Fall Commencement 2012

Uploaded by UniversityTennessee on 18.12.2012

Chancellor Cheek: Chad Holliday is an accomplished Tennessean who is firmly
committed to advancing business, industry, and society. We are
proud to award him an honorary degree from his alma mater, and the
flagship institution of the state. President DiPietro, members of the Board of
Trustees, Dean Davis, it is my honor to confer upon Charles
O. Holliday Jr. an honorary doctorate of engineering.
Holliday: When you graduate from this university, you can compete on the
world stage with anybody, from any time, any place. Stay connected
with this university. It's moving up. It's great today. It will be
better. It has big ideas. And one of the greatest rewards you have is
staying connected over the next decades. Thank you very much.
Cheek: Remember, you're a Tennessee graduate. You're always a Volunteer.
Stay involved with us, stay connected, and invest in your university.
I wish you much success as you leave the university and become productive citizens.
Student Natalee McReynolds, singing the Alma Mater: So here's to you, old Tennessee
Our Alma Mater true
We pledge in love and harmony
Our loyalty to you.