SRW Z2.2 Stage 60 Events Subbed; Part 2, Final fight

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When it comes to this appearance, the memories of battle come rushing about.
Friends! Stars! Galaxy! Dimensions...! My fate... my responsibility is still now over...!
...Do NOT disappoint me!
Power of regeneration...!?
Is this really all you've got!?
He's strong...! Completely incomparable to what he was like during the Destruction Incident!
The fate and responsibility he's shouldering for the coming battle... Is it giving him all this power...!?
...You all... You seem to be misunderstanding something.
What'd you say!?
My strenght is my strenght alone! As if it had anything to do with my responsibility or fate!
You...! So you're not fighting for the sake of your responsibility and fate afterall!?
Your strenght isn't for for the sake of the hope you were entrusted upon!?
...Ha ha ha ha ha! Ahahahahaha! AAHAHHAHAHA!
Don't make me laugh! You bunch of half hearted naive romantists!
What's supposed to be so funny!?
It's no wonder I feel amused! The power of you who I had my eyes on wasn't supposed to be like this!
Throw away ethics and morals! If you wish to get things done then you cannot always choose the means!
Don't put us on the same category as yourself, who live exposed by his desires and ambitions!
If you want to say my way to live is evil then you are free to do so! But I shall have you realize!
Evil itself is what gets things done! Those ambitions itself are where its origins lie!
Don't go our of your way to make MY FIGHT into heartwarming story! My fight is my own fight!
You bastard...!
What an a laughingstock! To have been lured by your strenght, I'll be too ashamed to meet Asakim with a poker face anymore!
Fate? Responsibility..? How long do you think I'll actually follow through that kind of moldy fate!?
I only fight for my own sake! DAMON are just simply something like stock to bring me conquest!
That kind of thing....!
After eating up Insalaum I became even stronger! Next is your turn, ZEXIS!
You...! What do you even think a human life is!?
I also put my life on the line. The terms were fifty-fifty.
Oh I see... what a splendid new theory. 'If you're prepared shot yourself then you can just do the whatever the damn you please shooting around everyone else'?
You'd say reasoning like that ahead of the very people you turned into DAMON!?
It doesn't matter a damn thing. Those things already lost their human consciousness a long time ago.
You...! You....!!!
Humanity's hope?! Don't make me laugh. You are only using the power you were granted to fulfill your own desires!
Didn't I already tell you. My strenght is my own. I'll use it however I want.
When I have such a power. It'd be only a waste to do nothing let it rust.
I might have been saying elegant things but in the end I'm only the same as Uther Insalaum.
In the history of the galaxy for someone to get their hands on two spheres is not that common.
For the first one, one gets astonished by its power. For the second one, one awakens into the pleasure to use their power.
You must have seen it. The prince who was drunken by the power of the Spheres trying to trample down the entire world!
And not just Uther. All the people in all worlds are fond of fighting.
Treize, Milliardo, emperor of Britannia, Dr Hell, Wiseman, Antispiral, the king of darkness, Invedar, Vajera... all of them
Which is why I live as my heart commands! By the way of life called battle!
Shut your mouth, you fiend.
I've no intention to defend Uther or what he did. No matter what circumstances he was still our enemy...
But... I'm a softhearted person with princible of peace-at-any-price. I don't plan on whipping on someone who has already died... and who took their responsibilities seriously to the end.
That someone being someone who I didn't really hate then all the more...!
Too naive...! For people that soft to stand against me!
It's not a treat! It's only for the winner to have the privilidge for sympathy and pity!
You son of a bitch...!
Don't even think you can win against an enemy who you feel sympathy for!!
If you don't want to become part of my army then fight with heart all the way to death!
That guy! Saying what he pleases!!
Who would listen what you have to say!? We are us, noone else!
And that is fine! Leave out the small details and come clash with all your might!
Fill your bullets with hate! Swing your sword with hatred! With love! With bravery! Come! Use whatever you want and burn your fighting spirit!
That is the battle I'm hoping!
King of destruction... no, General of Dimensions Gaiou! As you request, we will be your opponents!
But you know! We have no intention of chaning our our way of doing things... nor our way to live!
If that's the case then try and win! That's everything!
Don't even let your guard down for a second! If you lose, I'll eat up all the 500'000'000 citizens of Insalaum afterall.
And next up will be Earth! I'll wrap that planet into the flames of battle!
And when that's over, I'll just go to another dimension and continue battle with all my heart!
For starters I might as well begin with the world the people from ZEUTH came from!
You'd even involve our world!?
Like we'd let you spreading around war like it was your hobby!
No matter who you are, your existance is an enemy to us!
We'll stop that ego! With our strenght!
With our thoughts!
With the wishes and desires granted to us!
