Sushi aus Fimo: Norimaki 則巻アラレ Lachs/Avocado - Modellieranleitung [HD/deutsch] (EN-Sub)

Uploaded by DAoCFrEak on 08.10.2012

To the reels and lets go!
Take your Fimo stuff and we tinker some sushi norimaki together. Alligator pear
with salmon.
You just need some Fimo colours and a knife.
Start with orange Fimo and cut it.
Suitable to the salmon you need green Fimo for the alligator pear.
Now it is time to prepare the rice. You will need two kinds of white Fimo. One
has to be white Fimo-Classic and one Fimo-Effect-Transparent. If you bake the
Fimo-Effect it will be diaphanous and you can see many small rice grains.
Embosom the white Fimo with the Fimo-Effect-Transparent so you will get a
clear rice grain.
Are you done with the rice it is time to assemble the sushi.
Now it is time for the cyst of alga. Take black or dark Fimo and emobosm it with
the rice. Cut off the endings to get a clear result.
Role the sushi to vanish the air holes and you did it!
Mhhh delicious