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Episode 12 Part 2
That Sansu-Dong Wolf or Dog,
He looks like a dried anchovy.
Even I can sing that well.
How could he act all high and mighty?
If he was all that great,
he should have already become a singer.
Don't you think so?
What that person said, don't take it to heart.
It was obvious that he was acting like that out of jealousy for you.
Ah, but...
How did you know that he was playing it half a key lower?
Lee Tae Ik, are you by any chance... What was that?
Ah! Do you have perfect pitch?
Not your hand.
Give me the keys to your scooter.
I'll be back after I get some fresh air.
Just like this...
You are going to give up Full House and leave?
Who said that I am giving up?
Without you...
I will start from the beginning and get it all back on my own.
I will get it all back.
I can do it.
Can you get it back?
Lee Tae Ik ...
you haven’t gone off somewhere, have you?
Are you inside, Hyung-nim?
Kang Hwi Hyung-nim!
Ah! It’s so noisy that I could die!
Kang Hwi Hyung-nim!
You were in.
Excuse me for a moment.
Hey, what's this? Why are you coming in here?!
The President told me to watch you carefully and make sure you don’t run away.
Even so. How could you come into the sauna wearing dusty clothes?
Are you talking about my clothes?
Excuse me for a moment.
What? Excuse you? Hey! Hey! Bae Go Dong!
Never mind!
Go out! I will go, too.
If you do this kind of thing,
does it make you happy, Hyungnim?
Gold powder is sprinkled all over your face.
That precious thing on your face!
The price of gold is crazy these days.
Hey, Baek Go Dong!
Seriously, why are you being like this?
Are you really going to follow me around like this?
I told you.
The President told me to watch you 24/7.
What? Surveillance?
Hyungnim, please don't yell.
The gold will fall off! The gold!
Ah, Aishhh!
the President told me not to
even take one step away from you.
Why would I take it so far?
If I get on the wrong footing
with the President again this time,
I will really be fired.
If I get fired from here,
I have nowhere to go.
And, I have no place to sleep.
Would you be happy if I was on the street, Hyungnim?
I swear.
Even if you don’t follow me around like this, so that you won't get fired,
I'll never escape.
Really, hyung-nim?
Instead...there is a condition.
The President is not in now as he is away at a meeting.
Ah, yes. Really.
If you bring me one thing,
I will make sure you never get fired from the company.
What would that be?
A cellphone.
Are you asking me now...
to search the President’s office
Who asked you to search it?
I just asked you to look for it and give it to me.
That is exactly the same thing.
There are so many eyes in the company.
How can I go into the President’s office secretly?
How do I know where the cell phone is kept?
And how can I . . .
Forget it, if you don’t want to!
Instead, I'll do whatever I want.
And whenever I want,
from the early morning to late at night.
I don't care if you'll get fired.
I'll go wherever I want, and
and I will disappear as I please! So just know that.
Seriously, why are you doing this to me, Hyungnim?
Will you get the cell phone or not?
It is a really old 2G phone, so it really stands out.
You can find it easily.
So don’t worry too much!
Kang Hwi hyung-nim, why is he making me do this?
It was definitely around here somewhere.
Aish, where is it?
Oh, found it!
What are you doing here?
I asked what you are doing here.
Kang Hwi hyung-nim...
asked me to bring this to him.
He said he has to return it to the owner.
Leave it there and go.
I can’t.
Kang Hwi hyung-nim asked me to bring it back.
Are you in your right mind?
You dare defy me in order to listen to Kang Hwi?
Can’t you grasp the situation?
It is I, not Kang Hwi, who gives you a salary.
That is why you are taking care of other people’s business and you are still a road manager.
Do you know that?
President promised...
If I work hard as a road manager for a couple of years.
That you will let me make my debut.
You are going to become a singer with your looks?
Don’t you even see the audition programs these days?
There are tons of good-looking, young kids who sing well.
Which person would make you a singer?
Even if it isn’t for you, there are plenty of people waiting in line to be a road manager.
