Behind the Scenes with President Obama & Team USA Basketball

Uploaded by whitehouse on 17.07.2012

(crowd chatter)
President Obama: Hello.
What is up, champ?
Player: How are you doing?
Thank you.
President Obama: What are you all doing with this rookie?
Is he carrying the bags or stuff?
Player: Everything, everything.
Anthony Davis: Everything.
President Obama: You know you have got to earn it.
That is a trademark, man.
That is big money.
All right. I know you guys got to concentrate.
We just wanted to come by and say hello and
say congratulations.
And you know we couldn't have better representatives
for the United States.
So I know you guys are going to bring back the Gold,
but I also know you guys will be just a class act over in London.
Any way, you guys are going to do great.
Group: USA.
President Obama: You got some talent on this squad.
You guys are going to do great.
I am making this prediction right now.
Joe Biden's grand daughter who is named Maisy,
Maisy Biden will be a division one player and
maybe in the WNBA.
She is an athlete, a really good one.
Here is how you know she is a -- (inaudible)
I was doing some coaching on the team.
So we did a little practice on Sunday.
And I said, you know what, everybody has to work on their
left hand or their weak hand.
So in the game, she just scores like three quarters
of the points.
And she is missing some lay-ups.
And Joe, he goes out, he is rapping with her.
He is on line with her.
You know, what is up, you were a little off today?
She says, grandpa, you didn't notice.
See, the President told me to work on my left.
So I was only shooting left handed that game.
USA Coach: How about that?
President Obama: Which you know, that is that attitude.
You know when you are ten, and you go through a whole game and
you are just working on.
You watch.
You are going to be recruited.
USA Coach: I will remember.
President Obama: All right. I'm going to get out of here.
Joe, come on. Let's let these guys go.
See you guys.
♪♪ (Hail to the Chief) ♪♪