re Danish Lesson PART 12 - a weird mix!

Uploaded by Tiwaking on 23.09.2011

Hi and Good Day!
This is my reply to learn Danish with me part...
New Zealand Facts
Wellington is New Zealands Capital
the biggest city is Auckland
with one million people (1/4 the population)
Both Wellington and Auckland
lie on The North Island.
I have pictures for you
One ladybug
A car
A hedge
A rubbish bin
A bench
A table tennis table
A brick wall
This is a stone wall
A lamp
A container
A bicycle
A stone
A nail
A river
A peach tree
A post box
A bamboo bush
A road
A stick (and Jazro!)
Thanks for the Danish videos!
Good bye
I want to sing Ronja Rövardotter
But I sound sooo bad. So
I am sorry