Seems like you finally got on the mood! Attaboy, ZEXIS!
Yeah! Both of our hearts are at their climax!
Lets do it everyone! With all our might!
Lets make this Mars' ZONE into Asakim's tomb!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! Your cause of defeat will be provoking us to get serious!
Only way left to settle this left is by battle!
Lets go! This is the final showdown!
Final attack point, confirmed. Target... General of Dimensions Gaiou!
Come! This is the world of battle I had hoped!
That distortion... Will be destroyed by us!
To protect this world...!
We will bring you down!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! Lets settle this!
Did we do it...!?
Yo.. You're still up for fighting!?
I've used up my everything. I have no regrets...
Shooting star burns out... My long journey is over...
This was a good battle.
I have no more regrets... I feel sorry for Asakim but, this is the end for me...
Just wait! Don't get satisfied all alone like that!
If you're going to die, then at least tell us about the upcoming disaster!
There is no need to worry.
So you'll tell us everything, right?
You who were able to defeat me... I'm sure you will be able to do it.
What's that supposed to be!?
Even in the end swinging us around like that!
After all, I'm just a fallen hero who had been drunken by battle.
Violation System... Revive Cell... Makes no sense for me to use things like that and to be the hope of the future.
And more than anything, since it became to the point where I even started finding enjoyment in battle itself.
To be able to name oneself a true protector, one needs to shoulder the thoughts of others, and to understand that pain.
The galaxy is filled with battle you cannot even imagine...
Someday the disaster will surely arrive. It's inevitable an era of battle will follow an era of peace.
It might be a war... or it might be an outside invasion. You can never know.
But be sure to remember. An eternal peace is not something anyone can ever promise.
You are...
No matter what comes, don't lose. Now that you were able to defeat me, I expect that much of you.
Listen!... Do not give pity or compassion for your enemy. If you decide to deny evil then get past that hesitation and carry out the justice inside yourselves.
Don't forget. For someone to shoulder something, losing even once is not allowed.
And protect... This gentle and ugly world.
Just wait!
Shut up already. Now that my long journey is finally over, let me at least welcome it with silent feelings.
The name of General of Dimensions in the beginning of my struggle... And the name of Gaiou that I received from my friend in the end of the struggle...
I am General of Dimensions Gaiou... My entire existance was together with battle.
Don't lose, warriors... You are truly hope of the future.
... I just wanted... to eat... a hotdog ... once more...
General of Dimensions Gaiou...
A hotdog? Don't make me laugh. Living as he pleased until the very end!!
He... I wonder what he was trying to tell us...
Who knows...
"Who knows"... hey!
But in the end we still won. This brings the battle to an end.
Even thought just like he said, we won't know how long this peace will last.
We will make it last! Like I'd let things go like he said.
Treize, Zechs, Schneizel and Uther, Gaiou..
They all might've used different methods, but all of them wished for peace in the end...
And now, that peace is finally becoming a reality
Nevertheless, when battle breaks out again...
We will fight. No matter the opponent.
Until then, it's breakup for ZEXIS.
In that case, it'd be better to stay dissolved.
Yeah. Team ZEUTH also seems like they get to return to their world.
Frontier fleet will also depart to the galaxy.
Everyone's returning back to the way they were living before.
But it's still going to be tough. Earth is still in chaos after all the fighting that has occured
From tomorrow our fight won't be just destruction anymore. More like regeneration.
Looks like the world is about to move again.
Yes.. towards future.
By the fight here on Mars. The battle of ZEXIS is over for now.
Mission end, confirmed.
At the same time new operation target confirmed.
Time to return to Earth I suppose. Each and every one for the sake of their own battles.
(Farewell, Insalaum... Farewell, General of Dimension Gaiou...)
(You might've been strong but an enemy even stronger is waiting for me on Earth)
(But now that I won against you, I can't lose this fight...)
(Just wait... debt... I'll settle everything once and for all once I get back)
The answer is obvious!
I am Celestal Being's Gundam Meister! I destroy this world's distortions!
I know of you, Celestial Being! How you've tried to change the world!
Let me give you a hand! By completely destroying this world!
This man is...!
None of your business, Gaiou! This world doesn't need any more battle!
Gaiou... You are also supposed to be fighting for the sake of protecting something.
But you've forgotten that fate and responsibilities, and your existance is only aiding and backing up war itself!
If that's the case then what're you gonna be doing about it!?
Does he only intend to wrap the world into even further battle!?
You! Are you only thinking about using that power for fighting!?
That's my way of life.
It's no use, Loran! That man only believes in strenght and power!
If it's an opponent that cannot be reasoned with words...!
...There's no choice but to fight, Loran!
