TRAILER MUSIC LIVE - Concert Series 2013/14

Uploaded by pietschmann88 on 25.09.2012

Hello to the fans of "Two Steps from Hell"
and all who love "Hans Zimmer"-like,
epic, high energetic, orchestral music.
My name is Patrik Pietschmann, I'm the founder and
Creative Director of the German
"Filmharmonie Frankfurt".
The basic idea of this relatively
young film and studio orchestra is
to bring together aspiring professional,
highly motivated musicians, singers and sound engineers
from several colleges of music
to realize high-quality recordings and concerts
in the fields of film and media.
So, after various projects
we are currently planning our biggest:
performed by a 100 piece orchestra and choir,
featuring a professional rock band
with a lot percussion and electronics,
we want to make the dream real
and bring the music of "Two Steps From Hell"
to the stage.
The biggest thing of course
would be a tour through
different countries and several continents,
but that is up to you.
As you may know, "Two Steps From Hell" was
founded by Thomas Bergersen and Nick Phoenix
and it became the most
famous company for trailer music.
Well, if you like the "Hans Zimmer"-Sound
you will love the music of "Two Steps from Hell".
The music can be described as the
high-end cinema sound from Hollywood.
It's the fusion of classical and
popular music elements what fascinates
and that's why we believe that
this music must be performed live,
so close to the original as possible.
To realize this dream,
we're working very hard at the moment,
writing the arrangements,
organizing the musicians,
looking for concert halls, and,
the most difficult thing, raising money.
I remember back to our first project in September 2011,
when we decided to make our first demo recordings
of some of my compositions
with a number of 80 musicians,
10 sound engineers and a camera team.
It was an absolute non-budget project.
After that we had several concerts and recordings
with smaller orchestral settings,
mostly paid by the customers.
In case of the upcoming project,
the "Two Steps From Hell" Concert Series,
we found one way how the dream can be real:
it's called Crowdfunding.
Well, what it actually means is, that
everyone who is convinced of the idea,
can help to realize the project
with a minimum of support.
There are three great things about crowdfunding:
First of all, you can support the project
with donations from 1 €
and you also get something in return.
The second thing is that
it's all or nothing, meaning:
if all the money is raised,
the project will be on and you'll get your rewards,
if not, you'll get your money back.
The third thing that is really cool is that
with your support it becomes more likely
that one of the concerts will
take place in your country.
So far so good.
You'll find all necessary information on this webpage
or you can just ask us via facebook,
send an email, contact our team,
just get in touch.
In any case, don't forget to press the "like"-button.
Help to advertise this project,
we are so looking forward to realizing it.
With your help, we can make it happen.
Thanks for listening.