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At the end of the kingdom of the United Shilla .
the Royal family indulged in luxury and corruption.
and the thanes brought about revolts and wars
The Royal Demon Slayers . the Chuyongdae .
raised a rebellion for the people . but ultimately failed
The people turned in to thieves and refugees . and in order to escape from the demons .
they offered the living as sacrifice . It was a time of extreme chaos
Help me!
I don't want to die!
Eat that instead. and go back to your hell
This isn't your world any longer
This wine is excellent
Just like the rumors have it
I'm sorry we can offer only food
instead of money for your efforts
Well. Ijust did it for the wine anyway
And this kimchi is delicious
Since the Chuyongdae were executed
I thought I'd never find a demon slayer again
But we have a great slayer like you here
We are blessed
Oh. I'm nothing but a vagabond
By the way
we have another person to slay
YI Gwak, the head soldier of Chuyongdae
Thank you for coming to our village
What are you all doing?
He's the savior of our village!
We're short of food. so we need the bounty on his head to survive!
You bastards!
We put a sleeping pill in the wine
And we already called the soldiers!
I should leave before I fall asleep
Excuse me. where am l?
Oh goodness!
You came here without...
You're supposed to clean yourself at the Tanchi Bath first
"Tanchi" what?
You smell so bad
How many do you see?
Yes. a lack of adaptability again
Listen carefully
This is "Midheaven" where the spirits stay for 49 days until reincarnated
In other words. you're dead
I'm sure you're totally confused
It's natural in the beginning
You must've died on the streets
But peacefully it seems. since your body has no scars
What'd you eat to get so tall?
Don't let it get you down
Do charitable deeds for 49 days
and pray to be born human again
Not again! Don't be so nice!
I can never ignore someone who's helpless
You dummy
Follow me. I'll guide you through Midheaven
How dare you make me wear this!
What an idiot
Whether you're a king or beggar we're all the same here
Stand in line to change your clothes
Just show them your nameplate
I'll see you around
You really are stupid
This is what you get when you're dead
Didn't you meet the Grim Reaper?
The guy in white with a sword
What the hell?
Over here!
- Where is he? - Over there
I knew something was odd about him. He didn't even go to the Tanchi Bath
You're right
When did you die?
Yesterday? Or today?
Oh goodness
Think you're the only one who died yesterday or today?
Look at this. How can I find you in here?
Tell me your name and the date you died on
YI Gwak. Okay
Let's see
There is a YI Gwang...
But no YI Gwak. What's going on here?
What's wrong? What's this?
Spirits don't do this
Then. a living being?
He's not dead?
A living human?
How are living beings allowed in here?
Hey! Human!
Everybody. stop!
Help the spirits here escape from this street!
The other reapers and Archangels are all dead
So- hwa. you should escape first
Get out of here now!
Get out of here!
So- hwa. please go
Protect So- hwa!
So- hwa!
Yon- hwa. watch out!
Who are you?
Yon- hwa
Yon- hwa?
Yon- hwa. it's me!
Go away!
Yon- hwa. it's me. YI Gwak
It's YI Gwak
Don't you recognize me?
Are you a living being?
I'm the one who sees the ghosts!
Not her! Have mercy!
That witch summoned the ghosts. and wrecked havoc on this village
kill her!
No! No! No!
Yon- hwa!
Yon- hwa...
YI Gwak...
Don't move
Don't be scared. I'm So- hwa. a Chuneen
You saved me. didn't you?
Then the White Reapers...
There was an uprising here
We shut the gates to Midheaven to block the demons from entering
But somehow you must've slipped in
Go back to the village for now
After I settle things. I'll let you leave
Thanks for saving me
What's a 'Chuneen'?
You said Chuneen
A Chuneen is a heavenly being free from their agonies and memories
You have no memories?
Yes. because I'm a Chuneen
Your memories...
You lost your memories?
You must have
It was my fault
My fault for not protecting you
Are you in pain? It's the 'Yin' energy
Don't breathe in so deeply
Oh. my goodness
What's wrong?
I'll never leave you alone again
We killed all the White Reapers. but failed to catch So- hwa
I sent the black birds. so they will bring the news
The Chuneens we killed didn't have Chun- hon's 'Holy Stone.'