That's right! Don't say anything unnecessary and come!
I will... I will fight to protect lives with the power I've been entrusted!
Gaiou! I will stop you!
You who have forgotten feelings and thoughts are only fighting with your strenght!
But, that strenght is something that doesn't lose to anyone! That's what I am... General of Dimensions Gaiou!
Power without feelings is just violence! Your existance is spreading battle in the world!
Which is why... I will...!
That's it! Show me that resolution!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! I will stop you! With this power of feelings!
Come! Man of Spiral! Let me see if you've got it what it takes to challenge the center of the universe!
The destination you're headed is the same as mine! Lets make this enjoyable, sibling!
That self-indulgance! Looks like it's even worse than when we fought on the shadow moon!
Don't mind him, Simon! Get him!
Go, Simon!
I know you can win!
...That's how it is. So what're you gonna do, Simon?
It goes without saying!
I can feel it, the heights of your power! We really are of the same kind!
You don't get it, Gaiou! You've been drowned by your own strenght, lost your goals and looks like have completely become like a lost child.
Someone like that cannot defeat me! ...I am hole digger Simon! While drilling I only advance straight forward!
A man who has pierced through anything, no matter the opponent!!!!!
Throw away that composed mask of expression! Without using that heat sleeping inside of you, you won't be able to win against me!
I can't stand the way you gaze others from above like that!
We will fight you on our own way!
And, certainly win without fail!
To protect this world where our important people live!
Good! Isn't it simple afterall!
To be expected this much, I'll have no choice but to give my best it seems.
Are you prepared?! Lets go!
I accept your challenge, General of Dimensions Gaiou!
Exceeding the beast, even exceeding people, to reach what lies ahead it seems it will still take some time!
If you're thinking about provoking us it's useless!
Even without doing that our battle instincts have already been ignited a long time ago!
To defeat the great evil that is you!
Lets just say as expected of you! Your wildness is to me is the greatest prey possible!
If you're thinking we are going to let you hunt us obediently like that then you're greatly wrong! We are beastly military secret unit afterall!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! You will be our prey instead!
Amusing! Contest between your wildness and my wildness!
Lets go, Gaiou! Lets settle everything here!
You're good! Even on galactic level you contain the qualities of the strongest warrior!
Are you talking about newtype abilities?!
I've seen similar powers all the way around galaxy! And I've defeated countless people awakened to that power!
This is not a power for fighting! This is a power for understanding each other!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! You should also be the same! I cannot accept you who only uses that power of yours to battle!
If you're going as far as saying things like that then try and defeat me! If you end up losing, you don't have the right to say or do anything about it!
It goes without saying! I cannot let you disturb the possibilities of humanity!
That's some good fighting spirit! Your soul is riding those wings!
I fight betting my entire life! To protect my precious people!
Do it along with singing and dancing, Alto!
Go, Alto!
If you have something to protect then fight betting your entire life!
That is our fight!
I know!!
Show me! The way your heart flies!
Lets go, Gaiou! These are my wings!!
I can see it. You've also here being resolved all the way.
Now, my song is the song of battle.
All members, rouse yourself! Lacus has gotten on the mood!
We will also go, Lacus!
Eternal, advance forward! Ones who spread battle will be stopped by us!
That giant! Looks like there's worth in crusing it!
Is he really going to challenge the Shin Getter Dragon from the front!?
Quite an idiot. Or does he really have that much confidence in himself...!?
Both! I will show that to you!
Man who has lost the way to use his own power...! General of Dimensions Gaiou!
We will finish you! With this Shin Getter Dragon!
Do it if you can! My journey of endless battle still continues!
I know, overman! You won't be able to live without being inside the same kind of battle as I do!
Tell him, Chirico.
We might be the worst kind of soldiers but at least we don't find the same kind of enjoyment out of it as he does.
What I want is not words! I want you to show me your power!
I refuse.
I decide how I live by myself. I have no intention of listening to you.
And if you insisnt on hindering my way of life. No matter who you are, I will simply fight you.
Show me! The power that can even give birth to stars!
Gaiou! We'll answer to your wishes!
Our Sol Gravion's full strenght shall be your opponent!
With all of our hearts as one!
Are you ready, everyone?!
Yes! Ready when you are!
Gentlemen of Gran Knights! The time of the last battle has come!
Now is the time to entrust everything to the Gravion, and strike down the great evil!
Go, Touga!
Lets do it, everyone! Throw our everything at him!
Come, star creation machine! If you insist on giving birth to stars then I shall be the one to pulverize them!
Lets go, Gaiou!!!
Gaiou! I have no intention of asking anything more about what happened in your past...
...but as you are now you're unmistakably evil. In the world I long for your existance is unnecessary!
