Scott Stringer, NYC Mayoral candidate, on 5 April 2012

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We have the most ridiculous conversations about public education,
The adults should start understanding what's happening in the classrooms and we've
gotta make sure our kids get an education. So stop fighting among yourselves,
and come over to a comprehensive education plan that works for all of us
we need to talk about this environment if we're going to be a green sustainable city. We have
to build this movement not only for the top-down but from the bottom-up and
part of what the next
mayor of the city has to do
is fan out into all of our communities
every one of them
bring this city together. Plan together. Work together. Stakeholders around the table
building this city, all of us, hand-in-hand that's where our campaign is going to be about.
We're going to challenge assumptions. We're gonna offer suggestions.
We're going to continue to speak to policy that will impact this city. And when we speak truth to power,
We're going to come with a coalition of people of different backgrounds from all five
boroughs of who want progressive political change
in this city because, it's coming
It is coming and its going to come to all of us
So I am very excited tonight
that hundreds and hundreds of you are with us
to begin what I believe is going to be a very exciting journey.
You see,
if you think about the next twenty years
by 2035
we're going to grow this city by a million people
and by 2030
we're going to speak perhaps over two hundred languages in this city. It's amazing.
It's the UN right here in our neighborhoods.
and by 2025,
it's possible
It's possible that Mike Bloomberg may not run for re-election!
So, we gotta get it together Democrats! We gotta create our policies, have our discussions, build our movement
create a better city. It is up to us to get to that high standard for the people we
represent. I want to be your candidate! I want to build that coalition!
Let's do it together. This is only the beginning. I thank you all for being with us
Enjoy the night.