Bad Business

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JESSE: On this episode of American Chainsaw...
Chad is a big time rock star.
KERRI: Chad Stokes!
CHAD: How much does this cost?
JESSE: I'll do it for free.
KERRI: You're going to be in trouble.
BETH: Out of everybody, he could've paid for this.
What the hell is he carving?
JESSE: Dad, please step back.
JAY: I don't want any part of this.
MISSI: What does that mean for us?
KEITH: Yeah, we do not work for free.
JESSE: Have I ever let you guys down before?
I am the Machine Jesse Green.
A couple of years ago,
I walked away from my job as a truck driver
to chase my dream of owning my own business
as a master chainsaw sculptor.
I took a huge risk in doing it,
but the rewards of being my own boss
and doing exactly what I want to do are so worth it to me.
My employees, including my own dad, drive me crazy!
Get back.
But I can't do this alone.
I'm living my dream.
And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Alright, let's go.
Do it the right way.
Don't do it at the speed of light with the wrong key.
My band Fevah Dream is here today practicing.
Sometimes we get together in the morning to jam before work.
It's nice, just puts you on a much more rocking wavelength
first thing in the morning.
Now, Brett.
JESSE: Don't drop this. It doesn't weigh too much.
I've been carving chainsaw sculptures now for 15 years.
And I used to do it all by myself.
Give it a big hug. Come on, muscles.
But now the business has grown and I've got a whole team
of family and friends working for me.
Show us how it's done.
BRETT: How many bears is this going to make?
JESSE: Just seems like everybody always wants bears.
The thing I get asked to carve the most are bears.
And I'm about to carve another.
BRETT: Yeah, you get beared out a little bit.
KEITH: It's unbearable.
JESSE: Honestly, I think I can probably do it blindfolded
at this point.
It's not that I get zero enjoyment
out of carving them either,
it's just that, you know, I still got to make money.
JAY: Sounds like the, uh...
[phone ringing]
BRETT: That's not a very tough bear.
KEITH: No, it's like the black sheep of bears.
JESSE: Hello, Jesse Green. Really?
When do you want to get together and talk about it?
Well, I'll be damned.
A very interesting potential new client
wants to meet with me immediately.
This could be a big deal.
Sure. Where you at?
Tough luck, Mr. Bear.
You guys man the fort for a little while.
I got to make a quick run. Why don't you come with me?
JESSE: Dad, do whatever you want to do. I'll be back.
JAY: Where you going? JESSE: Sherborn.
JAY: I usually go with you.
JESSE: You're not missing anything, just hang out here.
I'll be back.
JAY: I always go with Jesse to meet new clients.
That's part of my job.
But for some reason he doesn't want me tagging along this time.
KERRIN: So where are we going?
JESSE: Do you know who Chadwick Stokes is?
KERRIN: Yes, the lead singer of Dispatch. What about him?
JESSE: The guy called me.
KERRIN: Stop! You're lying.
JESSE: You think I would just drop a carving for nothing?
Chad Stokes is the lead singer of Dispatch, State Radio,
and he just had a solo album come out.
He's one of my personal favorites, actually.
When a client like this calls,
it's not the kind of thing you pass up.
KERRIN: So glad I showed up for work today.
JESSE: As a matter of fact, I think that's it right there.
KERRIN: Stop. I need a mirror.
JESSE: Now, listen, hold it together.
So I won't just go up and hug him first thing.
JESSE: You know, he's still a client,
so hold it together just a little bit.
Fix myself.
Chad is a big time rock star, but he's also a client.
I'm trying to run a business,
so we can't afford to be star struck,
you know what I mean?
KERRIN: I'm a huge fan.
I can't believe I'm meeting Chad Stokes.
He doesn't even have to pay me for this day.
I'm freaking out right now.
JESSE: As if he couldn't tell.
Lay the idea on me, man. What are we doing?
SHEILA: It's the Indian Head penny.
