World is Ending So You Should Buy Gold! Anne Trimble Interview

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David Pakman: Anne Trimble is CEO of Southlake Gold & Silver. She also writes the blog
Anne, really a pleasure to speak with you today.
Anne Trimble: Well, thanks. It's nice to be here.
David: You've been a follower of Bible prophecy for some time, and you have made the case
that there is actually much to be determined about the economy and the future of the economy
when looking at the prophetic puzzle. Can you explain that a little bit to my audience?
Trimble: Sure. Scripture tells us very clearly that in the Last Days,a world ruler is going
to arise, and as we've pieced it together, we can tell from the Book of Daniel that,
you know, the last empire that was going to come about has reemerged with their 10 toes
being the Europian, you know, Union. And the economic piece, Ecclesiastes 10:19 tells us
that money answereth all things.
David: And do you see that as a clear indication that people should be investing in gold and
silver? I mean, link the two together, which I know you do sometimes.
Trimble: I really do. The latest book I've written is "God's Answers to our Economic
Crisis", and it's God's view of money versus man's view of money. Gold and silver are stores
of real value. And as we see the euro and as we see the dollar, you know, declining
tremendously in value, God would desire that people own something of real substance, which
is what gold and silver are. That's why he created them, in Genesis 2:12.
David: So to be clear, and there's just so much here, and so we need... excuse me if
I need to take it a piece at a time, gold and silver, you're saying, have an inherent
value which was created by God, and that there would be no other reason for gold and silver
to exist other than God wanting people to own them?
Trimble: Basically, yes. That's why he created them, was for bartering purposes.
David: OK. And you know, my concern with that is that gold in and of itself really only
possesses the value based on mankind's desire to possess it. I don't know that God really
has anything to do with it. I mean, if mankind were not interested in gold, it would really
have no value at all. If people decided, you know, rice and beans are really incredibly
valuable, then those would be more valuable, and gold wouldn't be. So this idea that there's
this inherent value to gold is kind of one of the top 10 known misconceptions about gold,
isn't it?
Trimble: Well, I think the whole perspective has to be couched in the fact that practicallyi
speaking, in our world, gold has value. I mean, that's why people want gold jewelry
and they want, you know, silver, you know, real-silver, whether it's candelabra or anything.
David: Now, did God create the markets, or did God just create gold and its value and
people created the markets?
Trimble: Well, obviously, you know, people created the markets. I'm trying to equate
the fact that gold and silver in and of themselves have value.
David: Now, is it true, Anne, that you actually, because of your Bible study and knowledge,
you were able to warn your clients before the 2008 crash, and what did you-- how did
you know to warn them, first of all, and did you recommend they buy more gold?
Trimble: I did. I saw it coming, because I'm... you know, my background is journalism and
David: Right.
Trimble: And so I knew the political piece, and I've been watching the spiritual piece.
There's three pieces that are developing simultaneously, so that's...
David: Can you go into a little bit... you know, my concern with gold... I have a lot
of concerns with gold, to be honest, and one of the concerns is that so many, and when
I say "so many", I would say nine out of 10 would be an understatement, of the gold vendors
are selling people, number one, they are recommending these kind of collectible and rare coins,
and when they're, you know, using a doomsday scenario similar to yours where the world
is ending type of thing, you're really only going to get the melt value for gold, so spending
lots of extra money on these rare coins to me is like just burning dollars. I might as
well just throw them out the window, maybe at least somebody would catch a few of them
and be able to get some food to eat, if you know what I mean.
So that's one concern with gold. Do you recommend these rare coins? I mean, what does Southlake
Gold & Silver offer?
Trimble: Well, that's a great question, and I'd like to address just what you're bringing
up and one... take it one step further.
David: Yeah.
Trimble: You know, the company I originally started doing business with, now I have a
Scam Watch division of my company, because the company was taking people's money and
not delivering their metals for sometimes years.
David: OK, and so I guess my question that I'm going back to is do you agree that it's
a terrible idea, if you're talking about this doomsday scenario where the financial markets
fall apart and paper currency is valueless, you're throwing money away by buying anything
other than just basic bullion?
Trimble: Well, let's look at another aspect, though, and that is the first Depression,
you know, they confiscated bullion, but they didn't confiscate park collectibles, which
are numismatic 20-, you know, -dollar Libs, things like that, the pre-1933 park collectibles.
I mean, I'm not into rare coins. You know, there's a lot of misinformation in the gold
world based on all the ads out there on television.
David: I think a good question also to ask is if the world is ending, if we are close
to the end, why do you need gold and silver anyway?
Trimble: Well, the reason people need to own gold and silver, particularly, I mean, we're
not there yet, but it's coming soon...
David: How soon, also, by the way?
Trimble: Well, you know, there's signs we're watching for, and, you know, there's going
to be a world leader emerging, and he's going to require people to get a mark in order to
buy and sell.
David: He? So you're sure it will be a man?
Trimble: The Bible calls it a... the Beast, that's the literal word.
David: OK.
Trimble: So we'll see how it plays out. I'm not one of those, like Anna was in the temple
in the Book of Acts, she knew her Messiah was coming.
David: Right, and but... so how... I mean, we've had a lot of these predictions made.
We had, you know, Harold Camping, how many times has he predicted the end of the world
at this point? Shirley Phelps-Roper, in the context of telling me that I'm an evil Jew,
predicted the end of the world a number of different times. And every time they're wrong,
and then after they're wrong, they never come back on the show, when I want to say hey,
what happened with that date?
I mean, give us a sense, are we talking... could this be a week? Do we have a couple
of years? Are we talking 30 years before the end of time here?
Trimble: You know, that's a great question.
David: Thank you.
Trimble: And you know, being Jewish, I have a great friend, he's a Sumerian Jew, and he
has an entire presentation using the Old Testament as to why Israel's been reborn and why the
Messiah's coming.
David: Yeah, you know, I mean, I think a lot of people are being taken advantage of, you
know, not necessarily by your company, but by companies that claim to do a similar thing,
help people hedge against the possible fluctuations of paper currency, and I think a lot of people...
you know, nothing... the price isn't going to go up forever, so the idea that this is
a sure bet, we've heard about sure bets before, so I worry about the people being taken advantage
of and putting more than 10% or 15% of their money into gold and silver. That's my real
concern, Anne.
Trimble: Mm-hmm. Well, and you know, I work closely with, you know, some very prominent
economists who are calling it the demographic winter, and their projections, including Harry
Dent, are that, you know, by the spring of 2013, the market could go down to 3000, so
David: All right, well, we'll see. You know, I think in the ultimate doomsday scenario,
I don't think it's going to make much of a difference, if that ever does come to pass.
We've been speaking with Anne Trimble, CEO of Southlake Gold & Silver,
is the website. Thanks for joining us today, Anne.
Anne: Thanks a lot. It's nice to be here.
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