So- hwa must have it
Since there is no one to help her. she'll be easy to catch
I will go get her now
But the one who saved So- hwa was none other than YI Gwak
Spirits can't use the 'Jajak Sword.'
So YI Gwak must be alive
This is the place where spirits remove the smell of the living
A seven- day-wash here will help you adapt to Midheaven's 'Yin' energy
Empty this bath
Yes. ma'am
What are you waiting for? Get in
Why do you have so many scars?
You must've suffered a great deal
Chuneens can read the minds of others
You seem to be a good person. A nice man
Why do you take off your clothes? Just get in
Stay in the water for a half day
You'll rid the smell from your body
How could I be in the water for a half day?
Because you believe it's water. it looks like water
lf you don't. then it is not
You can do it
Ban- chu got his power
from the Pool of Reflection. which removes the livings' memories
The only way to get rid of his power
is to put my spirit
into the pool when the moon is full
lf Midheaven vanishes
the dead cannot get into Heaven
and there will be no more births in this world
You have to protect Midheaven
I will give my 'Holy Stone' to So- hwa
Sir Chun- hon. But I'm only a student
I'm too weak to carry out this mission
So- hwa
Your mind resembles that of humans the most
That's why I chose you
You believe in humans. Don't change that thought
When you become enlightened
you'll receive great power from it
Sir Chun- hon. please give me the strength
Is this enough?
Oh no
It was you?
Where is she?
So you're the man who So- hwa asked me to take to the village
I asked you where she is
Yon- hwa!
YI Gwak, you've gotten very thin
Sir Ban- chu is waiting for you
Although I don't believe in the gods any more
I have to thank them for one thing
They still allow me to connect with you
Thank you for being alive
You have good eyes
So the one who sees the ghosts was you. not her
We are the Royal Demon Slayers
Won't you join us?
The Jajak Sword. leading the spirit to the path to Heaven
Only a human being can use this
This is yours now
Look at the sky. the earth
and human beings with truthful eyes
And remember the sword's meaning
Now I appoint YI Gwak to lead the Chuyongdae
He'll hold all of Chuyongdae's power
and take charge of all ceremonies in the palace
What shall we call you now?
Sir YI Gwak?
Come on. that's weird between us
Why not?
- Let's go. - Let's go have a drink!
Were you thinking of Yon- hwa?
I have something like that as well
It's my wife's
When I was Chuyongdae's head soldier
my wife was raped while she was pregnant
She committed suicide
begging me for forgiveness
The police executed a beggar for it
but I knew all along that
the sons of the aristocracy
were the ones who raped my wife
Now they are ministers of the court
I've stood back and waited
but there is nojustice in this country
While powerless people suffer. those with power grow fat
Tonight. Chuyongdae will attack the capital
YI Gwak, let's go together
YI Gwak!
Now is not the right time
lf you go on like this
everyone will be killed in vain
Is that your answer?
Sir. please think this over
Protect Sir Ban- chu!
Woong- gul!
Get out of here
I'll buy you some time
Now is the beginning
Are you still trying to change the world?
Is that why you brought about this revolt?
YI Gwak
I don't shed blood without reason
lf I can only get a hold of Chun- hon's Holy Stone
there will be no more victims
She looks exactly like Yon- hwa
Shejust lost her memories. that's all
lf she doesn't remember anything
she isn't who she was before
Even if you're right. she's already a Chuneen
She'll never recognize you again
Deliver this message to her
Giving me the Holy Stone is the only way to stop the deaths
But it's...
I trust you
To complete my power. I must change the full moon's energy
I won't move until my power is complete
I'll use the Pool of Reflection to advance the full moon
Demon Slayers?
They had the power to raise the revolt by using the demons
What's Chun- hon's 'Holy Stone'?
Is that what you're after?
Is that why you pretended to save me?
I'm not your enemy
Don't lie to me. You deceived me
You said you can read minds. didn't you?
Then read mine
I would never deceive you
You promised
that you wouldn't forget me
that you would remember me forever
It's Sir Ban- chu's order. You two. Catch So- hwa
The key to opening the portal to the Living World is the Holy Stone
lf he advances the full moon's arrival
then he has to have it by then
But what if YI Gwak blocks us?
