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Practical politics is what you say every time you open your mouth; you're playing practical politics.
it is called practical politics because it is nonvoting,
which makes it very, very practical. politics has zero rules,
other than
staying on point and understanding how a talking point works.
Practical politics is simply the art of making a point and staying on point over
and over again.
If we open up our mouths, we want to have something intelligent to say, or don't open up your mouth at all.
There's nothing wrong with that. If you support us
and you don't know to say, don't say anything.
Why do talking points work? They work because the masses are lazy.
Saying the right thing at the right time just works.
It's that
"Oh yes we can"
that your neighbors fell for.
That's what a talking point is.
You can violently attack the system all day long, like shooting someone
or blowing something up
again, and again, but it doesn't do anything
it can even reinforce it.
However, the right words
at the right time take it down
We don't break the law.
you don't have to break the law;
that's a wonderful thing about practical politics: you can just use the laws
against the system to get what you want.
First, we need to teach you our talking points
then all you have to do is just repeat them.
The first talking point is for when you're called a racist.
Your only answer should be:
"In your opinion I'm racist, you're just saying that because I'm white.
Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White"
"In your opinion I'm racist, you're just saying that because I'm white.
Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White"
You just make your point and you move on
you're not arguing. You're just making a point, it makes you look powerful.
The more you do it,
the better it gets.
You see, for years they've said White people are racist,
most of you have noticed this, and what I'm doing is point it out indirectly
which is not illegal in any country.
These types of tactics scare them
What you should try to do, is interject yourself into a conversation.
Saying "I'm a racist in Britain" could get you in trouble.
But with what we are showing you, they can't do anything about it.
What we want you doing is taking moral authority over a group.
Be aware of what you are saying, and how it affects our group.
All of our talking points are dynamic.
Every time we give you something,
it can be repeated by anyone anywhere. For example: "In your opinion he's a racist"
"In your opinion she's racist"
"In your opinion that old man is racist".
You can repeat it even if you're Black or Brown, because it's dynamic.
The second talking point is quite funny:
"Mexico for the Mexicans, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everybody."
You can change it around if you want to:
"Muslim countries for the Muslims, Asia for the Asians,
White countries for everybody".
If someone could get a hundred, thousand people to chant that in London,
You might even be able to get the British National party to win an election,
because these are humiliation techniques.
And a lot of people have been conned and they're an angry about it
When someone has been conned, their first action is is not admitting it.
Their second action is to have a negative view on it,
Finally, they admit it and they become angry,
and a lot of people are very angry because they've been conned.
What you're doing is relieving them, also you're humiliating the major group going against us,
the self hating white people.
Nearly all of our enemies will look like us.
Most of you want to argue,
but that doesn't work.
Talking points work. Making your point works.
This is because they claim to know the truth,
and these people have lots of problems.
So, what we want to do is humiliate the self hating White people,
and the people that look like us, but don't have any loyalty to us.
Humiliating them is a great technique.
It's insidious, and it's not illegal,
but they fear it more than anything.
What we want you to say about immigration is quite simple right now:
"No one is talking about flooding mexico with non-Mexicans,
and giving them affirmative action, special rights, and privileges
No one's talking about flooding africa with non-Africans
and giving them affirmative action, special rights, and privileges
No one is talking about flooding Asia with non-Asians,
and giving them affirmative action, special rights, and privileges.
Only White countries are being flooded
only White politicians are doing it
and only White children are being affected it's genocide"
You made your point
Listen to what I said again and make your point
"No one is talking about flooding mexico with non-Mexicans,
and giving them affirmative action, special rights, and privileges
No one's talking about flooding africa with non-Africans
and giving them affirmative action, special rights, and privileges
No one is talking about flooding Asia with non-Asians,
and giving them affirmative action, special rights, and privileges
only White politicians are doing it and only White children are being affected
It's genocide.
Many of you have heard this next point used against children every day.
Growing up, I heard it used all the time
"Race is a social construct".
There are no social constructs under international law.
Most of you know that the law is not very nice, but
international laws are the most ruthless ones on the planet.
The laws the Russians look at,
that some civil rights groups look at,
and that we look at are ruthless.
Saddam Hussein was not killed by the military;
Saddam Hussein was hung in a tribunal.
He had velvet wrapped around his neck.
And you need to understand that we have this is at our disposal
Before 1948 you could do anything you want and call it war.
After 1948,
Practical politics started
Under international law, you cannot target a race, ethnicity or religion in any way for harm or destruction.
You're thinking right away i'm talking about mustard gas (like Saddam Hussein did to the Kurds).
Yes, that's genocide,
but it's much more dynamic than that, these ideas are not static.