If you want to remain by Kang Hwi’s side for a long time, do as you are told properly!
How dare a road manager!
You’re right!
I am just a road manager who doesn’t know who he is.
That is why, I will definitely give this cell phone to Kang Hwi hyung-nim.
That is my job.
Baek Go Dong!
If you leave like this, you will be fired immediately!
Don’t you know what it means to defy me?
I can make it impossible for a fellow like you to come back into this business!
How did you end up like this?
What do I do now, hyung-nim?
I don’t know why I did that.
I was completely out of my mind. I was crazy!
How could I have done that, unless I was crazy?
That too, in front of the President, of all people!
That’s enough. Stop it.
How could a guy cry over something like this?
I really didn’t know that the President would do something like that.
When was it he who coaxed me into becoming a singer?
I’m fired from the company.
I am kicked out of my lodging, I have nowhere to go.
I really just want to die, hyung-nim!
Hey, punk.
How can a guy say that he wants to die over such a petty thing?
This fellow.
Hey! Wipe yourself.
It’s a good thing.
Anyway, I was thinking of getting you out of there.
Go Dong... You...
Will you trust this hyung and follow me?
Will you trust this hyung and follow me?
Hyung-nim, will I be living here from now on?
Go Dong!
Wait a moment.
Go Dong. I vacated my room!
Let's go.
What is this? Why are you acting like this?
Hyung-nim! I really wanted to see you!
Hey! What is this luggage?
Ah! That is…
Tae Ik.
That is…
Oh! Senior Manager!
Go Dong?
For the time being, Go Dong and I...
I was wondering if we could stay here…
I will be receiving the investment soon.
So, at the longest, it will be one month.
That is not something Stylist Jang can do as she pleases.
She needs to get her Grandpa’s permission.
It should be okay.
My Grandpa doesn’t turn away guests
that have come to our home.
That’s a relief!
Actually, if not for this place, there is nowhere we can go.
Thank you, Stylist Jang.
And, this . . .
What is this?
First, with this, pay off the debt to Lee Jun.
No. How can I accept such a huge amount of money?
Ah! This is nothing at all. Take it!
First, you need to put out urgent fires.
Hyung-nim, did you vacate your room because of this?
It just happened.
How can I accept that kind of money?
Put it away.
I started this thinking we are a family.
If you reject this, I will be saddened.
Stylist Jang, let’s first solve the
Lee Jun problem with this.
Jang Man, did you borrow money from L.J.?
No, that’s not it.
The contract last time.
The settlement for using the photo.
Lee Jun, that jerk, said that if Stylist Jang doesn’t pay back the money,
she has to return to U Entertainment and work according to the contract.
What are you talking about?!
It was all solved with the engagement.
Why is he saying that now?!
But, Lee Jun, that jerk, is insisting that a verbal contract is ineffective.
How could he say such nonsense?!
I will take care of it, so let’s go!
Tae Ik, sit down.
If something like this happened,
you should have told me first!
What is this? You made me an idiot!
I would have told you if it was
something you could have resolved.
But now...
If we confront him, it is to our loss.
We have to look for a solution calmly.
Please sit down, Lee Tae Ik.
Hyung-nim, please sit down.
The investment is going to come in soon.
If Go Dong, I, and Stylist Jang prepare really hard,
we can succeed magnificently.
So, Stylist Jang, think of it as
living expenses and accept it.
Even so, still…
How could I take such a huge amount of money?
I will try to solve the problem with the President somehow.
There is no need to worry about it so much…
Take it!
Since it was because of me,
you had to suffer in front of
people over the engagement.
There is no need to be dragged around by L.J.
Give him that money and end it!
Lee Tae Ik…
Yes, do that.
Instead, I will make sure you earn hundred-times more and include interest.
Will that do?
Tae Ik, this fellow!
Thanks to Stylist Jang, you've become mature!
You even call me, hyung!
I will also do my best!
If there is anything you need me to do,
just tell me, Eldest Hyung-nim!