In that case what are you going to do about it!? One who possess the power of the kings!
I will no longer use my Geass. I will fight with my own power alone!
Zero! I will also be with you!
As will I! And C.C. as well!
If you're counting me in your head count then I suppose I'll have no choice but to come along it seems.
To gain something after losing something... I'm envious of you.
Be silent, Gaiou! At this point I have no intention of listening to your whining!
That's great! That's exactly what a man standing before me should be!
I, Zero command you! General of Dimensions Gaiou!
Begone and disappear from this world along with your battles!
Be careful Ryoma! His strenght is several steps ahead of what it was when we fought him on the shadow moon!
You drew out my power! I'm grateful of you for being able to fight at full strenght!
He...! He's a monster beyong monsters!
I thought you'd say that! Warrior chosen by the Getter, Ryoma Nagare!
As I thought... He knows about the battle of Getter in the unfolded space!?
The past and future don't matter! Ones here now are just us and Gaiou!
That's right! Come with all your might, Getter!
Goes without saying, Gaiou! I don't know what kind of monsters you've fought or how long you've been fighting but...
You will be finished here! As long as us and Getter are still here!
That's great! So that strenght of yours comes from casting aside all of your hesitation!?
Don't mind him, Heero!
If he wishes to fight then there's nothing but to accept his challenge.
Go, Heero! Take him down and stop all this fighting!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! You are our enemy!
Outsiders stay quiet! This is fight is between us two!
...Gaiou. You're the same as I used to be, not knowing anything but battle.
Which is why I will defeat you!
Just what I want! Show me your strenght!
Final target confirmed... Target, General of Dimensions Gaiou! This will end everything!
For WILL and humans to pair up...! This is something to expect great things from!
Well aren't you something. To be able to enjoy this kind of situation.
Man who has exceeded the demise of the universe... General of Dimensions...
But, that long journey will be ended here!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! The disturbances of war that you give forth will be sweeped away by us!
To face me with such a meagerly armed warship...! I have a high opinion of such a fighting spirit, Celestial Being!
We have fought to change the world! We've already come this far towards that goal!
Like we'd let someone preposterous like you ruin that!
We are Celestial Being!
We fight those who back up war!
Ptolemy, maximum battle speed! This is the true Last Mission!
You've become strong, Marguerite.
I am ArkSaber! I will not forgive a demon such as yourself who brought our motherland Insalaum to ruin!
Prepare yourself, General of Dimensions Gaiou! For the sake of all Insalaum's people... For his highness, I will defeat you!!!
I feel sense of affinity just looking at you.
Don't joke around like that. My heat is completely different genre from you.
That's not what I meant. Your true nature is ______ destruction.
Don't say it, boss. Say any more and my wrath will pierce the heavens!
Your wrath meter is already out of scale!
Isn't that convenient! I shall have you show me everything you've got! Sphere reactor!
If you really want to see it that much I'll give you a huge discount service! Me and Gunleon will beat your twisted nature back to shape!
Not bad, Aim! To collect this many Sphere Reactors into this world!
No need to say anything unnecessary. I'm just happy with the way I am now.
As fighting like a savage spirit!
In that case I will stop you! For the sake of the people who you entrust you hopes on!
General of Dimensions Gaiou! That that sadness of yours will be ended here today!
Sphere Reactor! Your element(power) has gotten considerably higher since the last time I saw you!
I pray you won't end up like Uther Insalaum and get drowned by that power!
I'm getting tired of you, just shut up. Now that we've come this far there's no need for unnecessary words anymore.
Us and you...! The settlement from the fight during Destruction Incident, we'll settle it all here and now!
That's right! If you don't defeat me here, you will not be able to live through what comes after this!
What happens after later can be worried about later! Now I will offer my everything to defeat you here!
Lets go, General of Dimensions Gaiou! By defeating you, at least all the fighting will stop!
I will have my freedom once we return back to Earth!
This is the final stage! I'll sing to my heart's content!!
Basara, you...!
Naturally, you don't seem to understand the situation we're in!
That's great! My heart is getting thrilled!
That man... He is able to understand Basara's song!?
That's great, Gaiou! Looks like you're getting into the swing!
Yeahh!!! You too!!
Lets go, Gaiou! LISTEN TO MY SONG!!!!!
Forget about all the fighting!! Listen to my song!!
Good song! Even my soul is trembling!
Ha ha ha ha ha! Looks like your fighting spirit is the only thing adult about you, little girl!
That's what my main merit is! Only to challenge with what I currently have!
I've taken liking into you! With spirit like that I'll grant you a position in my army!
No thank you! I will never forgive the DAMON who took the lives of my mother and father!
And of course the one who gives birth them as well! Lets go, Gaiou!