Nendoroid Generation ~Its Befriending TIME~

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The Game Tournament
Nendoro Forest
Participants must register in teams, huh... Hmm...
Seems kinda interesting, but asking someone to join me would be too awkward...
What's everybody up to, guma? Could it be... a festival, guma?
No, it's called a Game Tournament. Teams of 3 do a bunch of different things, apparently.
"Here at Nendoro World, we want to bring a smile to everyone's face. There's always a fun event being held somewhere!"
Oh, that sounds interesting, guma! Gumako also wants to join, guma!
I-Is that so? Well, I don't really care either way. But if you insist, I suppose I could team up with you.
Oh! But Gumako was supposed to go to the shrine! She almost forgot!
Jeez... Well then, quit lollygagging and get going!
Will do, guma. See you~!
What's with that girl, anyway? Getting my hopes up like that...
Louise! Have you already found a team?
Nanoha... No, not yet. Actually, I'm still thinking about whether I should participate.
Oh, really? If you don't mind, would you care to join us?
Hm... wait, WHAT!? You still haven't found enough members?
Nope! So, we'd be really happy if you'd be our partner. Right, Millhi?
Yes! Miss Louise, please join us!
I-I see... Since you put it that way, alright then. I'll join your team!
Thanks, Louise!
Let's hurry and register our names.
Looks like we apply over there. Let's go!
You're here to apply for the Games, right? Please sign your names here.
Our names here? Okie-dokie!
By the way, Miss Illya, what sort of games shall be held this time around?
It's quite simple. You must work together and get past obstacles to reach the goal.
Obstacles? What do you mean? What do we need to do?
If I told you that, it'd ruin the game, now, wouldn't it? It's a secret.
Yeah, I guess so... Oh, well.
It's alright, there's nothing to be scared of. It'll be fun.
Yes! I can't wait to play!
The meeting place is that way. You can begin whenever you're ready.
All right. Let's be on our way.
(Staff) The games start here! The rules are simple: pass a series of trials and reach the goal!
The rules make it sound like it's gonna be easy...
Could it be... Louise, are you afraid?
M-Me, afraid? No way!
We'll be right beside you, so please don't worry!
I already told you, I'm not afraid! Were you even listening?!
If the three of you work together, you can overcome any obstacle! So, try to have fun!
Okay! Come on guys, let's go!
Yes! Let's get going!
Hey, wait...! We don't know what's out there, so be careful!
Nendoro Forest - Entrance
Attacker | Attacker | Performer
Character Equipment Item Mission Option
>Character< Equipment Item Mission Option
Character Skill: "Top Form" When at full power, attacks do more damage.
Magical Wand Magic Academy Uniform Magic Academy Skirt
Basic Move: Swing Hit (Lv.1)
Character Skill: "Top Form" When at full power, attacks do more damage.
Character Skill: "Full Throttle" During combat, when low on HP, attacks do more damage.
Raising Heart Barrier Jacket Barrier Jacket
Character Skill: "Full Throttle" During combat, when low on HP, attacks do more damage.
Raising Heart Barrier Jacket Barrier Jacket
Basic Move: Swing Hit (Lv.1)
Character Skill: "Full Throttle" During combat, when low on HP, attacks do more damage.
Character Skill: Princess Song Increases the Tension Gauge.
Princess Outfit Princess Outfit
Character Skill: Princess Song Increases the Tension Gauge.
What's the matter? Did something happen?
Perhaps that is our first trial.
That's our first trial? She's just standing around like a dummy.
(Hunter) You three seem very close.
Huh? What are you doing!?
Are you angry because she said you were "standing around like a dummy"?
I-It's MY fault!?
You three are close friends! I must defeat you!
Wa-wait! What's going on?!
This is a trial!
Do your best!
I'll do my best!
Swing Hit Deals damage to minor enemies, lowers Evasion.
Swing Hit
Pop Song Heal all ally Attackers' HP.
Spin Spin Dance Boosts 1 ally Attacker's Evasion.
Pop Song Heal all ally Attackers' HP.
Spin Spin Dance Boosts 1 ally Attacker's Evasion.
>Spin Spin Dance<
Here goes!
Now it's my turn!
Here I go!
Evasion UP
Here I come!
Here I come!
Try this on for size!
Oh, no!
>Swing Hit<
>Swing Hit<
>Pop Song<
Try this on for size!
Here goes!
Oh, no!
Good work, everyone!
(EXP 80)
Acquired Items: Energy Capsule 1 Heart Cookie 1
Wa... waaah-! We lost!!!
Ah! Hold on, guys!
And there they go... They challenged us all of a sudden and said they were a "trial", but were they serious?
If team members don't work together, they cannot advance; maybe THAT's what this was about?
Oh, I see. That must be it!
Well, aren't YOU easily convinced?
But why else would they attack us?
Besides, battling together is fun!
Well, when you put it like that... Alright then. Let's cut the chit-chat and keep moving.
Yeah! Everyone, to the goal!
Quiz time!
Oh my! The next trial's a quiz!
There's 1 cake. But, there's 3 of you. What should you do?
1 cake for 3 people? Of course, you'd...
Of course, you'd cut it into thirds so everyone can have some!
I agree. But is there another answer?
Huh? Really!? But I could've sworn that...
Thirds...? What a boring answer...
Why would you share? Wouldn't you rather have it all to yourself?!
Why? It'd taste better if everyone had some cake!
I agree with Miss Nanoha. Also, how would you decide who gets the cake?
You'd have to do Rock, Paper, Scissors!
By fighting! She who beats the other two wins it all! Just like this!
I'll do my best!
>Swing Hit<
>Swing Hit<
Millhiore is storing spirit energy!
Here I go!
Evasion DOWN
Get set... Go!
Here I come!
Here I come!
>Pop Song<
Just leave it to me!
>Spin Spin Dance<
Now it's my turn!
Evasion UP
How do you like this?
Nanoha Takamachi, going in!
>(Focus Attack)<
Try this on for size!
Costume GET!?
Costume GET!?
This can't be...!
We did it!
It's 'cause we're getting stronger!
A resolute heart beats within my chest!
Citizens of Biscotti, rest easy!
Acquired Items: Energy Capsule 2
Wait right there, Illyasviel! What's the big idea, attacking us like... Hey, she's gone!
Ow ow ow... Huh? What was I doing just now?
The quiz, of course!
Towards the end it didn't feel like a quiz, though.
We were the victors, so is it alright to proceed?
Huh? Oh, yes. Please, go ahead.
They were acting a bit strange... Do you think they're OK?
And they're not the only ones acting strange, I think.
That may just be part of the game. For now, let's make our way to the goal!
Mission Clear!
Reward Cash 200G
EXP Bonus +50 points
(Clerk) Oh, a customer?
(Clerk) Who me? No, no, I'm no one suspicious!
As of today, I'm a member of the "Nendoro Dept. Store" staff.
I received consultation from the mansion to use this space for commerce.
We have many useful items and clothing, as well as wonderful accessories, so please stop by.
Nendoro Manor - Entrance