Dave Jewell - Valentine Senior Stories

Uploaded by RoseVillaInc on 04.06.2010


I rushed up here
because this is a story of childhood love.
"A Crush on Violet"
Violet was a pretty girl
in our third grade class
I had a crush on Violet
but I was too shy to even talk with her
was very much like Charlie Brown's
crush on that little red-headed girl in his class
wondering if I could ever get the courage to talk with her.
She gave me a Valentine card
I've never
gotten any kind of a greeting card from anybody outside of my family
let alone from a pretty girl,
and I wondered if she meant it when she signed it "with love."
Could she have been secretly in love with me?
Oh my heart jumped!
Now being emboldened by her card
I asked her if she really meant it
by writing "with love."
She replied
well I just put that on all my cards.
I was sad, and I lost my crush on Violet.
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