Cut off his head
It's so beautiful
Even if you're not my enemy
as long as you know them. I can't be with you
YI Gwak took good care of us like a real brother would
- Do we really have to kill him? - Everything depends on YI Gwak
We received our order
Be strong
Do you know how dangerous it is for a living person to stay here?
Yin energy will get into your scars. and you will die
Then you won't be able to reincarnate
Why and how am I here?
I don't know why I have to care about you!
Why did you save me?
Why did you meet me?
YI Gwak, please step away
All we need is the Holy Stone
Woong- gul
Stay away from her
This is none of your business
lf you block us. there's only one way out
We can't fight like this
You may kill me. but not her
Run away
Get out of here!
Now I will respect you no more
I can'tjust stand here
and see you all change like this
Woong- gul
I'll handle YI Gwak
I wish we could've met under better circumstances
now it seems that's unlikely
I wouldn't have to fight YI Gwak if it weren't for you
Woong- gul
YI Gwak
YI Gwak!
lf you act on your own again. you won't be forgiven
I came all the way here to see the world you've built up
But YI Gwak is a betrayer
so why do you care so much about him?
Still think of him as the head soldier?
I will tell you once more
Let YI Gwak come to me
I understand him
since we have experienced similar suffering
he'll soon realize that he is being deceived by memories
Once he realizes that love is transient
he'll see the suffering the world has given him
Yeo-wi. where are you going?
Don't do anything stupid
Wake up. Hyo
He has never cared about you
lf Sir Ban- chu hesitates. I'll kill YI Gwak myself
I can't stand that I'm so miserable and pathetic
lf I had been stronger. Midheaven wouldn't be like this
And you wouldn't be in this mess
I hate them so much
I promised that I wouldn't change
but I feel like I'm getting worse
You can't change
I'll help you
I'm sorry for getting mad at you
That's alright
Are you hurt anywhere?
I'm okay
Are you worried about me now?
I'mjust worried because you're a living being
Wasn't my hand cold?
Spirits don't have any warmth
It's the first time I've ever held a living person's hand
And to feel my heart beating
It's a harmless weed
It's a rare plant here
It has no scent
It's the village where the spirits meditate and repent their sins
lf you take a boat from here. we can reach the Pool of Reflection
Anyway. where is the village?
The spirits vanish if they don't smell the scent
What's wrong?
Wake up!
YI Gwak...
I want to wear this and die
Since I prepared this to wear for you
I don't want to die
I want to live
Promise me
that you won't change
Like the time when you first saw me
protect people with your abilities
I won't leave you alone
I promise
I promise that I will never forget you
How long are you going to use him?
Don't fool yourself
I was with YI Gwak, not you
You're nothing but a shell of his memories
Stop it
I don't want to fight you
But YI Gwak...
lf you get in my way again
I will kill you
Are you hurt anywhere?
What's wrong?
Death is a sad thing to the living. isn't it?
Since they can't see their loved ones again
But they only suffer pain by living in their memories
lf their fate is still intact
they're supposed to meet again in reincarnation
So what I mean is...
Let's change the subject
We have to go now
Wait a second
Hey. out of check
Is this also a necessary stage through Midheaven?
I like it
Thank you
It looks delicious
My son is very loyal to me
Since I like fried food
he sends me a lot of it every memorial service day
Try it. young man
Thank you
Ma'am. this has no taste at all
This is delicious. Can I have one more?
Do you also want one more?
What is all this?
This is all forbidden in Midheaven
I'm sorry but you don't have to put on a scary face like that
lf you don't erase your memories. you can't take on a new life
Are you referring to me?
I saw her
She's why you're protecting me while risking your life. right?
But I'm not her
What you're seeing in me is just your memories
Yes. you remind me of Yon- hwa!
I wish that you'd see me like you did before...
and say my name lovingly like you used to
That's what I wish
What's wrong with that?
You said that what the heart feels is everything here
This is what my heart feels
It's none of your business anyway
It is my business
Do you know how hard it is to bear your looking at me like that?
Hey. kids! Get out of the way!
It's a wedding march
Hey. what are you two doing there?
Oh my. So- hwa!
