Scrapbooking Tutorial #22: Adorable 5 Year Anniversary Card in 12 Steps

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Hello, YouTube viewers!
Welcome to my 22nd scrapbooking tutorial.
On today's episode I'm going to show you
how to make this adorable anniversary card.
If you stick around, I will give you
all the directions you need to
create this card for your sweetheart.
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Scrapbooking is the best way
to capture memories and
make them last a lifetime
But how do you get started without spending a fortune?
Pages for the Ages is here to help you out!
For those of you who have been watching
the Pages for the Ages tutorials,
you have probably figured out by now
that I am married and my husband and I celebrated
our one year anniversary this week.
So, that was very exciting!
(Crowd cheers)
For our anniversary, I gave my husband
this handmade card and he said
I could go ahead and share it with everyone.
So, it's a very simple, accordian style design
and it does stand on its own.
What I did with the card was
I attached double stick tape to the last panel and
stuck it onto my gift that I gave him
so then he was able to kind of
open it up while it was still attached to the gift.
It ties together with red string
and basically,
you can adjust this to fit
any anniversary that you are celebrating.
I know that the title of this video says "5 Year Anniversary",
but really, you can add as many panels as you want
and just adjust it to whatever year you are celebrating
with your sweetheart.
So, yeah! This is what the card looks like
when it's pulled out.
Here are the supplies that you'll need
to create this card.
Here we are at my work space.
The first thing you will need
are some pictures of you and your sweetheart.
I found six different pictures and
each picture represents one of
the years that we were dating or the year that we were married.
Like I was saying before,
you can modify this to whatever
anniversary you are celebrating.
If you're celebrating three years,
then just pick out three different pictures
and we can work with that.
When you print out your photos,
you want to make sure that they are about two inches across
and no larger than three inches tall.
So, I'm going to cut these out
and then we will move on.
Next, we are going to create the base of the card
using some white cardstock.
I'm using textured cardstock and
so when I do my measurements
I want it to be on the backside that is not textured.
You might just want to keep that in mind.
It's also a good idea to use a pencil while you
are creating your markings because,
I mean, they can flip it over
and see the back. So, just use a pencil and erase it
when you're done.
We want to mark it so that
it's three inches wide
and it's going to be twelve inches long.
so, let me cut out two stripes.
Each one is three inches by twelve inches.
I'm sorry for all the international viewers.
I know that you probably can't stand
this American system of measurement,
but I promise --
There you go! There are the measurements,
right there, that you would need
and you can always just modify it to kind of fit the metric system.
Okay. Now I need to make sure that
this one is three inches across.
It's just a hair over.
Let me just trim it down a little bit.
Now I have the two stripes.
I want to fold this like an accordian
so I need to make some hash marks
to show where I should fold at
and in this case we want to
mark every three inches.
Using my twelve inch ruler,
I'm going to mark three, six, and nine.
Let me do that on both sides really quick.
You'll notice that I'm marking on
this side and the other side.
I just do that as a precaution so that I can make
sure that I'm folding a straight line.
Three, six, nine! Wohoo!
Alright. So now, if you have a scoring tool...
Like, some people have these cutting boards that you can
trade this blade out for something that does scoring.
That's great, but you know I'm scrapbooking on a budget here
so I'm just going to use my own
folding skills to make sure...
what I"m doing is I'm lining up those two hash marks.
There's the hash mark and there's the hash mark.
I'm just lining it up, making sure that everything is straight
and then I'm pressing down and
what that will do is create a three inch by three inch square.
Doesn't matter which way you fold it right now.
We'll go back and fix that later.
Alright. I have them folded and
what I need to do now is attach these two stripes
and that's going to do is give me
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven panels total
and what you'll see from mine is that
I had the heart on the front.
Then I had my six pictures and
then on the end I had little thing that says,
"My love for you grows with every passing year."
So, like I was saying before
this is the part where you need to modify it.
If you are celebrating fewer anniversaries,
double this up so there's not as many panels
or cut some off.
If you're celebrating more anniversaries,
go back a step and create another strip.
So, I'm just going to use some adhesives really quick
and I'm going to put these two panels together
so that it makes one continuous strip.
Alright! We have that step done
and I have folded it in such a way that you
can see it makes the zig zag pattern.
It's going to fold up nicely and
right now let's work on the front cover.