JESSE: Yeah.
SHEILA: She is my great, great grandmother.
Her dad worked for the Philadelphia mint.
CHAD: So we're going to make this?
CHAD: Had a little ink done on it, too.
JESSE: Get out of town.
In case I thought you guys were lying,
now I know you're serious.
There's nothing that I like better than doing a sculpture
that has a personal meaning to the client.
It just makes the finished piece that much more special
and my job that much more fun.
My band covers Dispatch every week.
CHAD: No way.
JESSE: We play "The General." CHAD: Come on.
JESSE: People go nuts for it. CHAD: Wow.
JESSE: I love it.
CHAD: What do you play? JESSE: Harmonica.
CHAD: Nice.
Cool, we should get a little jam session,
if you're interested.
JESSE: Twist my arm. [laughs]
Okay. Yeah, absolutely.
A chance to jam with one of my rock idols.
This sculpture just keeps getting better and better.
CHAD: How much does something like this cost?
JESSE: How much does it cost? I'll do it for free.
I do not want the price getting in the way of this project.
I might get in trouble for this, but don't worry about it.
I'm going to take you up on that offer to jam.
How about that?
I just agreed to do it in exchange for a jam session.
Come on. It's Chad Stokes.
CHAD: Are you sure you want to do that?
JESSE: I might be in trouble,
but for right now, we'll just say yeah.
CHAD: Cool, dude. That'd be so great.
Thank you, brother.
JESSE: My wife Beth usually handles
the business side of things,
including negotiating all the deals with clients.
The fact that I made my own deal with Chad,
I may have just signed up for two weeks on the couch.
But there is no way I'm turning this down.
KERRIN: Can I get a picture?
JESSE: One, two, three.
CHAD: Jesse Green.
KERRIN: That was sick!
We were just at Chad Stokes' house.
But you're going to be in trouble.
JESSE: It's fine, I'm fine.
KERRIN: What are you going to tell Beth?
JESSE: She's going to realize how cool it is.
KERRIN: Yeah, after she blows steam out of her ears.
JESSE: Put it this way, like, I want to jam with that dude.
That's my goal.
Beth will understand when I explain
how much this means to me.
I just need her to hear it from me and not from somebody else,
so I need Kerrin to keep quiet about it.
Fortunately for you,
you probably don't have to worry about it
as long as you don't say a word.
If you sink me, I will sink you.
KERRIN: I will not.
JESSE: I don't know what that means exactly.
But trust me, I'll figure it out.
Chad's got a super tight deadline,
so I have to get to work on this immediately.
Hopefully I can knock this thing out before anybody notices,
especially Beth.
She's going to pretty much kill me.
Remember, we're doing a bear.
KERRIN: Yep, yep, yep.
JESSE: Oh, hey, everybody.
KERRIN: Hey, guys.
JAY: Hey, where'd you go?
JESSE: I was just giving a quote.
JAY: Anything special?
JESSE: Just another, another tree,
another day, another dollar.
JAY: This is the first time Jesse hasn't taken me
on a client visit.
JESSE: Actually, I got to go change before I carve anything.
JAY: Is there something he isn't telling me?
Should I be worried about my job?
JESSE: I'll be back.
Does somebody want to get carved today?
Who wants to get carved today?
Did you just sap me?
That's all right, I forgive you.
This one's going to start with a big pine log.
Strip off the bark, I'll carve the Indian Head piece,
then match the face to the Indian Head penny itself.
Next I'll bring her to life by carving a body.
To keep a natural look,
I'm just going to give her a classy, clear coat.
Last, I plan to create these really cool trifold panels
to make her come to life in Chad's backyard.
I might be giving the sculpture away for free,
but the chance to play music with one of my idols
is priceless.
JAY: I'm telling you, this is not a bear.
What are you carving?
JESSE: It's a bear.
JAY: That's not a bear.
JESSE: It is, it's like an Egyptian bear.
