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Hey guys, it's J&P Sports again.
Today we have the Adidas F50 Adizero MiCoach Review for you.
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Everyone has his own taste.
So we can't rate it for you.
Colors are glowing much more than on pictures.
Great looking, in my opinion.
Mention: There is a leather and a synthetic version.
Also on the leather-version, only the toe-area is leather. Rest is synthetic leather.
Most pro's wear leather-version, so I decided against synthetics.
Great comfort from the beginning. No blisters or something like that.
No problems on artificial ground despite FG-version.
New SprintWeb sits closely to feet. I like.
Goleo-Calfs-Leather in fore-foot area is very comfortable.
But: No protection, because of thin material.
At first, I often turned my ankle.
In conclusion, very comfortable boot.
Don't know about synthetic-version.
Boot offers great control ...
... because of the thin upper.
Especially good touch with the leather-area.
Nearly perfect control ...
... whether it comes to passing, crossing, shooting, or dribbling.
Good power-transfer ...
... especially in the SprintWeb-area.
But still precise shooting.
Bit difficult to give the ball much swerve.
Ball is going where you want it.
Mostly ...
220$ (250$ for MiCoach-Bundle) is much money for football boots ...
... but search for better prices! I got it for 170€.
Very good workmanship.
I think if you're searching for a good offer, it's worth its price. Also because of the MiCoach-System ...
Cool feature.
You place the chip under the innersole of the left shoe.
Go to your training, or just play with your friends.
Afterwards, take the chip out, connect it with your computer.
Stats are uploaded almost automatically.
My stats from the first time.
You can see the distance you moved, how fast, how long, nearly everything.
Cool to start a competition with friends ...
... or even to compete with the stars.
You try to give more in trainings, just because of the stats.
Working perfectly.
Positive: - Weight (around 165 g) - Comfort - Touch/Shooting
Negative: - No Protection
All in all, allmost a perfect boot ...
MiCoach-System is a very cool feature. 54 00:08:20,00 --> 00:08:2400 Maybe less protection could be a problem for defenders or fighters.
Besides that, I would recommend it to everyone, great work of Adidas.
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