The Rules & Basics of Soccer : Tips on Goal Kicks in Soccer

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, my name is Christopher Howell with Expert Village and today I'm going to talk to you
about how to watch soccer and it's basics. And you'll go ahead, you'll prepare, you'll
get to on the line, once the ball is on the line and you're ready to do your goal kick,
you'll locate one of your players down field. Once I have one of my players located down
field that doesn't have a double team or you know, two or three guys on him, where he's
wide open or it's one of the players that I know, he kind of sees me, he knows the ball
is coming to him so he's ready to make a break away but they don't really know. Well then
in that situation, I'll get ready for my goal kick, I'll find that person and then I'll
pick him out and I'll go ahead and kick the ball to him. So say, my guy is way down field,
well I'll go ahead and do a nice little chip but go ahead and put a little bit of power
into it so it'll be right over his head. It'll give him enough hang time so that he can get
to it but none of the other defenders can really get to it. Or, if I know he's a really
skillful player, I'll put it up there so either one of them can get it but then I kind of
have my faith in my guy that's going to be the one who brings it down. And hopefully
one of my guys is standing right there.