Younger Hyung-nim!
You were crying your eyes out because you got fired.
You were just whining and now you're talking big?
When was I whining?
Even though I look like this, I am a Marine
who even catches ghosts!
You crazy!
Wow! Shocks!
Hyung-nim, what is this
first thing in the morning?
If you want to live in this house,
it’s a must-do.
If you fall out of favor with Grandpa,
we will get kicked out!
Do your best!
Wow! Tae Ik, that's awesome!
You’re cool, Lee Tae Ik!
Lee Tae Ik!
You’re pretty good.
Lee Tae Ik, did you ever learn hapkido?
When I was younger, I learned a little bit from my father.
He had a black belt in hapkido.
Your basic skills are good.
the basic of martial arts is to train one’s physical fitness to protect oneself in all situations.
In the future, those who slack off in their training or sass around because they have basic skills,
won’t get any breakfast! Do you understand?
Once again! Where there is a way!
There is a will!
Why did you fire Go Dong?
You’re asking because you don’t know?
If you hadn’t made Go Dong do something like that,
it wouldn’t have happened.
Then you should have said something to me.
Why Go Dong?
The most important thing a road manager does is to manage his singer.
Someone who doesn’t do his job properly, we don’t need him in our company!
Then, so that I can also concentrate only on work, please take care of what I requested, President.
What? Stylist Jang?
Yes. Without Stylist Jang, I won’t work!
Hey! Won Kwang Hwi!
Yes, President.
Call Stylist Jang!
I understand.
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MIss Jang Man Ok has arrived.
Oh! Stylist Jang!
Come, sit here.
Bring some tea.
No need, I will be leaving soon.
Is that so?
Never mind, then.
When do you plan to start work?
The sooner the better.
I won’t be coming to work.
Now, the debt I owed you, I have paid it all, haven’t I?
Calculations need to be done accurately.
If you break a contract, paying the penalty
is the standard in the industry.
Three-times the contract fee.
You need to bring the penalty, too.
Then, I will terminate this contract definitely.
Really, you are too much! How can you be this extreme?
If you continue to be like this,
I won’t sit back and be kicked around!
What are you going to do, Stylist Jang?
My close friend is an entertainment reporter.
The workings of this company that
I saw while working as a stylist here . . .
And the things you said to make Lee Tae Ik and me to get engaged,
I can reveal it all to the press.
Stylist Jang, are you joking with me now?
Based on what evidence? And who will believe what you are saying?
If you want to, go ahead.
If you write it, it'll be troublesome.
But I will sue you for defamation.
Then, do that!
Even if I don't have evidence, if that rumor spreads,
it will be
a blow to you and the company.
If you want to take it to the end, go ahead.
I have nothing to lose. So, there
is nothing much that I'm afraid of.
But, it’s different for you, isn’t it?
Look here, Stylist Jang!
I'll be leaving now.
Do you think I am doing this because I really need you?
This is all for Kang Hwi.
That Kang Hwi has a serious problem.
Do you know that?
I don’t know what you are trying to say, but I don’t trust you.
I'll be leaving.
Now, all sort of useless people
are making me mad!
How dare you threaten me?!
You complete con!
Rude Bastard
How did it go?
Everything has been taken care of well.
Then, there is no longer a reason to confront L.J.?
Yes, well...
There is nothing to eat.
No, just...
How could there be not even one single fruit in the house?
Organic salad, organic fruit...
Or at least organic juice... Isn't there any?
If you look carefully, there should be apples in the fruit/vegetable compartment?
Is this really organic?
The hue...
It doesn't look like it.
You were quiet for some time. Why are you crying for organic stuff again?
These days, my gums are completely sore.
Because of a malicious landlord,
I haven’t taken any vitamins!
On your way home, buy some organic
vegetables so that I can have some salad.
Ah! Also chicken breast! Ones that weren’t raised with antibiotics! I request!
Lee Tae Ik, you're living in someone else’s house.
Usually, then you just eat what is given to you.
How could you have a list of requests?
