South South Bronx NYC 2012 Afrika Bambaataa

Uploaded by zerodeath10 on 17.12.2012

We have the nation of the Islam,
You have The Ansaaru Allah Community,
The Al Saayid Imam Isa Al Mahdi Al Haadi better known as (Dr, Malachi Z.York)
You have salsa
soca, calipso, reguee, merengue
you have the black power movement,
you have the white power movement,
You have police
Who was doing the same thing they were doing back then
Doing the same thing right now
Police brutality!
You have good cops
You have bad cops
We have rookie players
Everywhere except for
The areas where they were known as the houses and development projects
You have organize street families by the name of
Black spades the savage the seven immortals, the jaguars the peacemakers
And then some
You have your white organizations
The brown scallions
Something like the ones you see in the movies
In the warriors or the wonder hoods
You have people who work every day in our community
As well you have people who work on drugs
With all these,
And the teachers of the most of Mohamed
dr yunk
And the music of James brown the god, not the godfather
Because he was the king of soul
And when he went to the godfather he did not noticed
He was the god of music the great side of the family stone
John palace funking dleing climpton
Willy colon
Ray vardector Tito Puente
The falange all start
This was formed what we called the universal Zulu nation
That runs through my mind
2012 you got a doctorate that was presented to you by Cornell University.
Please tell us a little bit about that
The people at Corner University invited us a couple of years ago
Grand master caz, henry Paul, myself john consul, grand wizzard Theodore
They decided to have me come back to speak
And they put on me, a professor, but I can do this from day ne
With all my people from in the street
What u thinks the state of hip-hop is in 2012
And where did you see the direction of it going
Because I know.
You say there was a need for a hip-hop a united hip-hop front
And I want to know how u feel about that, and where do you see the hip-hop going
Most people today specially in the media
When they said hip-hop
They truly don’t understand over stand what’s
Most time when they say hip-hop
They just talking about the rappers,
they forget about the bboys
the bgirls
the dj the mc
and the fifht element that holds all together
knowledge culture and overstandar
many of this are checka from the meka
hiphop and r&b is b.s into the people
cause when i go to this radio station
they cant wait for me to believe
because when they say they are hiphop
i challenge them
if you are a hiphop radio station
where your funk
where is your
mighty bass
where is your gogo music from dc
golden music
soca reguee hot
all this formaly music
hiphop music
and its all
was made of other music from it today
you if say hiphop and r&b
stop playing the same 10 or 15 records all over
and all over again
you gonna same the same crap
they lucifarians who has step into hiphop
that they want to control the masses
of all people
they want you to be silly bitches
No underground but in the ground