Adam Hoshal-Sports Person Of 2012

Uploaded by VaynahGB on 27.05.2012

With years of promising performances, he literally blitz his way onto the British Squad, with a string of outstanding performances.
Winning the under 20s British Trials, defeating all of his opponents by the maximum score of Ippon point.
Which is the highest point a fighter can achieve in a Japanese martial arts.
Adam also performed brilliantly in Under 20 Scottish Open, winning bronze medal.
These results ranked him 1st on the GB squad, and he was subsequently selected for international Junior World Cup Tournaments in Portugal and Austria.
Achieving for this year the following: Under 20 Scottish Open Judo Championship- Bronze, Under 20 British Championship- Gold , Under 20 Heart Of England Championship- Sliver
Junior World Cup Hungary GB squad and Junior European Cup GB squad.
You've been ranked Number 1 Judo player in the country last year, how does that feel and how do you feel tonight for claiming this wonderful award?
It was just 6 years of losing losing and I have come few times to almost giving up competitive Judo
but my coaches told me to keep going, keep going.
A couple of months before that, I went to the Under 18 Nationals and I won two fights and lost two fights.
Before that I put a lot in, in training. It was like I haven't done so well, so my coach the weekend after that put me in with the person that has been beating me all those years.
And I beat him twice in one day and I got a bronze medal.
So, from then on I was like I'm just going to train every single day, I didn't even revise for my A level exams.
I was training every single day non-stop. Winston was training for his tournaments as well so, I was just there morning, evening, afternoon, just every day on it, on it.
Eventually, we went to the British Championship it was the first time i had done it and one fight after the other just kept on going. It was just amazing.
So what clicked in you and made you push on?
It was just support from family, friends and my team members made me want to push harder and harder. Be the best.
And how did you discover Judo?
I was in year 8, I wasn't so good at football and my dad said I need a sport for self defence and judo was about and it just went on from there really.
And who has been the most influential person in your Judo career so far?
I would have to say Winston Gordon.
Obviously his been to the highest competitions in Judo, he has been to the Olympics twice, hopefully we are hoping to see him get results in 2012.
and just trying to look up to him.
And also my coach Darren, he has had a big impact on me, been with me all throughout my competitions without him I wouldn't be where I am today
Do you feel that the sport is getting the recognition it deserves?
Hopefully, we haven't had a gold medal in the Olympics before so, I hope my coach Winston Gordon changes it for this year and then if we get that gold medal it will be more popular.