On the front cover I had this little heart
and it said, "Happy Anniversary!".
We are going to do that really quick
so you'll need your piece of red cardstock.
If you have the Creative Memories heart shape, this would
be an ideal use for it.
I just used the...uh...
red blade to cut it.
If you don't have that,
not to worry. I understand what it's like
to be scrapbooking on a budget.
I think the easiest thing for you to do
would probably be to go online and find
the shape of heart.
Just do a little search for "heart shape".
You should find an image of something that you could use
and just print that out.
Oops. It's getting a little stuck there.
I should've recut it, but
I'm not actually giving this one to him.
It's just kind of demonstrating how I did it.
Now, I love to do handwriting on my cards.
As you can see, I printed that by hand.
I mean, a lot of people are intimidated by
their own handwriting and you really shouldn't be,
but I can understand that some
people just don't have the best calligraphy.
Usually I use a piece of scrap paper,
not the actual card and I
just kind of use that as a guide - as a ruler.
I did this one in all caps.
The goal is to go slowly
and usually I start off writing thin
and I go back
and I make it darker by going over it.
But, um, yeah. If you don't want to write
it by hand that's fine.
Maybe print that out
or find some stickers that you could use.
Happy Anniversary.
You can say, "to so-and-so",
"to my dear husband",
"to the love of my life."
Alright. So, I'm going to go spend a few minutes here
just going over what I've written
making sure it's nice and dark
and evening out anything that might be uneven.
We're going to pretend that I finished writing that,
but moving on to the next step.
What you want to do is adhere your heart
to the very first panel and
I usually, like, put it at an angle.
Unfortunately, with that bump,
it does make it harder for the card to stand up.
so, it's up to you if you
want to flat - just, cut it off at the bottom or
if you want to trim your heart down so then
it maybe fits within the panel,
but that's just an artistic choice that you can make.
So, adhere your heart down
and then we're about half-way done.
Alright! This is looking pretty good!
Something that I forgot to mention
is that you want to put your photo to the
right hand side. There's just not a lot of space
so if you put it in the center,
you won't have room to write
what year that was from unless, of course,
you want to write it on top of the photo.
That would be an option too,
but the way I did it is
I centered my pictures to the right
so that there would be room for me to write
the year on the left.
Also, I went ahead and
outlined my pictures with a acid-free marker.
You could do that.
You could add little doodles such as dashes, dots, etc.
I had a whole tutorial on that last week.
The link for that is up here in the
upper left-hand corner, if you want to see
the previous tutorial.
But, yeah. So, those are different ideas for
how you can make this your own.
Now, if you're doing a five year anniversary,
what I would do is leave this last one blank, obviously
so you would have five pictures.
For myself, I what I did on
the final project is, I added a hint of red
and I thought that that really pulled together
the red that was on the front page
and I wrote the phrase,
"My love for you grows with every passing year."
So, um, that's what I would do for this last panel.
Just take a strip of red paper
and add that under your photo
or make that your entire last panel if you like and think
of a sweet phrase that you could say.
I kind of liked this phrase
about the love growing through the years because
you're showing pictures of you and your sweetheart and
every year that you've been together.
The last thing to do is to add the ribbon and
for that you will need your hot glue gun cuz'
that's really the best way to secure it.
I don't know. I just kind of "eye balled" it.
I didn't really measure out,
but I think they're both like three inches long.
so, just get a strip of ribbon --
Actually, this is string, not ribbon.
Ribbon would be much better,
but I'm just working with whatever I have and
the best place to do this is,
just pull up your heart,
and to adhere the first piece
right there in the center.
Just "eye ball" it.
Make sure you do NOT burn yourself.
Wohoo! This is dry.
Now you can see, it's really on there tight.
On the back, you want to do the same
thing right in the middle, but
what I would do is
find a piece of white paper
so that you can cover it up
just like I did on the example so that it doesn't show
when you flip it over to the back.
A little dot of glue.
Press that down. Be sure not to burn yourself!
And then, put your piece of false paper on top.
It doesn't have to be very big,
just enough to cover it up.
And, we are done!
You have all of your pictures inside.
It's ready to be tied into a bow
and given to your sweetheart.
We've finished our card.
I hope that it was helpful.
If you had any questions,
don't hesistate to post them in the comments below and
I will be sure to answer your questions.
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