.
nice crunchy texture already. Here we go, really goodÉ.
I wish you could smell and taste how good it actually tastes.
Thanks for watching this, and see you one of our videos.
Take care, Good Bye.