Star Wars the Bark Side - VW Super Bowl XLVI - Teaser

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Manny Coto has a lot of experience in knowing which televisions shows
could be transformed into big screen performances.
There are in fact thinking of turning Dexter,
the series of the serial killer who goes after criminals escaped justice, into a movie.
Coto has producer credits for 24 and Star Trek: Enterprise.
But director Micheal C.Hall has still two seasons in the contract for Dexter's character.
Who in 2009 had appreciated the drama Let Me In and
it's director Tomas Alfredson was right.
The confirm to Alfredson's talent has arrived two years later
with Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy, a spy story inspired by the homonymous novel
written in 1974 by John Le Carré.
For the story an exceptional cast: Gary Oldman, Colin Firth,
Tom Hardy, Mark Strong and Ciaran Hinds.
The movie is on the screen this month.
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