Any type of targeting whatsoever for for damage or harm,
if you're crazy enough to go on the record,
or sell the weapons,
it doesn't matter if it's mustard gas or social engineering, if you're targeting
,under international law
you are all international laws roof looks you see there is no voting at a
there's no boarding and i_c_c_ international mother's nobody
there are no voting by jurors uh...
your lawyer warm and perfect
it forget europe restrict your lawyer for gear rev wright ghetto violinist
is something like me is that your door and you're going to shove your you're
over with
the banks of finance who could be done everything it is uh... ruthless
part of the most of your thinking someone's in trouble animals true that
you see there was a clear targeting
and from are mid nineteen sixties the late seventies we have uh... wild events
happening we have all these countries that are only and only white countries
open up the floodgates with only according to a complex someone knocked
on the doors
and they flooded responses
and then they get all the social engineering weapons
also ahead to finance that there's a clear targeting only white children
it's a clear targeting if they're targeting at gmail type you can't do
that under law
very dangerous stuff
abroad when the when i i one i had when i give you talking point like rural
social constructs under international law
you can use that
use it over and over again in the morning
use a talking point more dangerous becomes are am i saying that someone
injured up to go after someone
most of your soul the complications with russian you'll know what's going on
or the russians have a formals archives of any of the intelligence is opposed
forty-eight there's other groups julie dot they got rooms for the stuff
you can go on the record and target little white rabbits doesn't work like
that of international law
most people don't stand that
your enemy god's saddam hussein uh... there you can say hi
uh... the kurt russell for concert it doesn't work that way under
international law
timothy wise always goes on record all these interest one record because
they've been brainwashed by all the social engineering schools
and someone does have it in for a little white rabbits but they've been
uh... jane elliott as a walking human rights violations under the right
but that's what there's a lot of fear over
you cannot targeted
you cannot go they are under international law
there's been a clear targeting
and heaven forbid someone have the goods
or go to the whole shabazz pennant finance in what
ended there were actually talking like someone says you know we got
get rid of them ought to have our project were off
plan go forward or
we got a blend them out of it you can go over there
it doesn't matter that is now mustard gas it doesn't matter any attempt to
harm any attempt to target any attempt to harm
if you're crazy enough to say that you see saddam hussein even
in say the just did it was a war but it didn't matter i'll give you one for the
economy won two gold china's ninety one-percent chinese china try to make
use of non-chinese don't you think china would collapse american nineteen sixty
five was robbed eighty nine percent indo-european america try just because
of non-european america's collapsed america's manufacturing system s
why do you think that is
you major points
we do this we're talking points that you can do this all over the world with a
talking point i'm going to give you
uh... this is an author because uh... this is this idea of someone
test of bob came up with this and this is just not going up the obvious
bob would you be rule scenario
i was at a rock i don't know loyalists say it was a function of something
and uh... at this function
there was uh... amber room was talking about dole what they're always talking
about right politics what have you
about half the people there will lovell bomb at half the people there what they
found there seems to be not in between the panel criteria
i was that's what i thought as usual uh... the people that know me take a
deep breath
are stated the obvious iced right out and talking points ice agreed on a
conservative close countries in the plot
they have half the world's natural resources
africans have the largest population the world has ever seen
and africans have the greatest respond when the world has ever known
they live with us as a minority and we are a minority
uh... there's not much more to do for the mother them make the president
dot structure
you would've thought i just get on with the land mine i'd just on the land mine
for model of the light pictures about
you would've thought i just love this grenades
there is no response to that that's devastating
one lone ranger was talking a lone rangers were yapping about obama i'd
just leveled into the ground
i point out the obviously i didn't say anything on national epitaphs in there
but it's way more violent than in work
and word of waste of time it doesn't do anything
it up it s onto anything do what i just did consistently
ruth is ruthlessness is way more violence
if john mccain was in there i couldn't do that
obama and their i can on the show
uh... someone part of the civil that's written in your opinion is restrictive
senate somewhat anti racism as a code word for anti-white
well no i i was sure it is no one's flooding mexico with non mexicans given
them a formative action special rights privileges and free health care
on north blotting africa would not have rickety given them affirmative action
special rights and privileges free health care nor squatting asia
carnations given them from interaction special rights privileges free health
only what countries are doing this only way we were doing this and only
and only stopping by the animals like you think this is wonderful
it shows up
was not races in your opinion it's racist
hispanic-owned whiteness and and and and and and
uh... doesn't have anything to become a sure does china right now is money won't
person chinese aboard the c_i_a_
american nineteen sixty five was eighty-nine percent uh... european
america try to become non-european the nineteen sixty five immigration acted
that america try to become non-european
america's collapsed in our country in the debt
america's not coming back because of that
if china try to make a self non-chinese what do you think would happen we stick
with happen to the manufacture i did that briefly by just did what i just do
it right there
they all rules together all these talking point roll together
well there's a race problem while courses rich from everyone says a range
from the respond that response would be solved by countries only what countries
for themselves with nine europeans and
given special rights and privileges and
integrator simulating breed themselves out of existence your definition of race
problem of the solution responsible genocide on international law
their social construct a rental social constructs under international law tests
on the senate
you see i'm going to be in many different directions to go with that but
that's really what's near i did that generally speaking
renewal a land mine like that
they're going to get off the subject pretty quickly
that's humiliation technique
height humiliated
that's your job it moves a mother way anything that shuts them down and shut
cents marlton
what's what's the first officer one
as staff opens old are you know you have critical structures are applied and
africans have had to postpone trees and pine africans have half the world's
natural resource africans have large population will serve scene
and you have the greatest for more on the walls of unknown
you live with us as a minority
uh... we are a minority
uh... there's not much more we can do for you make you present as a waste of
it's tragic their tragic but they're not bad people
obama's plan of batons flaky whatever diocese nine bodies you know you show me
he's not all my duties on the zone
but uh... that's with us for jetty washer controverted whatever
to do anything about that used your vantage bill but you can denial a lone
what i do was way more violent than than anything you ever thought of doing
if you were to hit him he'd grown sue you and he'd forget about it i think he
did nothing wrong
our justice something they will never forget their lives
practical politics non-voting politics overpower please globally