JAY: Come on, Jesse, I'm your father.
You can't fool me. What are you up to?
An Egyptian bear. Are you kidding me?
JESSE: Maybe.
JAY: Can I look at it?
JESSE: Yeah, you can look at it.
JAY: I don't know what it is.
It does look like an Egyptian something, but...
JESSE: No, it's not a bear either.
JAY: It's not a bear. I was right.
So does Beth know that you're not doing a bear right now?
KERRIN: Kerrin knows. JESSE: Kerrin knows.
JAY: She's going to be surprised.
JESSE: She might be a little surprised.
JAY: A little? Beth is going to flip out.
Jesse does not know what's coming.
JESSE: Maybe I'm thinking, like, we don't tell her.
JAY: Not tell her? Good luck with that.
I don't want any part of this.
Who is this guy? [laughs]
JESSE: Final touches.
MISSI: Yeah. KEITH: We're on it, man.
JESSE: Yeah!
Nice job, you's guys.
KEITH: We're almost done here,
and when we going to bring the bear in?
JESSE: Easy, brown bear. [laughs]
I actually have another project
that's going to happen before that.
MISSI: What do you mean?
JESSE: I have a more interesting project.
MISSI: What is it?
JESSE: I can't tell you now.
MISSI: Why not?
JESSE: 'Cause it's a surprise, that's why.
MISSI: No hints, nothing? JESSE: No!
MISSI: How are we going to prepare?
JESSE: You don't.
MISSI: I don't know why Jesse's being so secretive.
What could he possibly be making?
What is so special that he can't tell us?
KEITH: Man-bear-pig? MISSI: Porcupine?
JESSE: Nope.
It's not a porcupine, it's not man-bear-pig.
That would be cool, though.
MISSI: Is it a frog? Alligator? The president?
JESSE: No, no, not the president. Way better than that.
MISSI: Wow, it must be.
JESSE: You're going to [bleep] yourself.
KEITH: I don't know what he's got scheming,
I don't know what he's got down the pipeline,
but as long as Jesse's bringing in sculptures, I'm okay with it.
Because I got three kids to feed.
JESSE: You got the skills to pay the bills.
KEITH: Just keep bringing in the work, and we can pay the bills.
JESSE: Yeah.
Yeah, will do.
BETH: I'm standing on the deck,
and I notice Jesse's not carving a bear.
What the hell is he carving?
JESSE: Uh-oh.
I think I'm busted.
JESSE: Hey! Hey, what's going on?
BETH: I came downstairs to check on Jesse's progress,
and I saw that he wasn't carving a bear.
You know I would never question your artistic ability, right?
JESSE: I know.
BETH: It doesn't look like a bear to me.
JESSE: That, that's a bear. What do you know from bears?
BETH: It's not a bear.
JESSE: That's a good bear.
BETH: I'm not an idiot. That's not a bear.
I'm serious, where's the bear?
It's clearly an Indian.
JESSE: I had to put off the bear a little bit.
BETH: Why would this supersede the bear?
JESSE: This one was time sensitive.
Listen, I'll tell you what's going on.
BETH: Quickly.
JESSE: You ever heard of Chad Stokes?
BETH: Yeah.
JESSE: This is for him.
BETH: When were you going to tell me?
JESSE: Eventually.
BETH: Did you negotiate without me?
JESSE: Maybe.
BETH: You do this, you do the art, and what do I do?
JESSE: Negotiate with people.
BETH: When it comes to our family business,
I'm the negotiator and Jesse's the sculptor.
I just need him to communicate things with me.
How much are you charging him?
JESSE: I'm doing it for free.
The guy offered to have a jam session with me.
BETH: You negotiated a jam with him?
JESSE: You think I don't want to jam with a rock star?
BETH: Out of everybody, he could've paid for this.
JESSE: Yeah, I realized that.
BETH: Jesse offered this sculpture for free?
I don't think so.
JESSE: Bye. I'll see you in there. Good talk.