You should have a sense of propriety!
Fine! I will do some shopping before I come home.
You, instead, clean up the place!
Ah! He is so fussy!
Then, Tae Ik is in that woman’s house?!
What? Then, Tae Ik is in that woman’s house?
Hey, Jang Man! Throw this away!
Tae Ik.
This doesn’t make sense!
You… are you the Tae Ik that I know?
Come with me right now!
Everything that you want, I will do it for you!
If you want to make a comeback, do that!
If you want to get back Full House,
then I will do that for you, too!
leave this place right away with me!
Stop it!
How much more do you have to act
any way you want just to be relieved?
You and I, there is nothing going on
between the two of us anymore.
have no more feelings left for you.
Why on earth?
Why are you doing this?!
because of that woman,
Jang Man Ok or whatever…
you are doing this?
That’s right.
It can’t be!
You are still angry at me! That is why you are doing this.
Lee Tae Ik, you…
For a mere woman like her…
You gave up Full House and left?
You’re asking me to believe that now?!
Don’t lie!
It’s not a lie!
For me now,
more than Full House . . .
The person next to me.
It is more important for me to protect her now.
I got over you a long time ago.
you should also stop it now.
It’s not over for me yet.
will never give you up!
♪ When I see your lips.
♪ I can feel your touch.
♪ If you approach me, my dream.
Jin Se Ryeong?
Jang Man Ok, apparently you find something like this a lot of fun.
Keeping a top star in a lousy place like this!
Making him clean up
and playing house with him!
Do you think Lee Tae Ik is your equal?!
You should have a conscience!
Or at least like me,
you should speak frankly and say that you want him!
Using his weakness and
locking him up in a place like this.
What are you doing?
Lee Tae Ik is cleaning up?!
Look here, Jin Se Ryeong!
You act like you are the kindest person on earth!
You don’t know that you eventually
hurt many people, do you?
I hate people like you the most!
Are you Candy or what?
(Heroine of the manga, “Candy Candy.”)
Why are you going from one guy to another,
shaking up their feelings?
Then, Jin Se Ryeong, are you Eliza?
You find it fun to play pranks on people
and belittle them and hurt them?!
Hey, you!
Don’t say “hey, you” to me!
And don’t speak bluntly to me!
I haven’t done anything to warrant
hearing something like that from you.
So watch what you say!
If you speak like that once more, I won’t stay still!
So it doesn’t matter?
Whatever happens to Won Kang Hwi,
it doesn’t matter?
Of course.
Since you are busy playing house with Tae Ik,
you would have no interest in
Won Kang Hwi’s condition, right?
There is a problem with his eyes.
Won Kang Hwi can’t see!
Didn’t you understand what I just said?
Won Kang Hwi is becoming blind!
♪ I miss you and I miss you and tears fall down.
♪ Tears fall down and spread on my chest.
♪ I blankly laugh again.
Jang Man!
Jang Man!!
♪ I miss you.
♪ You still don't know, do you?
♪ I miss you and I miss you again.
Ah! It’s cold!
What is this?
You said your eyes were tired. Place this on them.
It’s all right. I am completely fine.
Why is your arm like that?
Ah, this?
It’s nothing.
I have a slight case of nightblindness.
I slightly banged into something
on my way up last night.

Thank you for being next to me when I was having a hard time.
Even in the future, just as now,
will you be by my side?
Jin Se Ryeong!
Turn off the lights!
Quickly turn off the lights, Jin Se Ryeong!
Don’t you hear me?
Kang Hwi-nim.
You can’t … see me?
You are being deceived by Jang Man Ok.
Why she left you and went to Won Kang Hwi...
Aren't you curious as to why?
You won't go anywhere, right?
I will definitely get it back.
This house,
and even Jang Man.
Without telling me, coming here and doing this.
Come here quickly!
Is it because of Kang Hwi?
Man Ok, can you come to me now?
Why are you dong this?
I am going to tell you now,
Won Kang Hwi's secret.
I... like you.
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