Healthy Eating on the Go Part 1

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Hello, my name is Diane Goddard, and I'm an
Eastern Illinois University graduate student studying
family and consumer sciences.
Today, I'm going to talk to you about healthy eating on the go.
First of all, healthy snacks are good for you.
They are important in providing good nutrition and in
helping you to get the vitamins and nutrients
that you need on a daily basis.
Then it's also good for keeping you going throughout
the day so that when you start running out of energy,
it keeps you going.
Then, it's also important for supporting life-long
healthy eating habits.
It also helps prevent overeating, which can
lead to health conditions such as obesity, cancer,
heart disease, and diabetes.
Snack options on the road would include things like
the convenience store or the gas station, rest area
vending areas, vending machines, and you have the other option
of bringing the food with you.
Examples of healthy snacks include fresh fruits and
vegetables such as apples and oranges, and
bananas are great, too.
One of the perfect things about them is they come in their own
package and they're easy to go.
I just suggest washing your fruits that need to be washed
ahead of time, drying them, then putting them in a little
plastic bag to take with you.
Vegetables such as carrots, celery, cucumbers, pepper
slices, and cherry or grape tomatoes are also great snacks.
You can purchase things like apple slices with yogurt dip
and carrots with ranch dip already at the store.
They also have celery sticks that are pre-packaged as well.
You can also purchase pre-sliced carrots or shredded carrots that
make it great for little kids because they love the little
things to hold on to, and then they don't get too big of a
bite in their mouth, which would be a choking hazard.
Popcorn, such as Act II with light butter,
is also a great snack.
It provides some fiber in the diet, plus it's also
really filling because you can eat anywhere from
2 1/2 to 3 1/2 cups, and that's a lot of popcorn.
Then you also have the 100-calorie snacks such as
this one here by Nabisco, and they're great that they provide
100 calories, which is about what you want for a snack.
The only problem is there's not very much in the bag, so that
might not be a great snack for taking on the road with you.
Go-Gurt tubes are great.
You can freeze these ahead of time and take them with you, and
even if they're not completely thawed the kids still love them.
And just to let you know ahead of time, when you take foods
with you and they need to be refrigerated, or you want them
chilled, you want to remember to bring gel chill packs
to keep your food cool.
Then there's also pre-packaged fruit that's great if you're
stopping at a roadside table where you can take out a
fork and a spoon and open these up, otherwise these
are pretty messy in the car.
You don't want spilled juice all over the place.
Then, another thing is, crackers are great, especially Triscuts.
You can easily put them in little snack-sized bags which
makes it great for taking with you whether it's in a backpack
or just sitting it in the car and having the kids sitting
next to them, or keeping with yourself until the
kids are ready for a snack.
And granola bars, one caution about granola bars.
Some of the granola bars out there are really high in fat
and are really high in sugar.
What you want to look for is one that has reduced fat and reduced
sugar, that way they stay within that 100-calorie range.
And here's another 100-calorie snack pack for nuts.
These are great, they have some fat in them, plus they provide
a great source of protein and a little bit of fiber.
Small boxes of cereal that are high in fiber and low in sugar
are great things to take with you.
They sell the little single serving packages of cereal
at the store as well.
They're a little bit pricy, but it's an option that's available.
One tip for planning for healthy snacks on the go
is planning ahead of time.
You have to make sure you go to the grocery store and
shop carefully and read the labels on the packages.
It's better if you do this ahead of time before you
take off for your trip instead of just rushing to
the grocery store and grabbing something, so that way you
have the ability to make better choices and you can also
bring your kids along with you and let them help you choose
some of the things they would like to eat.
That way, you know they're going to eat it and they can
also help package the stuff when you're ready to go.