Where the hell did my dad go?
My dad is gone. Are you the only one here?
BRETT: Yeah.
JESSE: Where the [bleep] is my dad?
BRETT: I think he said something about going to yoga class.
He seemed like he needed to find his little happy place,
so he left.
JESSE: Brett says he went to yoga.
He just bailed, taking off.
I'm carving and he's meditating, go figure.
He usually tells me everything.
Matter of fact, he usually stops me
in the middle of stuff I'm doing
to tell me [bleep] that doesn't even matter.
Now I'm dadless.
Dad never tells me anything.
INSTRUCTOR: Nice, deep breath.
Let it in through the nose, out of the mouth.
When you start to feel your next in-breath,
just leave the hands over your head interlacing them.
JAY: There's too much stress in the shop right now.
Jesse wouldn't tell me what was going on.
So I felt like I was out of the loop again.
And there's too much stress in my life.
Yoga's the only thing that's going to help me.
I got to relax.
INSTRUCTOR: Plank position.
JAY: I'm looking for inner harmony,
and that's what Jesse needs in his marriage to Beth.
JAY: If you want harmony, you can't keep secrets.
INSTRUCTOR: Come into tree.
JAY: So I'm just going to go and I'm just going to relax,
and I'm trying to forget about what's going on in the business.
INSTRUCTOR: Open the shoulders.
JAY: I had my son's back no matter what.
If he wants to carve an Indian Head penny,
then that's what we're going to do.
I'm just disappointed he didn't tell me sooner.
JESSE: Watch your hands there, killer.
Very nice, very nice.
KEITH: It's the perfect grabbing spot.
JESSE: She's pregnant, though, so watch yourself.
Alright, I'll see you guys later.
KEITH: Where you heading?
JESSE: I'm going to Chad Stokes' place
to get payment for this project.
KEITH: Payment? What do you mean?
JESSE: I get a private jam session with him.
MISSI: That's your payment?
JESSE: Yeah.
MISSI: What does that mean for us?
KEITH: We have bills to pay. We need to get paid.
We do not work for free.
JESSE: Have I ever let you guys down before?
JESSE: Have your kids gone starving recently?
JESSE: Don't worry about it then, it's fine.
KEITH: When I run out of gas on the highway, I'm calling you.
JESSE: Don't worry about it, it's cool.
KEITH: Can I borrow some money for lunch?
MISSI: Have fun, I guess.
KEITH: We were hearing that Jesse is getting payment
for the Stokes project through music.
And we were wondering...
MISSI: And we were concerned,
where it's a free sculpture, does that mean...
KEITH: We do things for free?
MISSI: Unlike Jesse, Keith and I don't work for free.
So he better be paying us.
KEITH: Music notes do not put food on the table.
BETH: Who runs the business? I run the business.
KEITH: Beth runs the business.
BETH: Don't you forget it.
It's a little bit of a mutiny.
I can't have employees coming up to me
asking if they're going to get paid.
Jesse screwed up a little bit.
But at the end of the day, I need to make it right.
I've talked to Jesse, I'm going to go over and talk to Chad,
just because Jesse's out there, you know, doing his thing,
doesn't mean that you guys shouldn't get paid.
I would never let that happen.
KEITH: That's what I needed to hear.
BETH: And always come to me. Don't listen to Jesse.
And if you see Jesse, punch him in the face.
MISSI: That's easy.
BETH: And remind him that I run the business.
♪ Just don't drink the black bottle ♪
♪ Just won't get you anywhere ♪
♪ Not unless you want the westbound train ♪
♪ That is no more ♪
♪ And we don't want you going there ♪
♪ We're going out to Cloudberry Farm ♪
♪ We're going to get a little field to plow ♪
JESSE: For the first 10 years that I played the harmonica,
nobody took me seriously.
Being able to jam with an established person like Chad
is recognition.
This is kind of, next to chainsaw sculpture,
what I live for.
