Dynamite!! 2010 : Card Announcement

Uploaded by K1 on 13.12.2010

Antonio Inoki, Executive Producer
You feel the power?!! When you feel that power, you can get your ire up!!
My ire is up and it's up good!
I haven't heard word one about the press conference today.
I told my staff I would dump tequila on them, but I drank it instead.
Japan doesn't have the power these days
and we want to help Japan get it back on New Year's!
FEG's Mr. Sadaharu Tanikawa
This is the 10th anniversary of the New Year's event we started with TBS.
It was 10 years ago that Inoki-San produced the "Inoki Army vs. K-1 Army" battle.
The fight sport world has had its share of trouble in the last ten years but now we want to bring back the excitement.
So I'd like to announce in a bit the FieLDS Dynamite!! Power of Courage 2010 fight card.
We'll have even bigger announcements coming up.
The K-1 WGP was an awesome show and we want to build on that energy.
We have as Executive Producer of the Dynamite show, Mr. Inoki.
We expect great things and you should too.
Just a few minutes ago, he told me, " We should get Ebizo!". Expect some good fun!
Mr. Keiichi Sasahara, Event Producer
I'll be announcing the Dynamite!! fight cards.
Already the DREAM Featherweight title match
between Bibiano Fernandes and Hiroyuki Takaya has been announced.
Now I'll announce 5 more cards.
The first fight is an Under 63 kilo K-1 Lightweight match
between Tetsuya Yamato and Akiyo "Wicky" Nishiura.
A DREAM Featherweight superfight between Kazuya Miyata and Caol Uno.
A DREAM Lightweight match between Tatsuya Kawajiri and Josh Thomson.
We don't have the rules fixed but the Shinya Aoki vs. Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima will be DREAM/K-1 mix rule match.
The final cars is a DREAM Welterweight match
with champion Marius Zaromskis and Kazushi Sakuraba.
Those are the five cards.
The title matches will be 10 mins., 5 mins., 5 mins.
15 minutes isn't enough to get a good result,
so we added 5 minutes on the end for 20 whole minutes.
The other DREAM matches will be 3 rounds of 5 minutes each.
I'd like to explain the rumors about an Aoki/Melendes bout.
The Strikeforce / Melendes side couldn't seem to reach an agreement.
We couldn't move forward. In the end were unable to make a deal with them.
But it's New Year's, and we wanted to do something special
with Aoki and Jienotsu and they both agreed.
Tetsuya Yamato
Hello. Former house-painter extroardinaire, Tetsuya Yamato here.
I quit house painting in October and now I'm training to fight with the world's fighters and from November I'm only a fighter.
I used to work on perfecting myself at work,
and now I want to perfect myself as a fighter.
I'm so glad I can fight in the amazing Dynamite!!
ring and hope to have a good fight.
Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima
Hello to the world's amine fans. I'm Yuichiro "Jienotsu" Nagashima.
It's been my dream as a fighter to be in the Dynamite!! show.
As a comic geek I'm sad to miss the Comic Market at Tokyo Big Sight this New Years.
And there's one thing I want to say up in that ring is that I'm very much against the upcoming resolution which will regulate anime and manga.
In the Japanese constitution it has a provision for freedom of expression.
That's why I have the freedom to costly.
If that resolution passes, my freedom to cosplay will possibly be taken away so that's what I want to fight on New Years.
Shinya Aoki
Hello, Aoki here.
The mixed rules haven't been finalized yet.
My opponent seems excited and of course I'm training, but I'm upset.
I'm sure we'll argue about which will come first K-1 rules or DREAM rules,
but I'm okay with K-1 rules in the first round DREAM rules in the aecond.
In the 2nd, I won't let him go home with his body in one piece. Cheers.
Tatsuya Kawajiri
I'm very pleased to be pitted against Josh Thomson at this time.
I know it's not easy to put together a fight like this, so I'll do my best.
I've been in darkness since my fight in July. Nothing good was happening.
I hope to bring to back the light with a KO or ippon win.
Kazuyuki Miyata
It's been a while since I fought in Dynamite!! and I want to win since I lost my last Dynamite!! fight.
Now I've won 6 fights in a row and I'd like to win a title match.
I'm teaching kids at my gym now and they work really hard.
I hope to bring them in with me in my entrance.
Caol Uno
Hello, I'm Caol Uno.
I want to thank everyone for having me in the Dynamite!! show.
It's been a while since I've fought in Japan and I'll be fighting in the new Featherweight class against Miyata who is a strong fighter.
There's a lot of pressure, but I hope to have a fight where I can express myself.
Kazushi Sakuraba
Sakuraba here. How are yaaaaaa?!!!!
Message from Josh Thomson
"I'm glad I can come back to Japan and represent Strikeforce.
Kawajiri is one of the world's top fighters and I've had offers to fight him before,
but taking this fight is my duty to Strikeforce and the fans.
I want to show the Japanese MMA fans my fighting spirit
and Dynamite!! is the best place to do that.
I want to have a historic fight."
Akiyo "Wicky" Nishiura
Wicky here.
On New Year's I'll show you sparks in my fight.
I plan to show you the physical power difference in a K-1 and MMA fighter.
Q: The Melendes fight didn't come together. How do you feel?
Aoki: I guess I'm disappointed but I'm not sure.
Well I was really looking forward to it so yes, I'm disappointed.
But I'll do my best with what I have. That's just how I roll.
I'll make my next fight something special.
Q: Will there be any surprises this year?
Inoki: Don't ask me!
Like I said in the poem, Don't be afraid to be silly. Get sillier.
Go crazy. Get crazier. Don't be afraid to make a fool of yourself.
Get naked and you'll see the real you.
I've been fighting for 50 years and with the fighters behind me
I want to spread my philosophy of life and fighting.
I, myself feel I have to be crazy too and that's why I was acting angry at the beginning.
Q: What do you think about Aoki's comments about the rules?
Jienotsu: If we have K-1 rules in the first round, that would be great.
But in the second round I won't be going home intact so I hope to finish him quickly in the first.
Q: Why did you change to the Welterweight class?
Sakuraba: I was asked if I wanted to drop a class and I thought I could handle it so I said yes.
In the end I'd like to go under 70 kilos and fight Aoki.
Aoki: How about next year?
S: I'm game!!
A: OK, somebody reserve Tokyo Dome!
S: Tanikawa-san. The Dome, please.
Tanikawa: Johnny's boy bands have the Dome tied up. I'll see if I can negotiate...
Q: What's your impression of Jienotsu and his costumes?
I think he's very serious about fighting.
I don't think about the cosplay stuff.
Q: Your impression of Zaromsky?
He has quick reflexes and destructive strikes.
And he has short hair. That's about it.
I finally remembered his name. I know him as a fighter, but I had trouble remembering his name.
I'll be studying his videos.
Q: How do you feel about fighting at Featherweight?
I've been at that weight, but never fought at it before.
I'm looking forward to it and am nervous about it at the same time,
but it will be a great fight.
Q: How do you feel about going for the title?
Sakuraba: Sorry, I can't think of anything.
In the end, I plan to challenge Aoki!!
Q: How will you bring the energy back to fightsport.
Inoki: Honestly, I plan to blow the other New Year's out of the water.
And we'll have the fights that will bring in the fans.
We'll get a good crowd and great ratings. TBS is thinking that ad well.
Q: So you can bring the power back ?
Yes! That's the most important part!
The title of the show is The Power of Courage so be brave!
And the great Rikidozan brought dreams
and courage to fightsport after the war.
And we, as his progeny must carry on his legacy!