Culture Japan Night! May 2012 Subtokyo 102

Uploaded by Subtokyo on 12.05.2012

Tonight we were planning to have some tournaments (for Moekana) with you all
but looks like we've run out of time to actually do any tournaments...
So instead I would like to give away these...
The tournament card! Camera Zoom!!
This is the tournament card:
"Shougakusei" [Elementary School Student]
A very important word in the world of otaku culture. Here our Haruka-chan is cosplaying a Elementary School Student.
Normally to obtain this card you need to through weeks of heavy tournaments...
But today, can you believe it? We're giving it away for free, FREE!!
HOWEVER! ...However
Just having this card will do you no good so, to people who bought Moekana
those who already own it or to those who bought the cards here at Good x Tetsu
please come see these two, Steve Nagata and... those guys your Moekana cards and
SHOUGAKUSEI-CARD will be yours for free.
Even without being in tournaments, it'll be yours. Thank you.
This card is in this pack, the one Japanese word most foreigners learn first, Oppai.
And Next...
Today, Kinari-San... Bushiroad Head Kinari is
NOT here...
But thanks to boss Kinari, Mirai Weiβ Schwarz card has been made! Drawn by Shirahane Nao Sensei!!
Which it turns out she just...
MIGHT be present...
Mirai Weiβ Schwarz card is in here so get the booster pack, you're guarenteed one.
OK! My Ste-Ma (Stealth Marketing) corner is now complete.
Ste-ma my ass!
So, Me and Utaco-chan. When did we first meet?
...When was it again?
What caused our fateful encounter?
It was my past work as a candidate for the Good Smile Company who makes these figures.
Yes that was it. Not sure if we're supposed to talk about it... or can we?
Utaco also comes to us as Decomas (Decoration master) and is a lovely person
And her voice is just lovely, to me she's like an angel. and just so very lovely so
We asked her to voice Mirai-chan.
Not only does she sing but she does the narration of Mirai-chan on the show.
Her voice is just so adorable and....
Thank you very much!
And from here she'll be making a Full Album
"Full Album" "FULL ALBUM!?"
"Shizuku's leisure fortune!"
"Choose just one!"
"Try calling or texting your family!"
"If you're living away from home use your time off to rediscover"
"...and take in the atmosphere of the place you grew up at"
Could you tell us what kind of manga that is?
Using Love-Comedy/Romance style genre its a manga that teaches the Japanese Constitution!
It's a bit moe style and uses comipo! so it has a bit of a 3D style to it.
It's a fun and interesting experiment. Please check it out!
@Tomcatmega -san, on twitter. in charge of here! I had a dicussion with her about
Asking if we can have this party every week from now... and GUESS WHAT!?!?
She said "No"
But to say the least I'd like to do this event around once a month.
So tonight I didn't get to speak with everyone but come next time and we shall.
So guys, it happens to be 10PM now and... There's a shop owner here.
And there is actually a shop owner boss above this shop owner.
So this shop owner, she needs to get us to go home. Otherwise she may be fired.
And if she gets fired, we won't be able to do this every month. And that'd suck.
So, "GET OUT" is not what a kind shop owner would say but...
So we are going to bait you out with something. So if you leave now...
you will get a SHOUGAKUSEI.
Again this WAS supposed to be for the tournament and only for people who
bought moekana but FOR TODAY. To prevent the owner from getting fired...
And in order to be able to do Culture Japan night every month here...
We'll bait you to the front desk. The cute girl and the ikemen guy. They have them.
So on your way out make sure to say-
"Shougakusei Kudasai" [Elementary School Student Please]
MOEKANA!! THE CARD!! THE CARD!! Obtain the tournament card.
It's probably dark outside right about now so please be careful and...
don't talk to weirdos and get going. and so SHOUGKUSEI-
I mean the Shop owner- she's glaring at me from over there so...
let's not get her fired. Everyone please retreat as soon as you can.
So thank you everyone for tonight. THANK YOU! �