♪ Woo ♪
♪ Woo ♪
CHAD: Come on, Jesse.
Jesse's a total pro harmonica player.
He's effortless.
He's got a lot of energy,
and you know, he basically plays like it's the last time
he's ever going to play in his life.
It's inspiring.
JESSE: I would've done more chainsaw carvings for that.
10, 20.
Maybe not 20.
But seriously, wow.
CHAD: Good job, man, very nice jamming.
JESSE: Thanks, man.
[phone ringing]
BETH: Jesse should be done with the jam session by now.
So I'm going to give Chadwick Stokes a call.
I need to get him to pay for this project
or else we're going to lose a lot of money.
The problem is I have no leverage.
Jesse told this client
this sculpture was going to be for free.
Hi, is this Chad?
CHAD: Yeah.
BETH: I understand that you spoke with my husband
and negotiated a sculpture with him.
CHAD: Yeah.
BETH: Yes, well, he's very excited about it.
We're all super excited about it.
But he can be a little overzealous,
and it's a little awkward,
but I was wondering if I could just come over
and talk to you a little bit about it.
CHAD: Really?
BETH: Normally I handle the negotiations
and the scheduling for him,
and I just want to see if you had some time.
CHAD: I don't know if that's a really good idea.
BETH: I don't think this is going to work.
Jesse, you're going to be in a lot of trouble.
BETH: Thank you so much for agreeing to see me.
I appreciate you taking time out of your day.
Jesse told this client
the sculpture was going to be for free.
The problem is I need to get him to pay for it,
and I have no leverage.
I know you talked to my husband, I know he negotiated with you,
but I was hoping that we could possibly cover our costs
for the sculpture.
CHAD: That's totally fine with us.
BETH: Great.
CHAD: We expected some kind of follow up,
because he was just throwing it out there.
I was like, okay, great.
BETH: I really didn't know how it was going to go.
I'm so happy that we worked it out.
Now I got to go back and lay down the law with Jesse.
This can't happen again.
KERRIN: Can I take another picture? Do you mind?
CHAD: Sure, sure.
KERRIN: It'll be quick, don't tell Jesse.
BETH: Okay, one, two, three.
Listen, I just came back from Chad's.
JESSE: Me, too, dude.
BETH: I know.
JESSE: I jammed with him.
BETH: Did you have fun?
JESSE: I had a blast. The guy's a rock star.
Did you ever think, seriously,
did you ever think I'd be able to do this kind of stuff?
BETH: I didn't.
JESSE: I make sculptures for rock stars.
I jam with them.
It's like the greatest thing ever.
BETH: I get how much this jam session meant to Jesse.
He loves music, it's his second biggest passion.
But at the end of the day,
it's the carvings that really put food on our table,
and that's what he needs to focus on.
JESSE: Pinch me.
Ow, that's kind of an aggressive pinch.
Why'd you pinch me so hard?
BETH: 'Cause I need to talk to you about it.
I'm really excited that you jammed with him--swear.
JESSE: Yeah.
BETH: But we need to talk about the business a little bit.
JESSE: Sorry, I just got, I got pumped.
BETH: I want you to have all this fun.
I want you to have all of it.
JESSE: Thank you.
BETH: But if you ran it through me first,
I could've worked a much better deal
than having to go back to the client
and say, "Listen, by the way, could you help us out?"
You do your beautiful art,
I worry about the books, the budget, all that stuff.
JESSE: I'll never forget that as long as I live.
BETH: Did you get pictures?
JESSE: Yeah, yeah, they're sending me a few pictures, yeah.
BETH: Tight.
JESSE: Beth is absolutely right.
But you know what?
I'd do it again in a heartbeat.
Chad is going out on tour,
and we've only got 24 hours to get this thing done.
So I'm getting my finishers Keith and Missi
started on the backdrop
which will sit behind the Indian Head penny sculpture.
MISSI: What's all this mess?
