Boyfriend - I Yah mirrored Dance Tutorial

Uploaded by mirrorHD on 10.01.2013

Boyfriend "I Yah" Choreography Tutorial
I'm your boyfriend! Hello, it's Boyfriend!
Today we are gonna show you our repackage album I Yah's main choreography points.
There's 3 main choreo points! Oooh. 3 of em! O_o We are gonna teach you all the 3 main points today!
Okay, I'm gonna show you the first one..
First sexily -- like this, move your hand down Oooh Aaah Aigoo! >.<
Kwangmin is gonna show you the 2nd point.
First hold your head like this. Aiyaa! It hurts! (JM) You're hurting cuz she's leaving? (KM) Head aches..
Ooh head-ache dance! I like this name!
We just saw Kwangmin show the 2nd point! (JM) Ooh so cool.
Now we're gonna show you the 3rd point.
Our 3rd point is between singing parts. Going there there there, behind each other---
Five, six, seven, eight..
(sideways guys, please! >.<)
Yeah we showed you our 3 main choreo points. How was it? How was it?
They say it looked cool. Ooh, aaah, thank you!
We hope keep an eye on our I Yah promotions And show us a lot of love!
This has been BOYFRIEND!
(subbed by mirrorHD. sorry, skipped a few bits cuz of my bad Korean)