I'm very sorry
I'm only a musician. and I can't be of any help to you
But they don't know this place
since it's considered to be nonexistent
We have to reach the Pool of Reflection by the full moon
but we got lost on this Hidden Sanctuary
Oh. I'm so sorry. So- hwa
Actually. I built this street
But everything will be cleared in the morning
Since the full moon is in two days
you can arrive at the Pool of Reflection
by tomorrow afternoon
Watch out!
So- hwa...
Why do they refuse to give up their memories?
It's nothing but pain
It's not pain
Since it's life itself to human beings
Whether they're happy or sad
delighted. or hurt
or even good or bad
their emotions that feel the memories are innocent
That's love
That's why there is hope in this world
They seek a better world
But isn't it dangerous to put the world in their hands?
So- hwa. we were humans once
You also must have felt love and sadness
All that we can do is to protect their innocence
Frankly speaking. that's why I built this street
To let them enjoy themselves until they're reincarnated
This couple asks that you officiate their wedding
But l...
It would be a great blessing to this couple
I wish with the power of the Consoling Tree
that your love lasts forever
There was a plague in the village
I saw a spirit that couldn't leave
since he was worried about his mother
I told that to Yon- hwa
and she told his mother
The spirit finally left this world
and his mother was consoled
but they said that Yon- hwa called the ghosts to the village
While she was dying
I couldn't do anything
It was all my fault
Will you do me a favor?
lf I die
and am reborn as a human
please let me meet Yon- hwa again
You have to stay here
As a Chuneen. I will handle things from now on
Since you're human. you cannot follow me any more
Changbushin! Changbushin!
Take it easy. What happened?
What's the matter?
Come on! Hurry!
What's going on?
This is absolutely crazy!
So- hwa went to fight them alone!
How did they know that we were here?
Hey. where are you going?
Get out of here now!
That was fun
Does a Chuneen have that kind of power?
Don't go. YI Gwak
Get out of my way. Hyo
lf you don't go. everything will be over
We can be together again
Do you love that Chuneen?
I wanted to stand before you not as a comrade
but as a woman
But you never once looked at me like that
lf this is what you want
I'll do whatever you want
Go to the Pool of Reflection now!
I won'tjust watch any longer
had the power to change the world
But you didn't know how to use that power
You destroyed everything !
The power of Chuyongdae
should be used to protect the world. not to change it
And so I am forced to stop all of you
Shut up!
You chose this
I'll show you the end of this
Don't change
YI Gwak!
Like her
I wanted to keep you in my heart
And I thought it would make me happy
YI Gwak
The 'Yin' energy has already spread over his body
It's too late
No. I won't let him die like that
It was my fault
I made him that way
Ijust tried to...
Life and death relies on the laws of the heavens
lf you give him the holy energy. he could come back to life
But you must violate the laws of heaven
lf you do. you will experience billions of years of suffering
and return to the human world
Yon- hwa
It is you. right?
Yon- hwa
Forgive me for having let you leave me
I tried my best to keep my promise to you
So- hwa. the full moon
Is this the reward for my belief in you ?
YI Gwak
I believed that you would understand me
but you 're also a pathetic human
Love is nothing but an illusion
Contempt. Greed. Hatred
Humans make the world more and more painful
Reincarnation doesn't change people
Everything must start over again
And I abandoned everything to complete my power
But you betrayed me and your brothers
to protect a hopeless love in your memories
What changes the world is the love for people and the world
What you have always sought back then and even now
was simply revenge against the world
We must leave now
So- hwa!
The Holy Stone will never be taken!
Look very carefully. YI Gwak
Love can't change the world
Don't resist
Nothing will change. Only the pain will get worse
The Pool has already changed
The Holy Stone in your body is opening the way to the Living World
So- hwa!
YI Gwak!
Hold on
I will come to you
The Jajak Sword
leads the spirit to the path to Heaven
I'll dojust that for you
To give up your life for love
is the easiest way
YI Gwak!
Are you going to abandon the power of the Pool?
You accepted the Holy Stone
lf you throw your body into the water
you will vanish
Can you do that for a pitiful human being?
Yes. I can
Because I love him
YI Gwak!
I can smell it now
Your hand is so warm
Will we meet again?
I will never forget you.