JESSE: I want to have you guys help me draw something out
that I can carve up that's like, it's like weird.
MISSI: It looks like under the sea.
JESSE: Yeah, but picture out in the woods.
Like mystical, old, viney, trellisy, do you feel me?
MISSI: I have absolutely no idea what Jesse's trying to say.
JESSE: Maybe there's like a hole.
Like I would take the chainsaw and come down,
and then buttonhook up this way.
And then like, you know what I mean?
MISSI: What does he want us to do?
I'm not in his head.
JESSE: And then, Missi, you can just have free reign
to put in mystical highlights, woodsy highlights,
you know what I mean, magical highlights.
MISSI: I need to know when this has to be done, 'cause...
JESSE: Well, I'm delivering it tomorrow.
MISSI: Morning? Oh, my god.
JESSE: All the complaining is not necessary.
MISSI: I'm not complaining, I'm being realistic here.
Your vision is not in this head right here.
JESSE: Forget it, forget it.
I was asking Keith and Missi
to lend a little bit of their design expertise and their eye
to what I knew I wanted to do.
But I don't think my message was getting across.
Get me a stool in here.
I'm just going to show you how it's done.
Sometimes you just got to know when to grab a chainsaw
and do it yourself.
Do you see, Keith?
Do you see?
I know what I'm talking about at all times,
you don't know, you don't know.
While they sand and finish up the panels,
I need to rock out the rest of this carving.
Chad's expecting this sculpture tomorrow,
and we are quickly running out of time.
JAY: Jess, Jess.
JESSE: What?
JAY: It doesn't look like that.
Looks more like an old Indian chief.
JESSE: What do you, what would you have me do?
JAY: I don't know.
Maybe make this mouth smaller or something.
JESSE: This thing is almost done.
If I cut off the mouth too much now,
'cause now I'm trying to scale it back,
'cause my dad says it looks like a guy.
Hey, I could ruin the whole thing.
Looks like Dad was right again.
That was a mistake.
I had an amazing time jamming with Chad.
And I feel like I really got to return the favor.
This sculpture needs to be perfect.
I really want to impress Chad and his family.
Don't let it touch the ground.
After burning the midnight oil
to get this thing finished and stained, we are all exhausted.
And our nerves are [bleep] frayed.
Dad, what, what, what?
JAY: You sure you're going to be able to get everything in there?
You got all these panels, too.
JESSE: But we just got to keep going
and get this packed up and over to Chad's.
Dad, please step back.
JAY: Okay.
JESSE: You're crowding my world.
KERRIN: You're not crowding mine.
JESSE: This is how it is done. Everybody pay attention.
I don't want it to scrape on the ground,
I don't want to scrape up the back of this.
Ready, one, two, three.
Right there. You like it?
JAY: Uh, it's different.
JESSE: Wait till you see it with the sculpture there.
I like symmetry. I like it.
MISSI: I can tell.
JAY: You're the only one that can see it, though.
MISSI: I know.
JESSE: That's alright, I can see it.
Okay, I'm ready, it's time to go to the client.
Alright, man, you guys ready?
MAN: Are we ever.
ALL: Wow!
SHEILA: She's beautiful.
CHAD: Wow, love it. That is gorgeous.
I think it's amazing.
Totally exceeded expectations,
especially given the time constraint,
and it's just a beautiful sculpture.
The whole family is just really psyched at the way it came out.
That's amazing, man.
JESSE: Hey, I'm glad you like it.
I got to jam with Chad.
I got to deliver an amazing chainsaw sculpture.
The client was happy, I'm happy.
Thanks for that jam session. I had a blast.
CHAD: Hey, dude.
JESSE: Absolute blast.
CHAD: Pleasure was ours.
JESSE: Cool.
CHAD: You're a killer player.
JESSE: Thanks, man. I appreciate that.
I know you're lying through your teeth, but that's okay.
CHAD: Not true, man, not true.